1. DOMINIX Deluxe Studded Leather Triple Slapper Paddle

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Studded Leather Triple Slapper Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      A literal triple threat for spanking, the DOMINIX Deluxe triple slapper paddle boasts a trio of slim leather straps for audible, staggered impact play. Tipped with metal studs for extra thrills, it's slender surface delivers scintillating stings.

      With three straps of differing lengths, the receiver experiences a triple wallop with just one blow from the Dom, that wraps around their haunches thanks to their flexible nature.

      This paddle can provide anything from loud spanks with a delicate touch, right up to advanced, welt-leaving impact. How you play is for you to decide.

      Key Features:

      • Slim, leather, triple-layered slapper paddle for intermediate spanking
      • 1.25 inch wide spanking surface provides narrow impact and extra sting
      • Studded tips enhance sensation
      • Triple-layer staggers impact and creates audible cracks
      • Sturdy handle and wrist loop enable confident swings

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      DOMINIX Deluxe Studded Leather Triple Slapper Paddle 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Studded Leather Triple Slapper Paddle
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Studded Leather Triple Slapper Paddle


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    1. Triple Delight Heavy Paddle

      Reviewed: 20 December 2017 by The_Grim_Seeder, a Gay Single Male

      This is one of many paddles I have purchased from LH. The DOMINIX range never fails to impress with design, quality material (leather and stitching).

      The three lengths of leather with this paddle make it a very versatile toy. Spanking with the largest flap hitting skin is heavier and combined with metal stud produces a nice whack and slap and sting!

      Turn it over and you have three studs hitting skin and different lengths of leather. This is for more experienced BDSM users.

      It is now my number one paddle. It's size is discreet for travelling and putting away in bedside drawers! It came discretely packaged and with fast delivery. Also has a nice leather handle so you can really grip when using on partner. Nice sounds and really hits the spot, but not for the faint-hearted! Well Done LH.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Design. Sounds. Feeling. Metal studs.
      Bottom line
      A great paddle for the more experienced and adventurous.
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    1. From painful to agony in three hits

      Reviewed: 13 January 2018 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very kindly sent this item to test and review - thank you, Lovehoney.

      This item is really nice quality - it’s obviously really well made with smooth edges, and is all perfectly neat. Anyone who enjoys the smell of leather will probably be very pleased when picking this up!

      It’s lightweight so it’s very easy to hold, and it even has a loop to put over your hand or wrist for even more ease. The material is very supple, so it has a lot of flexibility.

      I’d say that the main unique thing about this item is the metal parts, and they’ve been added to the toy in a thoughtful and controlled way that means they’re safe. I have other impact toys that have metal bits on them and my Dominant has in the past said that He did not feel it was safe to hit me with such items, but I checked with Him about this one and He said that He felt the metal was smooth enough to not cause the bad kind of damage. The studs are rounded so when they connect with the skin they don’t cause cuts or scrapes.

      Because the item is lightweight it’s more of a stingy pain to be hit with, and you really do feel the added sting from the metal. It’s not specifically noticeable like “Oh wow, that feels like metal”, but I think overall it hurts a lot more and has a lot more intensity because of the metal parts.

      Often I think the expectation with slapper paddles is that their bark will be worse than their bite because the leather will slap together and make the huge satisfying noise, but that will mostly be the toy hitting itself - it definitely feels as though the noise is in line with the level of force you feel on your skin with this one!

      My Dominant found at first that He really didn’t like using this toy because of how flexible the leather is because the ends flip back and would make contact with His hand, meaning that He was getting the wrap-around impact. He is therefore only able to use it with a backhand swing so that it doesn’t hurt His hand. I find this adds a lot more force to it and might reduce accuracy for people who aren’t used to using different kinds of impact toys.

      I think it’s fair to say that getting a gentle spanking or beating from my Dominant is a rarity, and we spend a lot more time at the crying begging end of the scale. I think it’s probably important to say that I imagine this is a toy that wouldn’t require much force when wielding it, and I was hit hard with it so I’m sure there is room for it to be not quite so vicious, but I think it’s something that I’d only recommend to people who have experience with impact toys because it does have the scope to be extremely painful. It has a good range in the sense that light hits are painful and hard hits are agony, so it has a lot of scope in the painful-agony range but not so much in the gentle-mildly painful range.

      Keeping in mind that I will have been hit hard with it, I was begging and trying to escape within a few hits. It really does create a lot of pain and I found it quite difficult to process it one hit after another, which is something I find with all impact toys, but usually I do find that after the pain dies down I want to ask to be hit again, whereas this one is more of a punishment toy, the kind of thing that I would only ask for out of sheer masochism, or endure to show devotion. I’m not really a fan of how this feels to be hit with, although the afterpain can be quite nice.

      One thing that I find quite disappointing about it is that it doesn’t leave its own special kind of marks. If I’m being beaten, it’s likely that I’ll be hit with a range of different toys and I have a strong preference for toys that leave signature marks that from experience I can look at and know “oh, that was from such and such a toy”. This toy leaves surprisingly vague marks for the pain level involved and I don’t think it bruised me, so for my preference it isn’t great, but if you want something that gives pain but not strong marks then this might be a good choice - although of course everyone is different and maybe this could bruise someone else really strongly and just doesn’t bruise me!

      In general this toy isn’t my favourite because I’m aware my Dominant has to be thinking about how to hit me with it so He doesn’t hurt Himself, it hurts an awful lot without really leaving any marks, and the afterpain is generally my favourite part of a beating and it doesn’t bring anything particularly special to that. I’d recommend it to the more experienced who are really craving intense pain, but definitely not something to start out with.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Studs are smooth, satisfying noise, lightweight, lots of scope for pain.
      Curls back on the person hitting, doesn't leave distinct marks, extremely painful.
      Bottom line
      Requires experience and masochism to fully enjoy it.
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