1. Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Who gets cleaner as they get dirtier? You of course, with your waterproof Wall Banger G-spot vibrator. Get wet with steamy, screamy showers as you plug the strong sucker to a handy bath tile and enlist its single-speed vibrations on your quest for climax.

      BANG BANG BANG! What's that? It's your Wall Banger, merrily plunging into your sensual depths as its G-spot-seeking curve angles for astonishing stimulation. BANG BANG BANG! Now what's THAT? It's the bathroom door - the queue outside is moaning as much as you.

      Once you've used all the hot water, take your thrilling toy with you around the house, from fridge door to bedpost. If there's a smooth surface there's a play space waiting to be discovered.

      Get set for your G-spot adventure by coating your toy with water-based lubricant before use.

      Key Features:

      • Wall Banger waterproof single-speed G-spot vibrator with suction cup
      • Curved tip gives the perfect angle to hit your G-spot
      • Flared base to prevent travel and for a large sucker surface
      • Soft, flexible jelly body for perfect comfort in play
      • Twist-base operated for easy activation

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    1. Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator

      Who can get cleaner as they get dirty? You of course, with this waterproof Wall Banger G-spot vibrator. Get wet with steamy, screamy showers as you plug the strong sucker to a bath tile and enlist its single-speed vibration on your quest for climax.

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      Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator
      2. Wall Banger Suction Cup G-Spot Vibrator


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    1. A must-have

      Reviewed: 23 August 2015 by k_m0825, a Bisexual Married Female

      We bought this toy a little over a year ago and it has been amazing.

      This toy is made to last. The waterproof seals are great, and we have never had a problem with any leaks. It's flexible enough for beginners to enjoy but has some size and girth for more experienced ladies such as myself. I absolutely love the curve at the end of the tip that makes this toy even more enjoyable.

      It's does exactly what the name says when they call it a "Wall Banger". I could not stop using it the first couple weeks.

      I would highly recommend this to anymore who would really want to enjoy their private time in the shower.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Strong vibrations, length and girth, the ability to use it in the shower or bath.
      Bottom line
      An absolute must-have for your naughty toy box.
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    1. Good-Spot Vibrator, not Greatest-Spot Vibrator

      Reviewed: 23 August 2015 by popk1n, a Straight Going Steady Female

      On first impressions out of the box, the Wall Banger is larger than I expected, in length and girth. To you size queens who want 10 inch dildos minimum, it is probably nothing. However, this is the largest toy I now own. I have found I cannot insert the full length inside myself. I can probably take slightly less than 7 inches, but that is neither a pro or a con, it is just how my body is. I also noticed a slight smell (that has faded a bit with a few cleans) and that there was weird markings in the rubber, which I'm unsure of whether they are due to bad quality or not, but it really makes no difference to your overall experience.

      The first time I used it I had initial confusion about how to insert the batteries. After a fiddle, I found that you have to insert the batteries opposite ways i.e. one with the "+" end facing up and one with the "-" end facing up. This, of course, started the vibrations going once I'd twisted the base back on. They are rather loud, but can be covered by some background music or by being a couple of rooms away from people. The description suggests lots of bathroom fun with this. However, I personally found the noise to be amplified when attached to tiles or bathroom furniture (a tad off-putting).

      The vibrations are strong ones that travel onto the surface, meaning you don't lose any of the power through the rubber coating. I would describe them as in-between buzzy and rumbly, so hopefully suitable for most people. I do wish there was some way of turning them off when in play without having to untwist the whole base. This is annoying for me personally, as I prefer to insert a toy, then start the vibrations, but for this, really you need to have it suction-cupped before you play, so you need to have the base twisted on first, so you have to have the vibrations on first too.

      I discovered this did not matter for me in the end, since a huge letdown of this toy is the suction cup. It did not last longer than a minute on any surface I could find and it annoyed me so much I resorted to using it manually (although it fared slightly better underwater).

      I love how smooth this toy is upon insertion. With a little dab of lube on the tip, it glides into you even without any prior play. You will definitely need lube though, as it is extremely flexible, so without wanting to be crude, it can be a little hard to aim into your hole without the toy going its own direction, if there is no lube present. This flexibility is something I have not decided how I feel about - it does not give as much pressure on your G-spot as something like glass, but I found the toy's size made up for it, as it filled me up, so I felt pressure that way. It resulted in not my strongest g-spot orgasms ever, but they were still orgasms. I do believe I had a couple of blended ones, with my fingers placed still on top of my clit and my fingertips resting on the base of the toy.

      Having had some time experimenting with my body and G-spot orgasming with a few different toys of different materials, I know that for the same price I have bought a glass dildo which I would much rather reach for when the need arises. I would recommend this to people who are a little intimidated by hard materials like glass and want a softer touch, those who want vibrations on their G-spot more-so than pressure, or for people who want to try and reach a blended orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Smoothness, strong vibrations, secretly blended orgasm effective.
      Awful suction cup, too loud.
      Bottom line
      Large size plus strong vibrations gets the job done.
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