1. Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g

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      1. Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g

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    1. Product Description

      Twist and shout with these smooth silicone balls with free-roaming weights that wriggle as you wiggle. The leaning tower of jiggle balls comprises a stacked trio of eggs of graduating size, and a well-defined waist between each for extra sensation.

      Slip them in one at a time and enjoy their tickling stimulation. Walk around with the balls in place for a gentle tease, or jump or run to intensify your internal tingles. As your body grips the balls it exercises your kegel muscles, to aid better kegel control and help improve internal tightness.

      Ease in your jiggle balls with a generous helping of water-based lube.

      Key Features:

      • Set of 3 ovoid silicone jiggle balls for pleasure and kegel exercising
      • Unusually shaped for an extra-stimulating experience
      • Free-roaming weights echo your body's movements
      • Long and strong retrieval cord for your peace of mind
      • Super-smooth silicone for a touch of luxe

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    1. Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g

      Twist and shout with these smooth silicone balls, free-roaming weights wriggle as you wiggle. This leaning tower of jiggle balls comprises a stacked trio of eggs graduating in size, and a well-defined space between each for extra sensations.

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      Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g 3 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g
      2. Inya Orgasmic Twisty Triple Jiggle Balls 102g


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    1. Not so jiggly balls

      Reviewed: 17 January 2016 by FillMeUpButtercup, a Straight Single Female

      These balls are perfectly sized for making you feel filled up, but that is about it in my opinion.

      First things first though, the balls arrived in a lovely package that had some nice info and gave you a good look at the balls and their actual shapes.

      Easy to open, I had them in my hand in no time and they sure do feel nice. They're weighted but not so heavy that it would be a problem. The material feels very nice, very soft and I know from experience that it's easy to clean. They have a nice finish, no scraggly edges or seams and a good quality overall.

      They took some time to get into place, because not only are there three but they were a little bigger than I was expecting. I wouldn't say this is a bad thing but it's something to keep in mind. Combined with the fact that there are three of them I wouldn't recommend them for ladies who know they're on the smaller/tighter scale of things.

      Once inserted the balls felt nice but, and to me this was a big but. there was no jiggling going on. I've felt actual jiggle balls before and these were just not it. There are little weights inside, and you can feel them "jiggle" when you shake the balls in you hands, but in use I couldn't feel them at all.

      These balls are great when you like a full feeling, the triple balls really do great in that area. They just don't jiggle, unfortunately.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Full feeling, nice materials, nice finish.
      No jiggle whatsoever except in my hands.
      Bottom line
      They're alright, but for me they don't do what they're supposed to do.
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    1. Not orgasmic twisty jiggle balls

      Reviewed: 28 October 2015 by Fun Louise, a Straight Engaged Female

      As soon as I saw these jiggle balls I knew I had to have them, so I went ahead and ordered them. I was very curious about the difference that a third ball would make.

      The Inya orgasm twisty triple jiggle balls were delivered promptly, in the now familiar brown box. The balls are presented in a white cardboard box with a pink picture of the balls on the front and a clear viewing window to the back of the box. Inside the box the jiggle balls are nestled in a moulded piece of plastic.

      My first impression is that the jiggle balls are very pink. But after that things get better. The silicone is extremely smooth, almost plastic like. The three balls are offset from each other (as shown in the picture), and the balls get progressively larger from the top towards the removal cord. The smallest ball is 3 inches in diameter, the second is 4 inches in diameter and the third ball is 4.5 inches in diameter. Each ball has its own free roaming weight. The balls are quiet and you can hardly hear them rattle, so when they are inside you no one will know.

      Inserting the balls was a little more tricky than with a usual two ball set, but once in place they felt secure. The removal cord is comfortable and doesn't get in the way at all.

      I'm an experienced jiggle ball (Ben Wa ball) user, and my most advanced set weighs 221g, so this set at 102g was a lot lighter, but I thought the third ball would make for an interesting experience, maybe even orgasmic as the name suggests. I was wrong! The jiggle balls are very comfortable to wear, and are easily gripped, but they were in no way orgasmic. Others may have a different experience, but they didn't even get me excited.

      Removal of the jiggle balls is also a little more tricky than with a standard twin ball set, this is due to the third ball, but the removal cord makes it easy enough to do. Usually I just push my jiggle balls out without the use of a removal cord. They do help to tone your pelvic floor muscles and you know that you have worn them after removing them. I felt tighter after use.

      In summary, the jiggle balls are more difficult to insert and remove than standard two ball sets. They do tone your pelvic floor muscles. They are in no way orgasmic, but well worth a try.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Tones pelvic floor muscles, very smooth silicone.
      Very pink, would prefer different colour. Not orgasmic!
      Bottom line
      Different sensation, but not orgasmic, well worth a try.
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    1. Nice in theory

      Reviewed: 15 November 2015 by JM88, a Bisexual Married Female

      When I first saw this kegel set on Lovehoney, I was excited at the prospect of a kegel toner with free roaming balls that I might actually be able to feel! The addition of a third ball seemed a novel idea and knowing that I can manage dildos that are lengthier than this set, I didn't see a problem with the added length.

      Was I to be proved wrong!

      Firstly, when the kegel set arrived, I was surprised at how large it actually was. The dimensions are all there on the product page, but until you see it for yourself you don't really know what you have let yourself in for.

      First Impressions

      The kegel balls are an absolutely gorgeous deep pink colour and feel so silky smooth to touch as they are seamless and silicone. The "tail" is very squishy and silicone so I knew that wouldn't be an issue. It is also a longer tail than any of my other kegel balls have, which is great because I often find I lose the tail during clenching! When I give the balls a shake, I can really feel them jiggling a lot! That is also quite noisy, but don't let that put you off.

      I can't not mention the size. The first two balls are a typical size for most kegel trainers, but the third one is quite large in comparison. The balls are also offset although I'm not sure what that achieves but it is something different from everything else around.

      Using the balls

      I lubed the balls up with a generous amount of water-based lube, and got into my usual kegel position. I decided to lie on my back to insert them as this is usually successful for me. The first two balls popped in effortlessly but I really struggled with the third! It was actually quite painful to try and insert it, and it felt as though there was pressure inside me pushing it out. Eventually, it was in, or so I thought. The majority of it was in but my hole was stretched open at the widest point of the ball! I figured that as soon as I stood and started clenching then it would naturally be sucked up a bit. Boy was I wrong! I stood up and the balls stayed in place with me still wedged open.

      Nethertheless I tried my best to walk around with them in but it just felt uncomfortable. I attempted a few jumps and hip swings to feel for the jiggle but it wasn't there. I could hear jiggle from the biggest ball but couldn’t feel the benefit as it wasn't fully inserted.

      From a weight point of view, they are a decent weight, but I didn't struggle to keep them in. The hardest part was trying to do the exercises and move around easily.

      I gave the balls a few goes before deciding that they weren't really for me. I suppose if I was warmed up first I might be able to fit them all in, but that's a bit impractical when you just want a quick kegel workout whilst you do the housework!

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      I love the colour and feel.
      Too painful and uncomfortable.
      Bottom line
      Disappointing. :(
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