1. Position of the Week: Dinner Date

    Position of the Week: Dinner Date

    This Dinner Date is set to put any restaurant meal or take-away to shame. Dive head first into a delicious cuisine that specialises in giving her incredible oral sex, and puts him in charge of wowing her with a whole new kind of service etiquette.


    She lies on her back and raises both legs up, using her hands to support her lower back. He kneels with his knees facing her shoulders and leans forward so that his face is between her legs, placing his hands on her waist to help support her.


    Dinner Date is up there with one of the most rewarding oral sex positions for both partners. And here's why... the intimacy of the position opens her up to be fully ravished with attention. Think of it as a tasting platter which invites him to taste and learn her, exploring what licks, sucks and caresses give her sensational pleasure.


    Why not enhance the pleasure platter with an oral sex condiment such as flavored lube? With so many delicious flavors on offer, you're sure to find one that makes your dining experience extra mouth-watering.

    Make it even better

    Although she is very much on the receiving end of intense pleasure in this position, it doesn't mean that he can't jump onboard the orgasm wagon too. Why not add a vibrating prostate toy with a remote control into the mix for him, and take it in turns to take charge of the controller?


    Everyone's a winner in this position - it's perfect for female-female and male-male couples as well.

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