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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage

      Average customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars10 reviews

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage

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    1. Product Description

      Pop it, lock it, drop it - this cage is more exciting than birthday cake. A non adjustable 1.8" diameter, this steely prison provides an inch perfect fit. Sit tight.

      A simple 2 piece design makes this easy enough to use for even the most rookie inmate. Clamp the 1.8" diameter ball ring around the back of his balls, taking extra caution not to pinch the delicate skin (unless he likes that).

      The spacer measures up at just over 1/2 inch and allows 1-2 inches of space for your balls to hang low.

      Take a deep breath and slip the enclosure on your sweet chariot, which features plenty of room for easy cleaning, urinating and ejaculating.

      Last but by no means least, pop the padlock in place to prevent this prop from scoring.

      Key Features:

      • Solid metal cock cage for effective beginners' chastity play
      • Cage measures in at 3" length, 2" top to bottom and 1.8" diameter
      • Ball ring measures 1.8" in diameter with 0.6" thickness
      • Ventilated design allows for long term wear
      • Flexible spacer allows comfortability for testicles
      • Includes secure brass padlock and 3 keys

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    1. Customer Reviews

      DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage 10 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage

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    1. Locked Up Love

      Reviewed: 12 August 2017 by Mrklister

      First off it looks great, and being made from metal there is a sense of real security and entrapment while wearing it. The cage design permits the wearer some sensations unlike a fully enclosed cage. Depending on the key-holder’s preference, the open windows in the metal cage allow for licking and stroking or poking and prodding whilst the cock is held captive. This makes the experience more enjoyable or frustrating depending on your point of view. When stimulated, try as you might, any attempt to grow to full size is impossible. Instead the penis bulges against the windows of the cage eager for release, which is controlled by the key-holder. To entrust your cock and potentially your orgasm to the key -holder is a fantastic power exchange experience.

      The polished chrome plated steel looks great and it’s fairly chunky. While wearing the device the heavy, gently tugging at your cock and balls is a nice reminder it is on. It is not a particularly subtle device and in most attire it presents a clearly visible bulge. Also, if discretion whilst wearing it is important then the metal padlock clicks on metal cage whilst walking this is easily solved with an elastic band or a little electrical tape around the padlock lock.

      Putting the device on is relatively straight forward but some care is needed to avoid discomfort to the wearer. Without care the device is prone to pinch skin at both the top locking hole and at the hinge on the ring. Lubrication definitely makes it easier to slip into and more comfortable once it is on. Being metal and only one size, ensure you measure carefully to ensure it will fit adequately. The device we received as a tester product only had one ring which was an extremely tight fit.

      Once assembled the ring and the cage can move slightly apart, which again can trap the skin on the top of the base of the shaft. We found that using a padlock with a larger diameter shackle makes the two parts of the device fit together better. We also thought the quality of the padlock looked a little dubious and opted for a more reliable lock considering the implications of not being able to unlock it! If you are intending to use the numbered plastic locking tags to secure the device we would suggest considering another device as this will not be comfortable for extended or full-time wear with this method of locking.

      As with most male chastity devices of this generic 'trapped balls', design it is not completely secure. Pull out is possible though the ring, and the cage design obviously means some self-stimulation is possible while wearing. We didn't achieve orgasm wearing it (yet).

      However, it is a perfect device for those wanting to try chastity and wear a cage for short term play.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Nice shiny heavy item which torments wearer.
      Quality of padlock left something to be desired.
      Bottom line
      A perfect device for those wanting to try chastity for short-term play.
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    1. Room for improvement

      Reviewed: 18 February 2018 by Young Mr & Mrs, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This is the first chastity cage I've used before so I cannot compare with past experiences so this review is just going off this product alone but it's ideal for anyone who wants to try this for the first time.

      It goes without saying that Lovehoney shipped the product on time and was sent in discreet packaging like always.

      The product itself is great for people new to this. For myself, I think the best part of this product is the look of it. It doesn't look cheap. It looks great on! My girlfriend loves this. She really enjoys it knowing she has the keys to my freedom.

      Function: It's secure and you cannot play with it on you can't feel anything! If you do feel something well it's not going to be comfy as this is 3 inches it's not possible to get erect. Instead, it just gets tighter. However, the one issue is, with a bit of pulling, you can slip your member out through the ball space so it won't be locked up and you can properly fit it back on, which does defeat the point of the cage. But if you're spending money on a product like this, why would you. Also, this product is super easy to put on with the clamp ring! You just can't be excited when putting it on!

      Practical everyday use: It feels heavy when worn. For a while you know it's there and it gets you excited, it's like a dirty secret! After a while, you wouldn't notice it! In fact, I've been wearing it 3 weeks now and doesn't feel normal it being off! I wear it day and night (not really advised by manufactures). Sleeping with it on isn't really an issue for me I can easily sleep with it on. It's easy to clean and with the hole at the end of the cage means easy access to go toilet.

      Few cons to wearing this and first is it's bulky. It's a pain wearing out as it's noticeable through jeans. I found wearing tight boxers and filling your pockets a little to make it less noticeable but if you're looking for discreet this isn't for you. Secondly, it does trap the skin. It's painful and annoying. Once or twice driving now I had to pull over to readjust because the pain was too much! To get around this I used thin waterproof plasters on the gaps of the ring which stops the catching of skin. This is a design flaw of the product in my opinion. Thirdly, the lock itself clings when walking into the cage. Sounds like loose change hitting one another. Again to get around this I put a plaster around the lock to stop the noise.

      Conclusion: I would recommend to beginners only as I feel people who have had experience before would find this annoying. For new beginners, I would recommend it's best for short-term use however it's perfectly fine for long-term use as I've been wearing this for a while now.

      A note to Lovehoney and people thinking of getting this product: When I received the product and worn for a few days I found the ring to be too small. It seems that there's only one size on offer. To find a spare bigger ring for this product was a nightmare as not a lot of places offer just the ring clamp. Although not Lovehoney's fault of course. It'll be nice if they offer optional sizes or even get a new category that is spare/replacement parts for toys like this one.

      Health and safety tip. If you feel painful erections whilst wearing this product or any discolour and swelling stop wearing and find a bigger size ring. After doing some research on products like these for health and safety concerns I found that these are safe and don't do damage if you measure up right. Too tight and your constricting blood flow and causing strain down there.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Looks great! It's like a dirty secret! Secure padlock with 3 keys just in case.
      Trapping of skin. Noticeable through clothes. Could possibly escape.
      Bottom line
      Great for people new to this. More experienced might not find so great.
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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Chastity Cage

      Reviewed: 10 November 2018 by lee24noble, a Gay Single Male

      I have good and bad points. The cage itself is good, but it's the ring section were I have the issues.

      You have to be very careful when putting on or it pinches the skin. Also the ring section doesn't fit me, it's small.

      So I'm on the look out for a new ring section or a new cage all together.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The price.
      The ring section.
      Bottom line
      Good but you need to check your measurement against the products before buying.
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