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    1. Colt Snug Tugger Dual Support Cock Ring

      Average customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. Colt Snug Tugger Dual Support Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      Give your goolies a good tugging with this double cock ring from Colt. Super stretchy for the ultimate in comfort, the ring firmly grips your cock and balls to help enhance staying power while providing snug scrotum support.

      The shaft ring stretches from 1.5-2.25 inches while the scrotum ring stretches from 1.25-2 inches to accommodate most.

      Get the best from your cock ring with a slick of water-based lube.

      Key Features:

      • Stretchy double cock ring that may help enhance performance
      • Built-in scrotum support for comfortably snug tugging sensation
      • Made of thick, stretchy skin-safe rubber that wraps around your package for a great fit
      • May help your length last longer, look better, and orgasm harder
      • Suitable for solo sessions or fun with a playmate

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Colt Snug Tugger Dual Support Cock Ring 3 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Colt Snug Tugger Dual Support Cock Ring
      2. Colt Snug Tugger Dual Support Cock Ring

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    1. Hello Big Boy

      Reviewed: 13 May 2019 by MrsG., a Straight Married Female

      I was sent this in a discreet box on the date stated. The Colt, as I like to call it, came in an easy open plastic packet.

      It is a lovely shade of red and it made from good rubber that does have a stretch (but not too much) to it. Because it is of a firmer type of rubber than cock rings we have used before, we decided to give it a good stretch and added plenty of lube to the Colt as well as my OH before placing it onto his penis.

      Now getting the Colt into position, we actually decided to use it a little differently from how the web page shows to put it on. As my OH likes restriction to both his penis and balls, we decided before using it to flip it round and place the penis through one hole and only put his balls through the other hole.

      Now with my OH full erect and ready to go, we applied the lube and then manoeuvred it along his firm penis. It needed a little bit of twisting and pulling at it but without too much discomfort the Colt was down his shaft. Now to squeeze his balls through, which required a little more lube and a bit more pulling and pushing and then the Colt was in place ready to do its job.

      Almost immediately it got to work, my OH penis started to bulge at the head, it became a lot smoother with this extra swelling and did become darker in shade too. My OH's balls look also amazing in it too, like two big ripe plums ready to be sucked on.

      I have to say I was taken back how quickly it was working, enlarging his bulging cock and swelling his balls without my OH feeling any discomfort. Of course, my OH felt the pressure of the restriction that the Colt was achieving but it wasn't painful for him the exact opposite, it was thrilling for him perhaps it was how we positioned it on him. And the Colt does what is says, it did delay his climax which is always a bonus for both of us, as we both get to play that bit longer and I got to admire the effects of the Colt.

      My opinion is my OH looked very impressive in it and his opinion is he loved it, he says 10/10, it did what it was meant to and he enjoyed the whole experience of wearing it.

      After seeing the previous review I didn't actually hold out much hope for this ring but we had a completely different experience and immensely enjoyed using it. Maybe it is because we used it flipped around but will be testing the other way too and we are both looking forward to that.

      Give it a try, we are extremely impressed with the Colt and cannot fault it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The effect, the look and the feeling it achieves.
      Bottom line
      Just buy it and try it. Surprisingly very impressed with it.
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    1. A tug too snug

      Reviewed: 11 May 2019 by AJ82, a Straight Married Male

      Here it is, my first official tester review for a Lovehoney product!

      Not every experience with a sex toy can be positive, I'm sorry to say this was one of them. More on that later.

      Let’s face it guys. The male penis really doesn’t have much going for it. Give a man the photographic encyclopaedia of boobs and he won’t stop turning pages until he reaches the back cover. Hand a woman the ultimate flipbook of the phallus and it’s going unread on the coffee table. It’s not that pretty.

      So when the chance comes to dress up downstairs, I always jump at the chance. I love anything that will draw the wife’s eye, help us both feel good and add a little kink.

      One of my favourite things about any sex toy is reusable packaging. The Snug Tugger comes in a shaped plastic envelope that gives you the ideal place to store it between uses. Good blast with hot water, leave to air dry for a few minutes and pop it back in the packaging.

      I regularly manscape, but for those who prefer au naturale I wouldn't worry. The material is smooth, soft, stretchy and doesn't pull on skin or hair. There's an instruction card in the box, leave it there, you will not need it. The rings are shaped and sized that you cannot get it wrong.

      Stretch it over the shaft and around the balls to anchor it in place, slip the second ring around the shaft and you're ready to go. I'm an average sized gent and the material had enough stretch that I could put it on quickly and without the fear of snapping like an elastic band. In hindsight, I didn't even use lube. The rounded edges of the material let it roll against my skin and nothing was pinched or pulled.

      It takes a little adjusting to get the ring behind the scrotum in the right place, but once is everything is pulled through, it's not going anywhere.

      First impressions? Wow. My erection was clearly enhanced through the pressure of the ring. Look up the dictionary definition of engorged and you'll understand what I mean!

      I really should mention the colour. The material really is the most amazing shade of red, which stood out even more against my purple scrotum!

      When wrapping anything tight around your best friend, you want to keep a close eye on things. I’ve used several cock rings in the past and I enjoy them, I really do. But this was another story.

      Within about 5 minutes I noticed that my scrotum was an impressive shade of purple. I let it slide for a few minutes before I had to tap out and get it off. We took a short break and let things return to a natural shade of fleshy pink before continuing, but if I’m honest I was quite sore afterwards.

      Several hours later, I’m still tender. It really was that tight a fit.

      I really wanted to like this product and I gave it an honest shot. But wearing it any longer I’d worry about permanent damage.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Really bold colour, odourless, easy to put on.
      Far too tight.
      Bottom line
      Grateful for the opportunity to try, but disappointed in the end.
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    1. Wow, super tight

      Reviewed: 29 March 2019 by JS488, a Straight Single Male

      I am not a big guy like a farm animal, but this thing is painfully tight on my hammer and jewels. Hurt like hell on me.

      I've never tried it with the wife, no way I can function. This was not fun to try, I'm not even thinking about trying it for sex. I'll look for other designs.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Nice design.
      Needs to be bigger.
      Bottom line
      For me, 1 star out of 5.
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