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    1. L'Amourose Prism V USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

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      1. L'Amourose Prism V USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Possess and be possessed by L'Amourose's Prism V, a P and G-spot toy with quiet-yet-acute vibrations to leave you spellbound and breathless. 5 patterns each feature adjustable intensity for tailored play and an 18 month guarantee assures quality.

      Sculpted into a long, undulating S-shape with a smooth ovoid head, this vibrator offers generous reach and a tip broadened for extra stimulation. Diamonds cut around the handle aid grip to ensure perfect control.

      Designed to stand independently upright, rest it on a flat surface before lowering yourself over or sit it up while drying for hygiene.

      Accentuate your toy's silky silicone surface with a generous application of water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Prism V P-spot and G-spot vibrator
      • 5 patterns each feature graduated adjustable intensity
      • Extra-quiet design ensures your focus is kept on pleasure
      • Optimised S-shaped shaft and bulbed tip
      • USB rechargeable - 1 hour charge time provides 2.5 hour play time

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    1. Customer Reviews

      L'Amourose Prism V USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator 7 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. L'Amourose Prism V USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator
      2. L'Amourose Prism V USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Makes me squirt from prostate stimulation

      Reviewed: 09 March 2018 by erkki, a Bisexual Single Male

      This review is from a guy's perspective, using the toy mainly for prostate stimulation.

      During my first time using this toy, I tried it out on my frenulum and found it to be very stimulating. It has a very rumbly vibration and 10 different speeds. It's easy for me to climax from this external stimulation by itself, but I bought the toy for prostate stimulation.

      The first time I tried it anally I had a little bit of a hard time getting it in, but with a bit more lube it popped in nicely and I could feel the head brush up against my P-spot. Turning the vibrations on instantly feels good, but even on the highest vibration it's a bit gentle. I found that using this toy sitting or standing upright helped the head push itself against my P-spot, causing me to start dripping pre-cum, and results in an amazing orgasm.

      I decided to try using it on my back as I usually do prostate play, but this time manually angling the outside end of the toy downward in order to push the head up against my P-spot with some pressure. Next I tried pushing out with my pelvic floor muscles, to push my prostate against the head of the toy. The first time I did this made me release a quick squirt of pre-cum onto my t-shirt. I instantly got more erect and pushed again, causing more fluid to squirt out. Pretty soon my t-shirt and parts of my body were covered in a sticky, clear fluid.

      I found that if I did this I could squirt voluntarily and milk my prostate to satisfaction. Occasionally fluid would come out semi-involuntarily (this was also my feeling while using it upright). At the end of squirting I'd either ejaculate regularly or just taper off and feel completely satisfied, so it feels as if I'm having a very slow and drawn out orgasm once I get to the point of squirting.

      The battery lasts a very long time too (~2 hours) and charges in about an hour.

      Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. It gives me amazing orgasms and is easy to use. Just be careful with the mess it can make and lay down a towel or five before you play.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, design, vibration, colour.
      Bottom end sticks out a bit more than I'd like.
      Bottom line
      Great for prostate stimulation. My favourite toy.
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    1. Buy it Once, Buy it Right

      Reviewed: 06 December 2017 by Darbydear, a Straight Married Female

      I've had cheap jelly (eew) novelty vibes on the past that always wound up in the back of my drawer. I can tell you they were a complete waste of money! This vibrator is so beautiful and well built. It's got me wondering who's going to get it when I'm gone (kidding).

      I've always been quick to get turned on and even quicker to orgasm both clitorally and penetratively. After having my second child though. My sex drive took a nose dive. I was finding it difficult to get aroused and if I did magically have an orgasm my vagina would flip off like a switch immediately after.

      My husband and I needed help!

      After a ton of research I decided it was worth the investment to buy quality toys. After all, I'm a grown woman now. :) I was not disappointed with my purchase.

      The packaging is beautiful. The vibrator is a work of art. If my children found it I wouldn't feel like I'd somehow scarred them for life. The charger plugs in with a satisfying click as the magnets pull it into place. It fits both the right and wrong way, so make sure the light comes on and you'll know you're charging.

      My husband and I tried it out in the shower. I used it to warm up clitorally, then inserted it. It has a satisfying shape that wraps around the inside of my pelvic bone and grabs onto my G-spot. The vibrations were fantastic. I found the controls to be a bit of a learning curve, but with practice I think they'll be great they aren't in the way and they aren't awkward to reach.

      Combined with the We-Vibe touch on my clitoris. It quickly gave me multiple orgasms including the longest ejaculating G-spot orgasm I've ever had. My husband and I were both thrilled and agreed it had payed itself off on the first use.

      I'm also pleased to say my sex drive is back in action!

      Overall this is a fabulous vibrator. No regrets.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, design.
      Bottom line
      Perfection. The last vibrator you'll buy.
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    1. Blue Vibe with Silver Lining

      Reviewed: 08 September 2017 by Funlover69, a Straight Single Female

      Since my journey into the world of self pleasuring, aided by Lovehoney's wide range of impressive products, I have encountered many eureka moments. None moreso than with my L'Amourose Prism V. Being a luxury product I expected nothing less than quality and this is exactly what you get with this aesthetically perfect vibe.

      Truly surprised to find only two reviews so far for this powerful beauty, albeit that they are both extremely positive, I decided to follow my heart after falling in love with its finesse and allure. Ordering alongside several other items I regarded this as the piece de resistance and was thrilled when Loveyhoney delivered in their usual discreet and speedy manner.

      Taking sufficient time to excitedly look through my large array of treats to add to my collection, I must admit to feeling drawn to my Prism V as it appeared clearly on display looking out from its luscious padded surround, through the clear lid of its box. When I lifted it from its showcase I was impressed by how sturdy and solid it felt after appearing so delicate initially. Its sumptuous silicone oozed quality and felt impressively silky and smooth.

      Also in the box there were not only the usual luxury accessories of magnetic charging lead, velveteen storage bag and information leaflet but also a warranty card for the 18 months cover provided. All in all an impressive confidence instilling package.

      Now to its use, the most important feature of course. I decided to allow this luxury vibe the quality time befitting its high standard therefore first charged it up for the required hour ready for use come playtime. Of course the magnetic charger held securely as expected and would then offer up to 2.5 hrs of use.

      Later that same day once work and the likes had been dispensed with my time was now all for my Prism V. Before indulging in my new toy, I opted to warm up beforehand with one of my favourite internal eggs to ensure enough natural lubrication and relaxation. With the vibe itself being so smooth and silky I felt confident that only a little water-based lube would be required.

      Proceeding to introduce my delightful new vibe I was easily able to grip the intricately patterned handle. Keeping my internal stimulation going strong I chose first to check out the sensations against my labia and clitoris. Using a low setting to begin with, I was impressed with the texture against my labia and felt confident that this session was going to be extremely pleasurable. Then moving towards my clit and increasing the level of power on the constant setting I had chosen, I was thrilled with the direct stimulation it provided while also sending vibrations resounding throughout my vagina.

      The size and shape of the ovoid head allowed sufficient accuracy against my clit to build stimulation easily without being too pinpoint, which I mostly tend to prefer. Moving it around over my clit, easily able to vary the pressure due to the rigid shaft, I was effortlessly able to achieve an impressively strong orgasm after a couple of minutes. The rumbly vibrations travelled deeper than expected from this clitoral stimulation, so I was excited to find out how they would stimulate me when used internally.

      Removing the vibrating egg I then proceeded to slide the vibe easily over my labia finding there was no drag against my skin so far. By now feeling fully aroused, and well lubricated I felt confident that no further lube was required. With this vibe having such a well angled bend in its shaft, slipping it inside me I found it worked well for targeting my G-spot, accurately stimulating the area extremely easily and almost instinctively.

      Again the rigid shaft meant I could apply precisely the right amount of pressure, either manually stimulating without the vibrations or adding them as the moment required. When using the vibrations, once more I was not disappointed by their strength and ability to travel really well, stimulating not only my G-spot but all around my vagina with the sensations even being felt in my groin and inner thighs. I found the thicker section of the stem towards the handle even stimulated the opening to my vagina, making this experience especially thrilling.

      Within minutes of stimulation and pressure against my G-spot, I suddenly orgasmed with a gush of fluid, leaving me in no doubt about this vibe's expertise. Squirting was not something I had been expecting and for me doesn't happen often. By now I was totally convinced that this vibe was going to be a firm favourite, with its luxurious texture and powerful vibrations combined with a perfect shape making it feel like it was made for me.

      Before ending my session and while my hand had not yet been numbed or become overtired due to the very slight vibrations travelling down to the handle, I continued to play around further and explore the various patterns and power levels, finding that there were a couple which I particularly enjoyed and may start off with next time.

      In fact with this vibe being totally waterproof, I have enjoyed using it at bathtimes with similar success but without squirting that I am aware of anyway!

      This is one favourite vibe that I am reluctant to pack away in its box or storage bag between use due to its striking design and the zen effect it has on me, so tend to stand it upright on my dresser as a reminder of its silver lining and keeping it ever handy should the mood take me.

      This gorgeous, powerful vibe would make an impressive gift to your OH, and while being potentially brilliant for orgasms its quality is undeniable. The added feature of being waterproof makes cleaning a dream and bathtime exciting. Although not silent when in use it is relatively quiet. Needing only some background music playing should you not have total privacy. Suitable for couples and singles alike, you would not be disappointed by this gem should you purchase it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Loved the powerful, rumbly vibrations and accuracy for G-spot stimulation.
      Bottom line
      Perfect all-rounder for accurate and powerful G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
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