1. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

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      Choose self-care in the form of self-satisfaction with this ultra-satisfying mechanical sex chair. Powered by nothing more than your own thrusts, it comes with a realistic 7 inch dildo as well as a Vac-U-Lock adaptor and a universal dildo adaptor.

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      1. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

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    1. Product Description

      Choose self-care in the form of self-satisfaction with this ultra-satisfying mechanical sex chair. Powered by nothing more than your own thrusts, it comes with a realistic 7 inch dildo as well as a Vac-U-Lock adaptor and a universal dildo adaptor.

      Adjust the depth and penetration with ease using the knobs, then settle onto the cushioned seat and get riding for the time of your life.

      Use it with the included dildo or a favourite from your toy box – simply slick your toys with water-based lube and hop aboard.

      Key Features:

      • Sex chair powered by your own body movement for complete control over your pleasure sessions
      • Includes a realistic 7 inch insertable dildo so it's ready right out of the box
      • Also includes a Vac-U-Lock adaptor and a universal dildo adaptor for attaching all your favourite dongs
      • Comes with a storage cover for discreet placement between uses
      • Supports up to 28.5 stone (400 lbs)
    1. How it measures up

      • Insertable Length: 7 inches

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    1. Cloud 9 F-Slider Self Pleasuring Slide Sex Chair

      Choose self-care in the form of self-satisfaction with this ultra-satisfying mechanical sex chair. Powered by nothing more than your own thrusts, it comes with a realistic 7 inch dildo as well as a Vac-U-Lock adaptor and a universal dildo adaptor.

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      1. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair
      2. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

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    1. Rock Your Body, 1, 2, 3!

      Reviewed: 13 March 2020 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      What I was most curious about this sex machine was whether or not the rocking power would be enough to get me off. Many sex machines boast of high power, faster, and stronger sensations but the Chair one would expect to be closer to the natural rocks of lovemaking with another human. For some, this actually may be a selling point in when it comes to being a fulfilling experience for them. Would this sex machine rock to the rhythm of my sexual desires and fantasies? Does it take away the robotic and unnatural sensations of a mechanical electronic machine?

      The sex machine arrives in a large sturdy box with images of the device and content on. This box is really sturdy as it has to withhold the sex furniture inside, so if you have a mate that’s doing a house move donate it them, I’m sure their new neighbours won’t mind as they unpack their belongings. Inside you will find a set of basic instructions explaining how to fit the attachments and handle, as well as a fabric sheet included to protect the item from dust and hide it just like a magician’s cloak works. The handle isn’t attachment upon arrival and you will need to put this on with the provided Allen key.

      There are three styles of attachments provided, one is a vac-u-lock connector, another a standard plug attachment to slow into bullet vibe chambers on some dildos, and two pieces of stretchy silicone rubber that together hook onto the dildo pedestal so you can use a flared based sex toy. To connect the vac-u-lock connector and the plug-into-dildo adaptor you must use the provided screw connector to fit the one you wish to use onto the dildo mount before you add your chosen dildo. Connecting the attachments may take more than just screwing them with your hands.

      It fathoms me as to why these are provided with most vac-u-lock compatible sex machines. These dildos are really cheaply made and the material isn’t great, but also, they don’t really consider anatomy and how sex machines thrust into the body. Due to being so straight, they don’t follow the body’s natural contours. So, if you get tempted to purchase the silicone version of this dildo for your sex toy, you may want to look for one slightly different in shape that will offer a more pleasurable experience.

      When testing out the sex chair, I opted for a flared based silicone dildo with a slight natural curve to it. After selecting the bottom setting of the F-slide options, I straddled the machine and cautiously rocked forward on it, using the handle to stabilise my body. On the bottom setting, I found I wasn’t able to the glide the dildo into my body like I would when mounting a partner’s penis, and due to the handle I wasn’t able to tilt my pelvis more forward like I would when finding the hole becomes difficult with a lover. I was able to easily get off the device and change to the middle setting.

      Using the middle setting was much more enjoyable, I was able to slip the dildo into my vagina and slowly thrust it in and out of my body without jabbing myself unpleasantly. Starting slowly, I could feel how the sex toy had a delicious rhythm which hand thrusting or even electronic sex machines lacked, offering a more realistic experience to the sensations. It did still have some differences though, as my thighs and legs were positioned differently than when having sex cowgirl. Normally my feet would either be under my buttock and I’d bounce and rock on my lover. Or, sometimes they’d be in front of my body with bent knees when I wanted more precision and depth. This sex machine brought me back to the younger days when I first started exploring sex and having to be discreet, often my then partner would be sitting on a chair with their flies undone and I’d thrust away on him – there were a few broken chairs from this. It made me realise I need more chair sex in my life, not just with this sex machine, but with my lovers.

      Exploring anal with the sex machine I set the dildo up on the top setting of the F-slider as this was easier for penetration. I was a bit harder to just slip the dildo into my body anally with just thrusts and it did need a bit of guidance. Whilst even with plenty of lubricant being used it did feel rather strange compared to slipping a dildo into my body with hands-on masturbation. The sex machine didn’t feel as natural to me when compared to anal sex with another, but normally I enjoy anal in other positions. Do my submissives enjoy the device when using it anally? Yes, yes, they do.

      The verdict for this sex machine is that it is actually better than some electronic plug-in ones I’ve explored. The thing I like the most is that it really is effortless during use, and I don’t tire as quickly when I use it when compared to riding one of my lovers. I can just keep on rocking back and forth on it all day if I wanted, reaching multiple orgasms, and curing my back pain.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The motion, comfortable, sturdy, natural feeling.
      Terrible dildo, no handles to make carrying easier.
      Bottom line
      Different to electronic sex machines but really natural on its thrusting.
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