1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Ever wondered what it's like to be tied down? Or perhaps you want to restrain your lover... Either way, our beginner's kit is perfect for your first foray into bedroom bondage. Sensual, silky and non-intimidating, each piece is user-friendly for easy fun.

      Including 3 must-have ingredients for first-time (and hundredth-time) BDSM, this bondage kit comes with a glossy red, silky, mouldable eye mask, extra-long, satin-feel wrist tie and super-soft feather tickler for sensual excitement. Use 1, 2 or all 3 pieces to instantly add a new dimension to intimate exploration.

      Key Features:

      • Satin-feel blindfold, wrist tie and feather tickler for first-time tie-and-tease fun
      • Glossy pliable blindfold blocks light for exciting sensory deprivation play
      • Extra-long, extra-wide wrist tie for sensual restraint
      • Delicately soft feather tickler awakens nerves for increased sensitivity
      • The perfect introduction to light bedroom bondage
      • Part of the Tease by Lovehoney collection

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    1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

      Looking to introduce some light bondage into your relationship, but aren't sure where to start? We've put our top beginner's bondage toys into these kits to make it easier for you. A silky blindfold, wrist restraint and soft feather tickler are all yours.

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      Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece) 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)
      2. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)


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    1. Very very sensual

      Reviewed: 23 March 2016 by Nins_20, a Straight Going Steady Female

      My other half and I are new to bondage, but the idea always interested us. We tried with rope once and decided never again, with rope at least, as it was sore and rubbed a lot. Saw this starter kit and thought we would have a go with it.

      OMG it was amazing, having the blindfold on and not knowing what's coming. The silk is soft on your wrists or ankles and the little feather tickler is so sensual, it's amazing, you can tickle and tease to really amp up foreplay.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft amazing material and a great kit for beginners.
      Bottom line
      Great kit for beginners to bondage.
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    1. Bondage affair begins

      Reviewed: 28 September 2015 by fushia, a Straight Going Steady Female

      My OH and I are very new to bondage, never having tried it before. So I knew this kit would be an ideal introduction, especially for OH as he needs a little persuasion to try new things!

      The three items I received were a feather tickler, blindfold and satin wrists restraint.

      They are all a lovely rich bright red colour. Everything looks well made. They were all non-intimidating, and I couldn't wait to try them, which we did straight away.

      The feather tickler is a beautiful object in itself. The plumes are very soft, and attached to a little plastic handle.

      I put on a sexy chemise. I put the red blindfold on first, which is a soft long piece of satin with a thicker piece in the middle which sits over the eyes. There is a black rim, made from leather-like material around this section which you can mould to suit the shape of the bridge of nose and cheek area. This took a few minutes to get right, and I adjusted it until it was comfortable. Once it was I couldn't see anything.

      Then OH tied my wrists behind my back with the beautiful satin restraint. There is a loop in the centre which each end passes through, then a knot or bow will restrain the hands. I must admit, the wrist restraint was very comfortable even though he had them tight so I couldn't wriggle loose. It never felt sore or tight.

      Then he proceeded to use the tickler on me. It was funny at first, and there were a lot of giggles. But it was also a very sensual feeling for me and I started to wriggle when the feather hit my sensitive spots.

      The longer he did it, the more my anticipation and excitement built up. I, of course, couldn't see my OH, but I think that my sensual squirming must have made him also very excited, because he dropped the tickling and couldn't contain himself and had to have me right then.

      Since I couldn't see, I was listening to everything and that built up the anticipation even more, his breathing, the rustling of a condom being opened, he sounded excited, and he must have been, as sex itself didn't last too long lol. But I felt amazing just from his reactions. I want to do it again just thinking about it now.

      I will definitely be looking for more beginners bedroom bondage. I am definitely intrigued by the sensuality of it all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colours, the feathers, the sensuality the objects portray.
      The blindfold took a bit of adjusting before it sat right on my face.
      Bottom line
      Good introduction to softer bondage, and how it can bring excitement into the bedroom.
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    1. Awesome fun

      Reviewed: 09 October 2015 by Ronnie, a Straight Married Male

      Well, what can I say, this is our first review as we were kindly selected to try out the Tease soft bondage kit.

      Having 2 young children meant that our fun life had been less than we wanted and we wanted to explore again like the good old times.

      The kit arrived very promptly as usual from Lovehoney and we couldn't wait to try it out... In the kit you receive the Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Wrist Restraints, the Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold and Lovehoney Feather Tickler.

      Having set up the night correctly (Children in bed, wine poured (quite a bit!) and candles set up), we tried the kit out.

      The restraints are a fantastic introduction into bondage where I was able to tie my wife's hands in front of her. We both agreed that they weren't as scary as rope or handcuffs, but when she was tied into them there was no real escape for her! The length means that if you would like to tie them to a bedpost or somewhere else then this could be done.

      Next came the blindfold which covered her eyes nicely, at first she could see out of the bottom, but a quick pinch on the nose meant that my fun could really begin as she was completely in the dark.

      Both the restraints and the blindfold feel luxurious to touch and you want to keep on feeling them long after they are in use.

      Finally came the tickler which I have to say is my favourite, we love exploring each other's bodies and this was a perfect way to heighten the intensity. My wife described it as making her body feel on edge by the end, not knowing when the next tickle was going to come. She isn't normally ticklish but this certainly made her jump and squirm whenever it was used!

      Overall, this is a fantastic kit to introduce bondage to a relationship with nothing too scary and one that hopefully will lead us further down exploring and enjoying our adult relationship again.

      Thumbs up from both of us!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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