1. Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set

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      1. Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set

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    1. Product Description

      For love that knows no bounds, Kiiroo's Pearl and Onyx couple's set offers unparalleled personal intimacy for long-distance partners. Sensors within the Pearl vibrator replicate her thrusting within the Onyx masturbator to perfectly imitate penetration.

      Within the Pearl, 5 touch-sensitive rings register how you use the vibrator. This is then recreated within the 10 rows of rings that run the length of the Onyx, so he can enjoy effortless stimulation as the automatic masturbator clenches and releases the feather-soft bobbled sleeve, designed by world-leading male masturbator brand Fleshlight.

      Once both partners have downloaded and installed Kiiroo's software, one partner generates an invite code to send the other, to ensure complete security when connecting. Once both partners are joined, the video screen means you can watch each other play, with the responsive rings replicating the sensation within the stroker.

      Use the toys together or separately with their additional modes. Cycle through the Pearl's control modes to access the 3 speeds and fast and slow pulses and lose yourself to the strong stimulation. The Onyx can be controlled manually by running your fingertip up and down the touch-sensitive panel, or automatically with its 2 modes - fast pump and slow pump.

      Available for download on Mac and Windows, on smartphones that are Android 4.0 and up, and Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices running on iOS 7.0 or later, there are a broad range of play possibilities available.

      Enjoy an authentic sex experience by teaming both toys with water-based lubricant before use.

      Please note: To connect with Pearl, your computer must have Bluetooth. If it does not, a Bluetooth dongle is required.

      Key Features:

      • 'Teledidonic' silicone Pearl vibrator and Onyx male masturbator that connect and communicate movement to authentically replicate sensations in couple's play
      • Touch-sensitive rings inside the Pearl recreate thrusting and movement by contracting the corresponding interior of the Onyx
      • Onyx features a textured sleeve designed by Fleshlight, with a 4.5 inch canal and flexible 1 inch entry
      • Pearl features firm shaft, tapered tip and gentle curve for G-spot pleasure, plus 3 x vibration speeds and 2 x pulse modes
      • Kiiroo offer a 1-year warranty, full installation instructions plus live chat to assist setup

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    1. Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set

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      Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set
      2. Kiiroo Connect Onyx Male Masturbator and Pearl Female Vibrator Set


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    1. Kiiroo Onyx - how one thing can turn into another

      Reviewed: 19 January 2016 by era

      We have no other energy-operated toy for him to compare the Kiiroo Onyx to. But I think it would stand no paragon anyhow. This is the story of how the toy we wanted for only one purpose proved to be so much more, albeit not faultless.

      Out of the box it seems heavy and big, but my husband finds it easy to maneuver. It has a pretty straightforward design, quite discreet too. It seems sturdy enough. (Bonus info: it fits perfectly in Lovehoney’s own - larger - satin storage bags, which can be handy to protect the touch panel a little.)

      My husband’s most important criticism throughout all our trials was that, although the Onyx is advertised as “one size fits most”, it really should consider various measurements. He is an average guy both in length and in girth, but he finds the Onyx to be slightly too big for him. He thinks that even just a slightly thicker sleeve could have solved this problem, giving him a much needed tighter feeling.

      The Onyx charges quickly and holds the charge well. Battery life is good enough. The charging cable, however, is to be inserted in an unreasonable place on the toy. Given the Onyx is not waterproof anyhow, there is no need for the USB port to be hidden under the red ring - taking this ring off actually gives the impression of having to disassemble the toy for charging, a hassle one wouldn’t want to deal with considering the price tag. A solution similar to the one on the Pearl would have been preferred for the recharging port.

      Please note that, when both the Onyx and the Pearl finishes recharging, the red light indicating it remains on even after removing the charging cable from the toy. For the light to turn off you need to turn off the toy from its button. We found this functionality a little bit annoying (I was told by a representative of Kiiroo that this will be fixed with one of the next software upgrades).

      We wouldn’t consider the Onyx loud. It of course has some noise to it, but we find it perfectly acceptable. I’m not sure someone sharing a house would find it acceptable too.

      The sleeve has a nice feeling to it. It’s a good material and seems to last well. We have noticed that Kiiroo sells replacement sleeves, but for the time being my husband doesn’t feel like it would need replacing. It seems to fit less than perfectly in the masturbator having parts of its upper borders missing, and dancing around inside a little bit. It is easily removed and put back into place after cleaning it.

      It does not drag, which is a rather rare quality for male toys. The feeling is more realistic (imitating vaginal sex) than any other toy he has (amongst which a Tenga Flip Hole Silver is the most luxurious one, and none of which is electrical in any way). He actually said that Lovehoney’s own Eva or the Flip Hole itself are both better than the Onyx used alone, and this is due to the Onyx not being tight enough for him.

      It reacts swiftly to the touch panel. However, if you go too fast in manual mode, the masturbator doesn’t have time to react and thus falls behind with stimulation. My husband also lamented the lack of “continuity” in the stimulation. The rings have a simultaneous “grip and release” motion, and he did perceive them as such (so the grip and release happens in the same places along, and it isn’t fluid - up and down the shaft - like in real life). This is mainly the reason why in a solo session, even with the use of the interactive videos provided by Kiiroo, he still needs to add the up and down stroking movement to the experience. Also, the way we both see it, for the Onyx to be worth the money, you would need for it to have more than just 3 settings: manual, slow and fast.

      We only downloaded the 3 free videos for the trial, and other than my husband saying that they were a bit long on the intro part, he was happy with the quality and appreciated the camera angle providing the “first hand” experience. I did watch the three short movies myself and found them to be pretty annoyingly “been there, done that” as in they all followed the exact same script and scenario, with the same things and positions repeating in all of them, and very much pornographically phony too (and no, I am not a porn prude at all, I am just annoyed when a girl makes exaggerated “ooohs” and “aaahs” when somebody unzips her dress for example).

      Please note that one out of the 3 actually had the girl speaking Spanish rather than English - this wasn’t a problem for my husband as he speaks Spanish too, but I imagine might annoy someone who doesn’t. Anyway, he did appreciate the whole interactive video experience and in the end ruled that for that alone the toy might be worth the luxury price tag (with the huge post it note that he still wishes for the Onyx to consider different penis sizes too). He found that the toy actually worked better in the interactive mode, its “grip and release” movement being faster and more reactive than the manual one.

      I must add that the only reason why we would have paid the full price for the Kiiroo is for its use as a set remotely with the Pearl when he spends long business trips away. It only came up on our radar as a couple’s toy that could provide intimacy for us while apart. However, having now tried the Onyx with its interactive video functions, he says he would have bought it even if the Onyx did not have the remote interaction functions incorporated too.

      We are not easily impressed people. He is tech savvy and I am a very down to earth girl. I would have never expected him to be willing to spend this much for “just a masturbator” so the mere fact that he would, despite repeating over and over to me that he would need a tighter grip from the sleeve in order to fully appreciate it, speaks volumes of how this truly is a unique toy thanks to its technologically advanced features.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The interactive functions, the material, the quality. VR ready.
      Lack of tightness, limited settings, less reactivity in manual mode, recharging port’s location. Not waterproof.
      Bottom line
      Wow! But a bit pricey as a stand-alone toy.
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    1. Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx – Contact

      Reviewed: 19 January 2016 by era

      Chances are, if you are reading this, you are interested already in this product, despite its price. If you wish to purchase this set of toys for what they are basically advertised for (long--distance relationships), read on. If this is not your case, skip to the third paragraph. Disclaimer: this will be an upside down review, but read all the way through it for a complete picture.

      My husband and I are very happy and very committed to each other. We are also very sexually active and monogamous by choice. About two years ago we made a carrier choice for him for the medium-long run which keeps him away from me for months at a time in any given corner of the world. Keeping a relationship going under such circumstances is never easy. We rely on the internet to keep us going as the intimate best friends we always have been.

      The way we see it, physicality is a strong part of a romantic relationship, and sex amongst it all is very important to us as a couple. Yes, we send sexual selfies to each other, yes, we “sext” via messenger services or phone, yes, we even have video chats masturbating. But there is always something missing. The contact. This is why I’ve been on a constant search for toys, and especially remotely functioning couple’s toys. To bring us close while far away, to make contact while touch is impossible. For intimacy to be reciprocal and truly shared, not just witnessed from a screen. This is how we found Kiiroo.

      The set of course made promises hard to believe. We are not easily impressed people. He is tech savvy and I am a very down to earth girl. So firstly let’s talk about the most pressing issue when considering high end toys: the price. We never spend easily, because we give great value to money and ours is earned working, but we are fortunate enough to afford a luxury toy, should we redeem it is worth it.

      This particular set was offered to us for an honest review, and I am ever so thankful for it to Lovehoney. Would have I bought it without testing or reviews or even an all-too-forgiving return policy? Eventually, yes. Would I buy it having had the chance to test it first? Definitely yes. Is it worth full price? Only if you can afford it without sacrifices. Otherwise it is an overpriced luxury toy that might disappoint.

      As asked by Lovehoney, we have reviewed both the Onyx and the Pearl as separate toys too, so please see those reviews for individual details and solo use. I will now only cover the set working together.

      I will start by saying that when the Kiiroo set came up on our radar there was official talk about it working in both directions, but it only actually worked with the Pearl transmitting to the Onyx, and not receiving anything back. We were still willing to invest in it. Luckily, now they both transmit and receive too.

      In practice the Pearl (the vibrator) transmits sensations to the Onyx (the masturbator) in all of its 9 modes (out of which bear in mind that number 1 and number 4 are the exact same function - not a real reason for the duplicate as we see it, but hey). Basically the Onyx does what you do to the Pearl. There is only one setting out of these 9, the second one, which also receives. So while you stimulate the Pearl and it transmits to the Onyx, your partner can use the touch panel on his Onyx to stimulate you thru the vibrations of your Pearl.

      The way this works is because, out of the 9 functions on the Pearl, 3 are “silent” ones as I call them. This means that the Pearl does not vibrate from your touch, it is completely still. So when you are using it to stimulate your partner, you have no sensational feedback whatsoever, if not from the video chat seeing your partner’s reactions. ;)

      In the bidirectional mode also: if you stroke the Pearl, it remains still, it only vibrates if your partner makes it to from his touch panel. Please note that all 9 functions transmit to the Onyx, but only one receives, and it can only receive commands from using the touch panel on the Onyx and not in any of the other Onyx’s functions.

      It really isn’t complicated once you get the hang of it. The manual was not yet updated with these functions so we had to figure some things out on our own, but this should be fixed by now. Once you have your products, you also have a product registration number. You simply download the app from the Kiiroo website, register your product with step-by-step easy instructions, and you are ready to go. The computer (be it PC or Mac) apps are easy to use, they integrate automatically with your webcam and audio systems, and in less than 3 minutes you could be ready to play.

      We have not yet tried the system out on Android devices (we have no Apple products, and unfortunately BlackBerry is not kept in mind by the developers anymore). Once you launch the desktop app, you also need to turn your toys on, and your computer will automatically search for and connect via Bluetooth to the Pearl and Onyx respectively. So yes, you do need to have Bluetooth on your device for the toys to work. You then have the choice to join or invite your partner in a private internet connection based session. The first partner to start it gets a random code, so he or she then has to communicate to the other partner that code for the connection on the Kiiroo platform to take place.

      It is your choice how to communicate this code to your other half (phone, sms, chat, etc.). So if I launch it first, I then click on invite, get a code, give the code to my partner via our regular chat service, he clicks on join, gets prompted for the code and we are connected. Audio and video are very good quality (but of course this will depend on the internet service provider you both are using) and all in all the desktop apps seem to have worked fine and without losing connection (but for the testing to take place, we only ever used the same ISP from the same household) or overwhelming our OSs.

      Warnings: Please note that the Pearl only has one control button to use for on/off and to scroll thru the settings. You cannot go back and forth; you have to scroll thru all to go back to a previous setting. Please also note that the button can be hard to push and in the heat of the moment you might lose track of the setting you are on (especially with the “silent” ones). And most importantly know that if you turn the Pearl off, connection with the partner’s toy is automatically lost and you need to close the web session, and reinvite each other in a new one with a new code.

      So, having mastered the “user manual” part, let’s get down to it. As mentioned before, Kiiroo promises made on their website seemed too good to be true. And they are indeed. The two toys communicate well with each other, during our trials we did not have big disconnection issues or delays. Again, we were in the same room and using the same high speed internet service. However, this is a huge bonus point, as more than once with technologically advanced sex toys we found that they had issues. Sometimes the Onyx was a little behind acting out the stimulation received from my Pearl, but mostly they worked fine and in actual real time together.

      The promises that sounded too good to be true are down to the fact that the reciprocal stimulation is quite limited really. The hardware has its limits, and the toys (especially the Onyx) lack fluidity in movement. So if I stroke my Pearl like I would with his penis, he in fact doesn’t feel a sliding sensation given out from his Onyx, but rather the rings of it gripping and releasing him in sequence.

      Also, the strength of those grips don’t seem to be influenced by the strength of my grip on the Pearl, the only influence I seem to be having on him remotely with our toys is the speed of up and down. Considering this, the Pearl actually has it better off, as you can control not only the vibrations’ strength by how fast you move up and down on the Onyx’s touch panel, but also create patterns by stopping and restarting the stimulation.

      The visual value of actually “doing it” together with the real time sensations, seeing your partner masturbate and feeling his or her movements on yourself, or knowing that your partner has control on how fast your toy will provide you with the sensations you crave, is truly a bonding experience just like a real sexual encounter would be.

      It takes a lot of practice to “get there” using these toys, as you need to read your partner from a screen and communicate verbalizing your needs a lot better during the act itself, given you can’t actually feel his or her body reacting to your actions. So when using it together, it will surely be a learning experience for both, and you also need to give it your own in terms of adapting to the other partner or input power of mind to bypass the whole “machine-y” feeling of it. Even for us, as a couple fairly used to “remote sex” using text and toys, this is a learning experience and a great visual addition to our fantasies.

      So if I haven’t confused you enough so far with my mixed review, here are some more cons (in order of importance) about these toys (bear with me, this all serves my point eventually):


      The biggest criticism I have for the Pearl is the fact that it has three settings in which you stimulate, but do not get a feedback of how or what you are actually doing (the so called “silent” modes described above).

      The second one is the fact that it only has one receiving mode. The system gives loads of different play opportunities transmitting all the various settings to the Onyx, so it seems unfair that it only receives in one mode, which also transmits. It would have been nice to have a variety of choices with the Pearl on the receiving end too, such as only receiving for example.

      The only one control button on the Pearl as described above. Such a high tech toy would need more versatile control options in my opinion.

      I do not share Kiiroo’s point of view for the need of the 4th setting that is the duplicate of the 1st one. The way I see it the Pearl user is de facto always in control of the device, no matter what. I feel cheated out of an actual 9th setting too by it.

      See the Pearl’s separate review for this toy’s other limits.


      See the Onyx’s separate review for this toy’s most important limits, such as lack of tightness, limited settings, reactivity in manual mode and recharging port’s location.

      Some delay in reactivity receiving stimulation from the Pearl might occur, but it was only a minor issue for us.

      And here comes, in the form of the most important pro features, the happy ending. Pun intended.

      I really can’t stress it enough how these toys’ biggest praise is truly their implemented technology. They work as promised, they give you that little bit of extra reciprocal play that without them would be impossible to imitate when you and your partner are apart. As far as my husband and I know, Kiiroo is indeed the leader in this market segment, and they seem to have created a functional toy that delivers what it was made for.

      Kinetical technology will surely improve in the future, but the Pearl and Onyx already provide a good enough start to remote and mutual sexual intercourse with your partner. If this is an important factor for your relationship, then yes, it is worth its overpriced tag. All luxury toys are sold at more than their worth, but at least in this case you get something truly unique and you pay for the technology behind it.

      Kiiroo promises to make all software upgrades available for free to all users who already purchased a device. So you are also paying for future improvements of your toy. If this promise will be kept, you are getting an ever improving lifelong toy for your money. The quality of the toys should last you as long too.

      The interactive modes of the toys make them pretty futuristic too. My husband greatly appreciated the video functions connected to the Onyx, and there is promise from Kiiroo they are working to make the Pearl interactive with women friendly porn videos too. We will almost surely invest in VR equipment too for the Kiiroos to connect with for further enhanced features of these toys. Yes, you can also use them in VR, how cool is that?

      The materials are excellent. He is very happy with the sleeve’s feel, as I am with the silicone on the Pearl. Overall build quality is indeed top notch.

      Ease of use (other than recharging the Onyx) and ease of cleaning. Simple, user friendly toys and interface (though lamenting the lack of consideration for BlackBerry users).

      Well, if you read thru my contrasting review so far, you deserve a prize in the form of a very short bottom line:

      WE HAVE CONTACT. It is not the “real thing”, not by far, but it is contact. It is not the soft warm touch of his or her body, but it is real time sexual stimuli directly from your partner. And this makes a world of difference to us. And it is cheaper than an airplane ticket.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The idea and the technology, the material, the quality. It functions well.
      See my reviews of Pearl and Onyx.
      Bottom line
      Excellent for the advertised purpose. Probably overpriced, yet worth it.
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    1. Kiiroo Pearl - just a vibrator, or is it?

      Reviewed: 19 January 2016 by era

      Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. If this is true, the Pearl leaves you wanting more. Size-wise, shape-wise, design-wise, colour-wise, vibration-wise… you name it. I own quite a few insertable toys, small and large, silicone, glass, aluminium and ceramic, rechargeable and battery-operated ones or “just” dildos, from all price tags, but one thing they all have in common: they are beautiful to the eye too, not just to the touch. I consider sex toys a caprice, so I want mine to be useful yes, extraordinary maybe, but definitely aesthetically pleasing. When you look at the Pearl you see none of that. It is anonymous.

      It is a standard if smaller size, and rather masculine looking with its white shaft, dark red ring and black squared bottom. Actually, it is not only the bottom and the ring, but also the shaft that is rather squared instead of rounded, with more pronounced angles halfway through, right up until the curve of the shaft. This is the first thing I noticed having it in my hands, as you would expect a rounder shape from a vibrator, even though the squares are very smooth.

      The silicone cover (shaft) and ABS plastic (ring and bottom) is seamless, and the “head” of the shaft has just a slight little “cut” in the front middle end - I have no idea if this was intended to or not, but this resembles the hole of the penis. I liked this idea, as it’s a character feature on the vibrator, and this vibrator desperately needs some character features.

      The button at the front base of the shaft is indicated by a protuberance on the silicone, and I must say I found this button to be less reactive than I would wish it to be. Sometimes you need to push hard for it to change between the modes, and if you push long enough it will turn the device off. Having just one control button also means you need to scroll through all modes in sequence should you wish to return to one. And be advised that this toy doesn’t keep it in its memory your last used setting as some do, so you always turn it on at setting number one.

      Also, neither the Pearl nor the Onyx have a travel lock function, which is odd for toys primarily invented for people staying apart (lifestyles presumably full of travel). It is true, however, that in order to turn on your Pearl you need to press the control button for circa 5 seconds, which is longer than most toys offer in its category, but this alone will not prevent potential embarrassments in transit.

      The Pearl charges quickly (faster than said), but oddly enough the red light indicating the full charge (flashing while charging, steady when finished, also on while in use) will not turn automatically off when unplugged - you need to do that yourself by pushing the control button. I found this behavior odd and annoying. The vibrator doesn’t seem to hold the charge well between uses. I fully charged mine, played with it a couple of short times, put it away fully functioning, and in about a week when I took it out again it was completely dead. Battery should last a good session, though, and the toy does not work when plugged in.

      On the upside, though, I would definitely categorize the Pearl as silent, whisper quite even. Noise is not really an issue with us, but I am noise sensitive, and this must be my most silent electrical toy (even in comparison with some advertised specifically as such).

      The silicone is smooth, velvety, does little to no dragging, which is great of course, and seems to withstand damages well. Although I own a few “medical grade silicone” luxury toys (such as Lelo), the Pearl has by far the best cover layer on it. I absolutely love the feel of it. We even used it sliding it on my body with no lube at all and did not experience friction by it (on nipples for example), and although I have managed to insert it without lube (I lubricate enough naturally) I would still advise for a small amount to be used.

      It also adapts to room temperature quickly. It doesn’t give you the cold impact that some toys do when first touched. The shaft is completely rigid as to be expected given this toy’s nature, no give whatsoever. Cleaning it is as easy as it can be, not only due to its fully waterproof feature and seamless smooth design, but mostly because of the fantastic silicone on it. It is the only toy I can actually dry with a cotton towel without it dragging on the fabric. In comparison, I must air-dry my Lelo toys as they do drag.

      All in all it is a pretty discreet toy, rather unappealing to the eye, banal I might even say. You would never notice it on a shelf full of vibrators, that’s how anonymous it is. Or maybe you would, but only because it’s white and unusually plain so you’d think “there must be something to it then!”.

      And indeed there is. You needn’t look for it just because you want a vibrator. As “just a vibrator” you wouldn’t get anything special. A standard sized, plain white rechargeable vibrator with 9 functions out of which 3 are no good for solo use (only sending signals, two functions the same). Out of the six remaining you get 3 speeds, two patterns and one sensitive touch.

      The first speed would be ideal for a beginner, it is merely a tease. The second is a good warm-up, and the third can get you there. Well, it can get me there. I wouldn’t call it powerful at all, and I am not a power queen either. It was enough for me, but I can easily imagine it wouldn’t satisfy most players. Out of the two patterns one is in waves and one is in pulse, both at medium strength. I hardly use patterns, so can’t praise these either. They are nothing fancy, nothing you couldn’t find in a great number of (much cheaper) vibrators out there.

      There is one mode worth describing in detail though. I did enjoy the sensitive touch mode, which is the third one, and it basically means the Pearl vibrates based on contact. You touch it/stroke it/grip it and it goes on, the stronger/longer your contact is the faster/stronger it goes, and when you release it, it will stop. I found this a very good feature, but in all fairness it wasn’t new to me as some Lelo toys (like my large magic wand) have already familiarised me to this technology.

      The Pearl, however, seems to be more developed. Its reactivity isn’t faultless (sometimes the vibrations wouldn’t stop after releasing contact, but you can just touch it slightly again and then it will), but it is pretty out there, and its sensors are way over the scale - the Pearl actually senses the proximity too, so it might start vibrating just by approaching it to your body before even making contact. I didn’t mind this. It seems a bit sci-fi technology actually.

      So is it any good? Well, I wouldn’t buy such an expensive toy just for one function, but yes, the sensitive touch is great. Even inside the vagina it goes faster or slower, reacting to yourself, to your movements or muscles gripping it. The Pearl basically syncs to your needs - how considerate of him, isn’t it? Add that while the Pearl does exactly what you need it to do in this mode it also sends your partner the signals about what you’re up to and it becomes an incredible feature.

      So this is why you need to look for it: for what it does when you look beyond its less than exceptional first impressions. Its name is very spot-on on this one. This toy is a hidden gem for what it is capable of doing when used together with someone. It is the joystick to a couple’s long-distance intimacy. Would I buy it for “just a vibrator”? Absolutely not! Would I buy it for the technology behind it as part of a couple’s toy? Without hesitation!

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The remote technology, the sensitive touch setting, the material, the quality.
      Design, only one control button, only one receiving mode. “Silent modes.”
      Bottom line
      Not worth it for solo play. VR or interactive video functions might improve the experience.
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