1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Multispeed Massage Wand Vibrator

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Multispeed Massage Wand Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Awaken arousal in a storm of vibration with this ultra-strength multispeed wand. Mains-powered for incessant stimulation and featuring a removable silicone head attachment, this adorable unicorn wand will fan the flames of magical intimate encounters.

      A scroll-wheel control puts the power of pleasure at your fingertips with this premium wand vibrator, which is based on Lovehoney's #1 bestselling design. Begin your adventures with gently fluttering vibrations, then hold tight as you explore the otherworldly delights afforded by the stronger speeds.

      Liberate your love, energy and intention and see your dreams draw towards you like magnets with the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection.

      Slick the wand head or unicorn with water-based lubricant before play for best-possible pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • tokidoki massage wand with removable silicone unicorn-style attachment
      • Large head perfect for body massage or broad-surface intimate contact
      • Incredible vibration strength in multiple speeds
      • Plug-in style means it never loses power
      • Lengthy 1.8 metre cable for versatile use

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      tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Multispeed Massage Wand Vibrator 5 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Multispeed Massage Wand Vibrator
      2. tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Multispeed Massage Wand Vibrator


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    1. A ticket to Unicornylandia

      Reviewed: 25 July 2017 by Jasmine2, a Bisexual Single Female

      Going to the post office and receiving the package was a big event itself. The moment I took the boring box I couldn't remove the smile from my face. I knew what was in there and no one else did. It was a priceless moment.

      I rapidly went home and opened it. The 5-year-old in me started screaming. The packaging was so cute. I couldn't stop laughing. Even now when I'm writing this review I'm still laughing.

      This is my first wand and from what I can say it's big. I love the unicorn head. This silicone is so soft and, believe me, when I say I've touched a lot of silicon! The pink head is hard plastic so basically you have two options, soft or hard, which I like a lot.

      Like every sex toy enthusiast, I couldn't wait to try this sexy beast in action. It is definitely powerful and the vibrations are good. I didn't have enough time to explore every inch of it but I definitely will do.

      Also I'm not gonna lie there are some cons to this toy too. I don't like that it's noisy and it's not waterproof and it does have a cable. But of these 3 issues, the cable is the least problematic. But it does compensate this with power. For me, it's really hard to reach an orgasm but I think I will be able to achieve one with this wand.

      Overall I recommend this toy. It looks good and it feels good.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Looks good. Powerful. Feels good.
      Noisy. Not waterproof. It's has a cable.
      Bottom line
      I'd recommend this toy. It's amazing.
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    1. Crazy

      Reviewed: 07 November 2016 by PurpleHeart, a Straight Engaged Female

      I knew I got myself into something crazy from the second I picked up my plain package from the post office. And after I actually opened it and laid my eyes on the box, I thought "What have I done?"

      The packaging is pretty interesting, I couldn't believe my eyes. On one side I'm seeing a beast of a sex toy, on the other it has pretty cartoon characters and an actual Unicorn head. A Unicorn! I would be lying if I didn't say I laughed because I couldn't believe what I was seeing was real.

      Anyway. The first thing I noticed was just how weighty and big the wand actually is! I suppose this helps with the power monster it is. I'm happy to say that even though it's weighty I find it very comfortable and easy to use.

      The setup is as easy as plug it in and go. And oh the way you go! Controlling the wand is pretty straight forward with scrolling up and down. Even the lowest setting delivers quite a punch. I played around with it the first few times rather than going all the way out. When I finally decided to try out the highest speed I knew why exactly people love wands. All I could see was rainbows and unicorns! It is truly amazing, as a wand virgin, I'm so impressed and shocked at the same time. The only thing I would take back is waiting so long to get one. If power and rumbliness (oh yes, no buzz here) are what you are seeking, this is where you'll find it for sure. Of course, me being me, I'd love for the wand to get some kind of patterns added, but it's a tiny niggle compared to how easy it is for me to see the rainbows with this.

      I'd like to spend a moment to appreciate everything that goes into the looks, build, and usability of the wand. First off, the Unicorn is the cutest thing ever. I certainly enjoy the slightly different sensations depending on which part of the Unicorn you use as well. I love using the wand with both the unicorn sleeve on and off. They both deliver different sensations and I love them, although I think I kind of prefer the softer feeling of the silicone. It makes it a lot easier to clean using the sleeve too. And cleaning can definitely be a daunting task with this one, as there are many ridges and many places body liquids can get into. But power always comes at a price, right?

      The other thing I love is the bendy head, it's incredibly convenient when you want to use the wand for body massages and glide over different parts of the body.

      It ended up a case of not only me loving it but he has quite a bit of fun with it too. I believe one of those special sleeves might just get into the Christmas sock for him, but shhhh... he shouldn't find out!

      Of course, as such a powerful toy, it does make noise. Not anything too crazy for sure, but we avoid using it with other people around, just in case.

      I've mainly shied away from ordering a mains powered wand because there wasn't an EU one offered and I was so happy to know this has changed. It works perfectly and I've not had any problems with it. I also got to try it in the UK with a power adapter and it works just as well.

      Overall, as my very first wand, I am incredibly impressed with the power. It delivers in every way possible, it's powerful, not too intimidating (just a tiny bit, it's a monster hidden behind a pretty face for sure). And I'm completely happy, would recommend it 100%!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      That insane power! It's a unicorn!
      Hard to clean, not the quietest.
      Bottom line
      As my first wand, I am more than impressed, a must-have.
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    1. The most fabulous magical wand

      Reviewed: 06 November 2016 by Lovebirds_x

      Having volunteered to review this product with no more information than that it was a wand massager, I actually squealed when I found out this was a Tokidoki X Lovehoney collaboration. My favourite colourful kawaii aesthetic coming together with my favourite sex toy company? What dream world is this? This may very well be the most magical of magic wands, and to be honest it had me at the word ‘Unicorn’.

      This wand is a real show stopper with its super bright colours and adorable tokidoki designs. This toy features the character Stellina, a rainbow coloured unicorno who is almost unbearably adorable! The colours are just gorgeous in real life. I love that even with the unicorn attachment removed you still have a super colourful wand.

      I could really babble all day about how amazing the design is, but I’m sure what you really want to know is how this toy performs. In a word: magnificently.

      As you would expect from a mains-powered wand, this toy delivers powerful, deep, rumbly and constant vibrations. Wands are not quiet toys, but of all the wands I own this one is the quietest - perhaps it’s the silicone attachment muffling the noise, perhaps the motors are updated, whatever the reason I find this wand runs quieter than my older Lovehoney magic wands do.

      This toy is super easy to use: simply plug in and adjust the scroll wheel to the intensity that suits. You can flick the wheel back and forwards to create wave like patterns. Great fun for teasing.

      Wands are known for providing a spread out, indirect stimulation due to their broad head, and of course this one is no different. What sets this wand apart from others is the included attachment, which beyond being damn adorable adds a totally different dimension to the toy.

      I found the vibrations transferred well through the silicone. They still feel nice and rumbly and more than powerful enough. You can get quite a few different sensations depending what part of the unicorn you hold against yourself (yeah, that’s a line I never expected to come out with).

      The top of the mane, being the thickest area, is where you’ll get the most muted sensations - great for a more gentle tease. The bumps on the mane add a really interesting texture if you gently slide the head up and down against yourself.

      The nose doesn’t feel much different to using the bare wand head. Other than that the silicone of the attachment is far softer and more comfortable against your body than the hard plastic of the wand head.

      My favourite about this attachment is the horn. It magically channels the vibrations without diminishing them, transforming the toy into a super powerful, pinpoint precision vibrator. As a lady who prefers her clitoral vibrations targeted, this is an amazing addition to a wand.

      I usually find it quite difficult to orgasm using magic wands and traditionally view them as more of a massage tool, but this attachment is a real game changer. With it I can orgasm as easily as if I were using a bullet-type vibrator, which is a real achievement for me.

      Overall I would highly recommend this toy to anyone who gets as excited over bright colours and unicorns as I do. This is definitely the toy to pick for the tokidoki power queens out there. If you’ve struggled to get along with the type of stimulation a wand gives, this attachment could solve your problems, whether by making the vibrations more direct for those who need direct stimulation, or by muting the vibrations for those who find even the first level too strong initially. It also works wonders on sore muscles, so doubles as a non sexual massage tool.

      This is an utterly fabulous pleasure tool and sure to please those wanting a splash of colour in the toy box.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous design, great range of stimulation, powerful, easy to use, it's a unicorn!
      Bottom line
      Perfect for those wanting power in a colourful package. High quality, excellent performance, brilliant aesthetic.
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