1. Sportsheets Dragon Kiss Tawse Whip

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      1. Sportsheets Dragon Kiss Tawse Whip

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    1. Product Description

      Do dragons even have lips? Who cares! With the Dragon Kiss whip in your grasp you'll be delivering attention-grabbing smackers like a Targaryen in no time. Dish out split-leather spanks for lasting stings that wrap over haunches and burn like wildfire...

      Ok, so its not THAT painful (we've all seen Game of Thrones by now, right?) but this whip really does pack more than a peck.

      With a flexible split-leather spanking surface, extra-long, extra-sturdy handle and signal whip proportions, it combines all the best bits of top-selling spanking tools to bring you the best of all kingdoms.

      "One of my favourite things about this spanker is its unusually long, racket-like handle. With this, Doms can achieve a really firm grasp during play, even with sweaty palms. Plus the split thong blends so many fun features, from the sound of a slapper paddle to the usability of a crop, with the intensity of a bullwhip. I love it!" - Jess Wilde, Lovehoney Bondage Expert

      Key Features:

      • Leather split-thong whip with extra-long handle for advanced S&M play
      • 11 inch racket-like handle with rubber grip offers faultless control
      • 13 inch split leather spanking surface delivers ear-bending cracks and intense impact
      • Pointed tip and slender leather leaves an impressive mark on soft haunches
      • 27 inch overall length is easy to master and is perfect for effective punishment indoors

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      1. Sportsheets Dragon Kiss Tawse Whip
      2. Sportsheets Dragon Kiss Tawse Whip

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    1. Dragon Kiss

      Reviewed: 07 December 2017 by Slightly Slutty, a Straight Married Female

      Arrived discreetly and on time as usual.

      The product itself is made well with good quality materials and finish. Used by my partner on me. It has quickly become a favourite of ours.

      One of my favourite things about the whip is how different it can feel depending on the angle and force behind the blow. When my partner flicks the tips of the whip sharply against me it creates an intense localised sting that almost feels as if the air itself is biting into your skin and feels amazing when the area is stroked or kissed straight after. The sound it makes when used in this way is similar to whisper, or a crackle with a sharper snap of air as it makes contact. Leaves a long lasting, hot stinging sensation for a good while later.

      When more of the length is used it feels heavier and slightly thuddy but still retains the sting of a crop or whip, I love to hear the sound as it travels through the air, making contact with a sharper crack that is almost as nice as the sensations produced.

      We found it wraps around my thighs and hips perfectly, although it tends to hit the area it wraps around with more force so caution may be required.

      I also enjoy it being used gently on my upper back and arms and the feeling of not knowing where it will land next adds to the experience.

      The length is perfect and allows my partner to still stand close to me, which was one of the downsides to previous whips which required more distance to be maintained and removed some of the intimacy. With the dragon kiss my partner can still stroke or squeeze me with one hand whilst whipping another part of me.

      It is comfortable to use and the handle makes it easy to wield.

      Overall we really enjoy using this whip and can't find much if any fault with it, other than being aware that it can deliver a relatively hard blow with comparatively little force used.

      Can leave small bruises and marks on your skin the next day and a slightly sore feeling when sitting down that I personally enjoy as it reminds me of the previous evening and sets me thinking about the night ahead. Very happy we purchased.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality, look, feel and versatility.
      No negatives.
      Bottom line
      An excellent product we are more than happy with.
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    1. Made by the devil himself

      Reviewed: 10 May 2017 by AwesomeMarriedCoupl, a Straight Married Female

      Delivered in a standard brown cardboard box with only an address label on top.

      This thing is from another planet, the depths of hell or maybe just a factory somewhere! Wherever it's from, this was created using a genuine dragon tongue, which was found in the depths of hell from another planet!

      This causes pain.

      This stings.

      This hurts.

      This is not for newbies.

      This is not for the faint-hearted.



      Dragon kiss.

      I love this thing, the anticipation, the sting, no not sting, the pain this thing can deal out with such little effort, and the noise this thing releases as it makes sweet violent contact to whichever body part is being abused! Takes you to new levels of pain, pleasure and all that's in between!

      Buy, seriously, not for beginners!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I looks mean, it feels evil, it sounds demonic.
      Bottom line
      Great to get to new levels, not to get to entry level!
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    1. A kiss with a bite

      Reviewed: 19 August 2016 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Sportsheets Dragon Kiss is a split-tongue thong whip made from leather.

      This BDSM item is one of the luxury additions to Sportsheets Edge range, and shows potential to be able to be used in multiple ways, allowing a Dom to comfortably explore a subs different limits and thresholds.

      One of the finer parts of BDSM I enjoy most is being able to mix-it-up during a session, and this device offers the user a series of different methods without them having to search around for another implement.

      I commanded my submissive to learn over my spanking bench and strapped his hands and legs into position – I recommend getting your sub in a stable position as this whip can cause harsh sharp stings and can whip around the body. I started by lightly teasing his skin with the tips of the whip, at first sensually, and then fearfully by softly scissoring his penis and scrotum with the split tongue and whipping the air from time to time, making my submissive quake in fear as he anticipated a sharp whack to the genitals

      Whilst in my whipping stance I held the middle of the handle and hit the submissive's arse. He yelps slightly as the sharp tongue pinched his skin and drew back along his flesh quickly, reddening it during the process. As I built up the intensity of hits, my subs buttocks became redder and soon was even showing mild welts. If used in this way the submissive can find the pain overwhelming when done for prolonged periods, so unless your sub is an extreme masochist, you may find mixing it up between arse whippings, to draw out your play session, and slowly build-up on all those sensations you have worked on.

      I moved between arse spanking and cat-like scratching down my submissive's back. When glided down quickly down my subs back, he found the sensations tingly and made their hair stand on ends with pleasure. The harder you go the more intense and painful it will become. I am yet to leave marks as intense as a bull whip with this device, however. This may be a good item to use as a starting point if you’re considering a bullwhip yet are unsure if you or your submissive will be able to handle the intensity produced by one.

      A less traditional method of use for this device is where you hold one of the falls back, and just use half of the dragon tongue when impacting a sub's body. When used this way my submissive found the impact from the device to be harsher on the skin.

      When holding both parts of the dragon tongue back, I was able to use the top of the handle, where the leather thongs are held in place, as a spanker. This allowed my spankee to feel less stingy sensations and more thuddy ones. This almost crop-like part is also a great way to lift a submissive's chin up during Domination when either forcing them back up by their chin after cowering and whimpering, or just purely you want to show more control.

      The main handle can be used in a truncheon-like manner, and can offer some intense thuddy firm hits, which can be varied in intensity and easily controlled from light massage to more extreme.

      On a less serious note, the loop handle can be used as a playful spanker, humiliating a submissive during a session. One of my submissives I used this item on loves to be spanked, he is a true masochist and performing such a light spank is seen as a torture to him.

      Overall, The Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss Whip is a well-constructed impact device. It has an aptitude of uses and is very likely to last longer than many devices found within everyday adult stores. I loved how creative I was able to be with this one device and feel that no matter what skill level you feel you or your partner are that you’d be able to use this to the level of your comfort pleasurably.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The variations possible, quality.
      Bottom line
      A excellent device for those looking to explore spanking methods.
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    1. Mmmighty

      Reviewed: 04 July 2017 by JackChris, a Straight Engaged Male

      We got this as an add on to our little bondage starter set. Its really firm for spanking and you can be very dominant or very very submissive.

      It's really good for the price. It's really sturdy and flexible at the same time.

      It can give a mighty smack without the fear of anything falling apart. Well worth it for all you spank worthy people.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Firm yet flexible, really good value.
      Bottom line
      Great accessory.
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