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    1. Titus Stainless Steel Male Chastity Ass Lock

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      1. Titus Stainless Steel Male Chastity Ass Lock

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    1. Product Description

      Put your lover on lockdown with the Titus Stainless Steel Ass Lock. Designed to prevent erections and anal sex, this chastity cage-anal probe combo can be worn for long or short durations and comes with its own padlock for instant play.

      The downward-facing cock cage portion stops his manhood from rearing its head and features an open end for easy urination and ejaculation during wear, while the anal hook-style probe delivers torturous teasing sensations.

      The cage section can be separated from the anal hook section, and the steel ball can be removed for easy cleaning. (Don't worry - it has an extra long thread for super-safe wear.)

      For the best experience we recommend applying a good quality silicone-based lube to the inside of the cage and the insertable probe for maximum pleasure and comfort.

      Vital statistics:

      - 5 inch long, curved cage with 1.6 inch internal diameter

      - ball ring with 1.6 inch inside diameter

      - 4 inch long, curved anal hook with 3.2 inch insertable length and 3.8 inch ball

      Key Features:

      • Stainless steel cock cage with anal probe for reliable chastity
      • Lockable 5 inch metal cage prevents erections
      • Anal hook probe keeps cage in place and adds extra stimulation
      • 1.6 inch ring grasps balls for sensation and a secure fit
      • Insertable probe with 3.8 inch detachable ball prevents anal sex
      • Includes padlock with 2 keys for detaining your sub

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Titus Stainless Steel Male Chastity Ass Lock 7 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Titus Stainless Steel Male Chastity Ass Lock
      2. Titus Stainless Steel Male Chastity Ass Lock


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    1. OMG

      Reviewed: 04 February 2017 by highheelsrsexy

      This our first time using chastity, and wow, we have been missing out big time. My mistress brought it for my birthday on 30 January. It arrived on the day and I waited for her to arrive home before opening my prezzie.

      Well, on opening I couldn't believe my eyes to see it looking at me. Then I looked at my then G/F to see a big wicked looking smirky smile with a glint of evil in her brown eyes and then the words broke from her lips. You are now my subbie bitch. So I suggest you get in the bedroom and get naked while I sort out your clothing for the evening. She then dressed me in stockings bra and a silk short dressing gown. Then reached for the lube.

      She lubed up the ball and offered it up feeling my cock and balls through the hole, all the while telling me what she had planned for me. Then she placed the ball to my arse and with that look on her face pushed it in.

      I am sure she nearly came as she did it as she gasped and called me her dirty bitch and to grip it tight.

      She then fed my cock into the cage and snapped the lock shut, placed the key in her bra, stood up put her hand around my neck pulled my head forward and planted her red lips on mine. We'll that's when I felt and experienced the feeling of being entrapped and my cock not expanding but feeling incredibly sensitive the her red nail creeping between the bars.

      She then told to put on my heels and go into the lounge and relaxed while she cooked me a steak dinner in-between teasing me. Well as my arse got tighter I had to rock back and forth, which only made me even more sensitive and gave me mini orgasms.

      Well, I could go on, but all I can say is what a fab piece of engineering, so get one, don't miss out.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great toy easy to clean.
      Only I didn't get one years ago.
      Bottom line
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    1. Bow to stern

      Reviewed: 20 January 2017 by Thumper the Rabbit

      If you are serious about chastity then look no further, this cock cage has it all.

      I have a little bit of experience of being in self-imposed chastity and locking myself in a variety of cages. While some the cheaper ones can feel like you have gotten into some sort of a ridiculous accident with a three ring binder, this cage is secure and comfortable.

      To add to your delight and torture, there is an insertable portion of the device to ensure that you cannot gain pleasure by yourself in other ways. This steel ball is very good at doing its job of reminding you that it is there.

      To begin one must first ensure that one is calm enough and not rising to the occasion. Once that is complete you must lube up and slowly work the ring with the towbar over your meat and two veg. Once this has been done successfully, then is the time to insert the anchor and secure the device to yourself. Finally, the cock cage portion should be put on and then the lock closed to make sure everything is secure, then flush the keys down the toilet or give them a trustee, or whatever you have decided beforehand.

      Once it is on, and you have gotten used to the sensations and restrictions, it is actually rather comfortable. The weight is solid but not tugging, the ball is the right size to maintain a grip and stimulate, but not so big as to get in the way, and the cage is big enough to allow some sort of expansion without constant constriction.

      In the bedroom, this works fantastically as it means that you are not only bound to having no penis-based orgasms but also you are now restricted from prostate pleasures, outside of the realm of possibilities presented by the steel ball. This means that you are more focused on your partner's pleasure and thus a more attentive partner/servant/slave/all of the above.

      For day to day wear it is a little more difficult. The cage fits well enough under loose fitting trousers and could be worn put an about, however, there is the added awkwardness of the steel ball that is inserted. While many people feel good about wearing a buttplug in public, myself included, there is always the problem of when nature calls. While with unattached plugs one could simply remove them and go about their business, you are a little bit more tethered with this product. It is possible to do as above, but it certainly isn't easy, so maybe keep this in mind if you are a more committed chastity enthusiast.

      I would recommend this to the experienced chastity player, or the incredibly enthusiastic beginner wanting to experience something a bit more out there than normal.

      Definitely a good buy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel, the weight, the size, the anal stimulation and restriction.
      The undercarriage bar sometimes pokes you.
      Bottom line
      The best cage I have ever tried and worth it for anyone into chastity.
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    1. Chastity overload

      Reviewed: 22 January 2017 by KinkCouple, a Straight Married Male

      This device is made of stainless steel, which is always better for hygiene, however, it is far too large and bulky for long-term wear. It is exquisitely made, however, and great for a few hours of serious playtime.

      Getting it on can be a challenge if aroused as the ring is very small. Once through, it is comfortable and smooth on the skin. The anal ball feels larger going in than it looks and provides a stimulating sensation to the prostate. With some manipulation it would be possible to produce a prostate milking and general movements during the time it was on caused interesting sensations.

      The cage is well made and secure, if slightly bulky. Certainly not for discreet wear. It would prevent most erections and orgasms but there is still space in there to move around.

      We were worried about the joint of the cage and the ring as there is some movement where the lock sits, which might lead to some pinching. We experienced none, however.

      We love this device but it is definitely for a heavy play session or a chastity punishment at home. Whilst it would be fun to wear it out and about, it is not sustainable for long term wear. Definitely one to use when your sub has been disobedient.

      We will be using this a lot.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Quality, build, and design.
      Ring slightly too small.
      Bottom line
      A great punishment device for some heavy play
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