1. Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator

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      1. Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator

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    1. Product Description

      Under-appreciated undercarriages are finally lavished with the attention they deserve with Rends' Wad Ray. The 10 function vibrating cock ring's thick silicone finger curves backwards under the body, to intensely stimulate the sensitive perineum.

      Quality brand Rends has done it again with a love ring expressly for him, to channel amazing vibrations between the balls, the tip of the perineum and at the base of the shaft. 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns rattle out ravishing rhythms, with the bullet vibrator fully removable for use on its own.

      The whole kit and caboodle is entirely waterproof for use anywhere from the pool to the pool table.

      Perineum pleasure, thy name is Rends.

      Get the best from your cock ring by smothering it in water-based sex lube before use.

      Key Features:

      • Rends silicone cock ring with perineum stimulator
      • Thick stimulator presses gently against the perineum without penetration
      • Independent bullet vibrator sits snugly in ring for no loss of vibration
      • 10 function vibrator features 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns
      • Moulded from smooth and body-safe silicone

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    1. Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator

      Under-appreciated undercarriages are at last lavished with the attention they deserve with Rends' Wad Ray. The 10 function vibrating cock ring's large silicone finger reaches backwards under your body, to intensely stimulate your perineum.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator
      2. Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring with Perineum Stimulator


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    1. A difference of opinion

      Reviewed: 28 March 2016 by happilymarried69, a Straight Married Male

      I love cock and ball rings, particularly the tear drop shaped ones that give perineum stimulation. I'd had my eye on this ring for some time, but had been put off by the first two reviewers who seem to have had issues getting it on. As it had been put into the sale I thought it was worth a try and I'm glad I did.

      Experienced cock and ball ring users will know that you need to put your balls through first followed by your shaft, and I think that's where the other guys got it wrong. It's certainly snug. The internal diameter measures about 1.7 inches. Although there is some stretch, it would be better to describe the material as pliable. It's silky smooth though, and with a bit of lube and patience the majority of guys should be able to get into this - just try to stay relaxed! Once it's on you can feel the pressure build up immediately. The feeling is fantastic. And that's before you've even powered up the bullet!

      You can feel the vibrations underneath the most but the whole ring vibrates also. The two little nodules transmit some of the energy into the sides of your shaft. In action, OH was impressed by the extra girth it gave, although she didn't get much of the vibrations. Lasted longer as with any ring and the orgasm was powerful.

      It took a while to go flaccid enough before starting the removal process - in reverse order of course.

      If you like C&B rings and like having your perineum massaged then this would make an excellent addition to the armoury.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It feels wonderful.
      Bottom line
      Unusual and quite unique.
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    1. What a Buzz

      Reviewed: 28 March 2016 by Big G D, a Gay Going Steady Male

      Tried out the Rends Wad Ray Vibrating Cock Ring, and I have to say it vibrates in all the right places.

      Loved the feeling whilst having sex and my partner appreciated the extra stimulation also. Great product. A little tight but getting more used to it.

      The cock ring has different vibration settings which increase in intensity. This is a great feature which either party can control.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The different speeds are great.
      It's a little tight.
      Bottom line
      Great product.
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    1. Promised so much, delivered so little

      Reviewed: 01 August 2015 by lovetowank, a Straight Going Steady Male

      As usual the item was received very quickly and I wanted to try it out as soon as possible. On opening the package the first impressions are very good: a sturdy well designed box and the item is well packed inside.

      The cock ring is made of an extremely high-quality silicone with a very nice soft silky feel to it. The bullet and batteries are included and it was no time at all before I had this on me and was going through the various vibration pattern settings, which are accessed by simply pressing the button on the bullet.

      I used plenty of water-based lube to ensure that I could get it as far down the length of my shaft as possible, but the lube also worked against this as the vibrations seemed to make the cock ring travel back up towards the head of my penis, which it wouldn't have if there wasn't so much lube used. The toy did not come with any instructions, and whilst it seemed self-evident as to how it should be used, I could not put it into a position where I felt that it was achieving the stimulation that I thought it should deliver.

      Even without any lube and the ring staying in place didn't help much, I just wasn't getting the full benefit of all those lovely vibrations. The only way I could get anything from this toy was by holding it in position quite tightly. I went through all of the vibration patterns, and although the toy's packaging states that it has 10 patterns, after the 7th it simply switched off.

      At first I thought the batteries had given out - well, I had been using it for a long time, but no - the next button press set it back to the first pattern. The vibrations were nowhere near as strong as I thought they should be, and although I have only used this for solo play and not during intercourse, I wonder whether the sensations will be different when using it with my partner.

      I am still wondering whether I have had this on correctly as I am sure that it should provide stimulation even when used for solo masturbation. I have to say that I was surprised that the toy uses 3 small button batteries rather than a small battery such as a AAA which would be cheaper to buy and could be a rechargeable battery.

      Button batteries are not rechargeable and are quite expensive to keep replacing as they do not last very long when powering something like this for what probably would be an extended period of time.

      All in all, I was very disappointed with this toy as first impressions regarding the quality of materials used gave me very high expectations. Of course I have only used it solo and have yet to use it with my partner, so maybe I am being unfair. It will be good to read of other's experiences with this toy but for now at least I cannot say that I am impressed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Made from very high quality soft silky silicone.
      Didn't deliver the expected stimulation.
      Bottom line
      Only used solo so far, maybe better when used with partner.
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