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    1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Ripple Male Masturbator Cup

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Ripple Male Masturbator Cup

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    1. Product Description

      Rippled, ridged and with more rolling texture than a Mexican wave, TENGA's suction-fuelled masturbator grips your pleasure train with all-immersive intensity. Inside its inconspicuous casing are 5 rippling chambers primed to step up your pleasure.

      Delving within the internal length, a myriad of raised ripples, nubs and waves stroke your member and cushion your thrusts, whilst the twist-top design allows you to choose from 5 different vacuum-suction sensations.

      Ideal for solo play or for fun with a friend, clean-up is also a breeze with this masturbator thanks to the easy-to-remove sleeve. Use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to wash, dry thoroughly and pop back in its case ready for next time.

      Key Features:

      • A textured masturbator cup from TENGA with adjustable air pressure and gently rippled chamber
      • 5 textured internal zones to explore wave upon wave of pleasure
      • Customisable range of sensations thanks to a 5-stage grip and twist design
      • Airflow hole at the tip allowing for additional suction control
      • Includes one sachet of TENGA lubricant for immediate play
      • Reusable and easy to clean for use again and again

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    1. Customer Reviews

      TENGA Air Tech Twist Ripple Male Masturbator Cup 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Ripple Male Masturbator Cup
      2. TENGA Air Tech Twist Ripple Male Masturbator Cup

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    1. Great travel masturbator

      Reviewed: 08 March 2018 by SWMBO, a Straight Married Female

      I bought this for husband as something new to try. We'd heard about the eggs, but the whole single-use thing puts us off as unsustainable. This was another option and one that we felt was worth a gamble.

      Neat packaging and a bit bigger than we'd anticipated. He was keen to have a go.

      We read the instructions, got him and it lubed up and had a crack. It works, very, very well.

      We've both played around with opening and closing the hole on the top and also the twist to change the pressure. This has worked so well for him that he's used it 4 or 5 times now. It does make a sucking noise, but it's not very loud and with our bedroom door shut here's no problem.

      Clean-up has been easy and he just turns it inside out to dry. He's enjoyed it so much he hasn't felt the need to reverse the sleeve to try yet.

      It comes with a phial of lube and from memory. The entire thing is supposed to be used in one go. He's used less than 1/4 of it and it provided more than enough.

      It makes a change from a handjob, and although I have hand mobility issues I can hold it without too much trouble.

      I'm really glad that we bought this. It's a winner for us.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft silicone, easy clean up, shaping works well.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic addition to the toy cupboard.
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    1. A cup full of joy that will never seize to please!

      Reviewed: 20 December 2016 by His Point Of View, a Bisexual Married Male

      I received this toy from Lovehoney, to test in return for an honest review.

      This toy came in the usual Lovehoney style packaging of a plain brown box, which blends in with any other postal item.

      I was really keen to give this thing a try as soon as it came. OH was not at home when it arrived, but I couldn't wait! As such, this review is based on solo play.

      Upon opening this product, I was happy with the size, weight, and shape as it didn't look too conspicuous.

      The one thumbs down that I would give to this product comes right at the start of the experience. That is the blue lid that's on the bottom of it. It turns, but it's not actually a screw lid - it's a lid that you need to pull/pop off. This is not actually as easy as it sounds. It's a real pain to get this off. I've yet to be able to just pick this up and pull it straight off. You're not the only thing that's lined up to get a tugging. You also need to give the lid a good tug too! When you do eventually get the lid off, though, the fun begins!

      If you're more interested in a masturbator that looks like a vagina (as realistic as a silicone vagina wrapped in a black plastic insert that you hold like a beer can can look), then I'm afraid that this isn't for you. This has a very plain but well-designed regular shaped 'hole'. The hole is designed to act as a lube reservoir which not only holds you tight but also prevents any excess lube from flowing out when in use.

      The design means that it has 5 different vacuum-suction sensations. These are not actually vacuum (so don't worry, it's not going to hurt), but it is in fact built so that when twisting the dial on the top of the device, it actually makes the channel inside become narrower, using a 'spiral' of movable plastic which twists as you turn (you'll see what I mean if you look inside after taking out the silicone insert).

      When the moment comes - and you're ready to play - make sure you use plenty of water-based lube. The TPE material is very soft so wouldn't hurt or rub too much, but you're always better off making sure you have lube. When lube is applied, it makes for a very smooth and pleasurable entry.

      It has a very intricate design inside the insert, which adds to the pleasure. Rather than it being just a plain old piece of material with a penis shaped hole slotted though it, it has many different textures and patterns within it, meaning that every inch of the inside feels different from the last, which keeps the feeling very interesting, as you can really feel all of the ripples, nobbles, and patterns inside.

      It feels amazing when you enter this, but I'd advise that you enter when it's on its loosest setting. When I tried going in on the tightest setting I found it to be a little too tight and had to get used to the feeling. When you do, though, the tightest setting feels absolutely amazing! This gives a very nice feeling, and won't leave you waiting long until the feeling takes a hold of you, and you can handle no more! This cup will make you have such a hard and powerful climax, which will never seize to please.

      When it comes to couples play, it feels amazing as the sensations are just as powerful, and the feeling just as tight, but it allows you to be hands-free and really enjoy it. It's better if you have her twisting the top and constantly adjusting the tightness whilst she's thrusting it up and down, as this adds an extra layer of feelings, that you wouldn't (easily) be able to manage if using this alone.

      When you're done the insert is really easy to remove which allows for easy cleaning. When the insert is dry, it slides straight back in, lid goes back on, and it's ready to be put away for the next use.

      You'd think it's just a bit of silicone you put around your chap when you're masturbating. That is far from what this 'just' is. It's a revolution. It's a whole new depth of solo play. It's amazing! To summarise, it's great! This takes solo masturbation to a completely different level!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels amazing!
      Bottom line
      Wish I had one of these sooner.
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    1. Gimmicky design, good sleeve

      Reviewed: 21 June 2017 by Lonely Orgasm

      I should probably start by saying that my review is no doubt a wee bit biased because I'm a seven incher and this feels like it was designed for average size. I've had a Tenga toy before which I loved, and which fit perfectly, but it was an XL version. This one wasn't deep enough for my liking, although girth wise it's good.

      Design-wise, it's a mixed bag. The twist feature seems to make no difference to me. It's an awkward mechanism, and it just makes it harder to get the sleeve back in after cleaning. In fact, after a few uses, I couldn't get the sleeve back in at all. It may be that I didn't clean the sleeve properly or something and the material expanded. I'm not sure.

      So I tossed out the case and just used it as a sleeve, which it turns out was for the best. The sleeve itself feels just as good as my other Tenga. It massages and tickles the head of your cock wonderfully, and the internal design is enough to leave you moaning like a wounded wildebeest. Because it's been freed up from its plastic cage, you can also get deeper, and to an extent control the tightness using your hand (no fancy twist tech needed).

      It's also easier to clean than my other Tenga. I tried turning that one inside out to clean it (which makes it so much easier) and it started to split, so I had to do it the hard way. This one is a little more malleable, can be turned inside out most of the way, so easier to clean and dry. A strong point for sure.

      So yeah. I'll give it half marks, even though I ended up throwing half of it away. I feel like some of the problems I faced may be less so for people with average sized dinkles. But hopefully the next design they come up with is less gimmicky.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Good internal sleeve. Easy to clean.
      Weak gimmicky design. Tight fit.
      Bottom line
      Worth a shot for average-sized cocks. But take my criticisms into account.
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