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    1. Viaxi Tightening Gel for Women 50ml

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      1. Viaxi Tightening Gel for Women 50ml

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    1. Product Description

      Improve the elasticity of your vagina with Viaxi Tightening Gel. Effectively an anti-ageing cream for your ladybits, this slick gel helps tighten your otter's pocket for snug sensations during penetration. Use once or twice a day for progressive results.

      Ingredients: Hydroxyethylcellulose, Monopropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Chitosan, Glycolic Acid, Alcohol, Glycosaminoglycans, Methylparaben, Alumiunium Chlorohydrate, Ethylparaben, Deionized Water

      Key Features:

      • Tightening gel for improving elasticity of the vagina
      • Designed to be used once or twice a day for progressive results
      • Can help provide a tighter feeling during penetration
      • Easy-dispense squeeze bottle
      • Results may vary

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Viaxi Tightening Gel for Women 50ml 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Viaxi Tightening Gel for Women 50ml
      2. Viaxi Tightening Gel for Women 50ml

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    1. This gel is awesome

      Reviewed: 02 April 2017 by Lovemesomepie, a Straight Married Female

      I bought this as I wanted to give my husband a surprise. However, I decided to try it out for some solo play first to ensure that it was not going to cause me any issues.

      Oh my God! It was the most intense orgasm I have ever achieved on my own. I used approximately 1cm of the gel on my index finger and rubbed it around the walls of my vagina. I carried on getting myself into the mood by using my Micro Wand on my clitoris and then inserted my dildo and Bob was indeed my uncle!

      I repeated the same usage when I used it with my husband the next day and he was very pleasantly surprised by the new sensation it gave him.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      No strong smell, good consistency. Both of us enjoyed the benefits! Worked quickly.
      Nothing, it works wonderfully.
      Bottom line
      A little works in 15 mins and gave awesome results for both of us.
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    1. Feel like a virgin again - without the pain

      Reviewed: 19 September 2016 by Lil_Red_Kinkyboots, a Straight Married Female

      I received this tightening gel, very kindly from LH for secret testing. This arrived in its discreet packaging (which LH always do). Thanks LH, no embarrassing postman moments.

      Before I tell you about this gel, I have to mention that I am a work in progress with regards to my pelvic floor and am currently using the LH 90g kegel balls (brilliant by the way) so I'm very aware of my muscle tone down there.

      Moving onto the gel, I squeezed a bit out onto my finger to give it the smell, consistency and taste test. This gel smells just like a normal water based lube, the consistency is the same as a good quality lube, not too runny and not too thick and is completely clear. My hubby gave it the taste test, obviously it's not a food but still has to be considered if any oral activities are to be included. He said it didn't taste of anything but noticed it did dry his tongue out a little, but nothing to cause any discomfort etc.

      Onto the real test, as this didn't come with any real instructions, I decided to put a small amount onto my kegel balls (the same I would use if it was lube). I left in for 15 minutes to work, there was no tingling or anything to indicate any change. I removed the kegel balls whilst having a bit of foreplay, with fingers, still no change, had sex still no change. I decided it could have been because I had used the kegel balls or it may have been that I hadn't given it a chance to work, or maybe I hadn't used enough. I decided to give it another go a few days later but try a different method.

      (Please keep reading, this gets good).

      The second test, this time I decided to forgo the kegel balls (which I always wear before sex) so I was feeling worried as they have become a way of ensuring significant tightness before sex. I put about the same amount you would use if it was lube on my index and middle finger and applied inside my vagina and right up to my cervix (un-aroused I can do this easily). I put a little more on the entrance to my vagina and on my labia. I didn't notice any tingling and waited between 30 - 45 minutes before any sexual activity. Hubby used a vibrator on me (which is slim) and we could both tell it was a tight fit. I had a orgasm and squirted and then orgasmed and it felt so intense and hubby said I really had a tight grip on the vibrator. I inserted a glass butt plug ready for having sex (a normal precursor as it makes my vagina tighter and gives us both more feeling and pleasure). I got on top of hubby ready to have sex but I couldn't get him in as I was so tight there wasn't enough room. I had to remove the butt plug and hubby decided it would be easier for him to penetrate me if I was on my back with my legs in the air. It took quite a few seconds for him to get inside me and we had to take it slowly. It honestly felt like I was a virgin again but without the pain. Hubby was amazed and with a big smile on his face he said "oh my god, you are so expletive tight". It soon had us both cumming as it just felt so good.

      We have worked out how this gel works. It dries me up, sort of a squeaky clean kind of way. Not to the extent that I'm dry and uncomfortable I need to add, and I didn't get sore. If you are a lady or a partner of a lady that has problems of getting too wet (which I can get sometimes) and you have to stop midway to dry off to restore sensation, this gel stops that happening. During sex or any arousal the vagina expands and this still happens, so there's no worries of not being able to have sex, you just have to take it slower at least to begin with. After sex (about 20 mins) I could only manage to get one finger inside and I wasn't aroused at this point, so I think this gel has good longevity and for me it lasted the minimum of 2 hours, no doubt longer but I was asleep by then.

      I have given it a few days before leaving this review after using just to check that I haven't had any irritation from using this gel (yeast infection, cystitis etc) and I'm pleased to say no problems whatsoever.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      I was sceptical but wow it works beyond my wildest dreams
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