Position of the Week: Hocus Pocus

Conjure up your finest oral tricks and treats for your partner and cast a spell of pure satisfaction with the Hocus Pocus oral sex position. A languid position that can be enjoyed on a lazy Sunday morning, you can also accessorise it with the most magical of toys to give it that extra abracadabra!

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Position of the Week: The Arachnid

If you’ve ever wanted to create a human spider with your lover, The Arachnid position is for you. Get up close and personal, indulge in deep-seated pleasure, and make full use of having eight limbs to aid you in your pleasure quest.

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10 Best Sexy Stocking Fillers

A Christmas stocking is a great way to give your partner a sexy gift, especially if this is the first time you've bought a toy to use together. To give you some inspiration, we've selected our top 10 Best Sexy Stocking Fillers.

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Red coming out button being pressed by a rainbow hand-shaped cursor

How to Come Out - Your Guide to the Closet, and Whether or Not It's Time to Leave it Behind

'Coming out' is an almost universal experience for non-cisgender and non-heterosexual people. While it isn't necessarily part of everyone's personal journey with their gender identity or sexuality, chances are that if you don't have a personal coming out story, you know a friend or relative who does. You might also unfortunately know of an outing story, where someone's sexuality or gender identity was disclosed without their consent. These are all parts of the vast and varied coming out process.

October 11th is National Coming Out Day (or NCOD), and it's meant to spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ coming out experience. Usually framed as part of a journey, 'coming out of the closet' generally involves disclosing your sexual or gender identity to others. It can be a very sensitive, scary and personal experience, but many people in the LGBTQ+ community report feeling much happier within themselves after coming out.

As many countries in the world move towards decriminalising homosexuality, legalising gay marriage and signing in legal protections against the discrimination of LGBTQ+ people, coming out is slowly becoming a less fraught process. In fact, with more young people than ever identifying as not-straight and not-cisgender, coming out is actually becoming less common than it used to be. This doesn't indicate that more people are becoming LGBTQ+ or that coming out is no longer necessary, but rather that it's becoming safer for people to identify as LGBTQ+ without fear or persecution.

Coming out has no age limit: whether you're 14 or 45, it's never too late to confirm your gender identity or sexuality for yourself. We've rounded up advice on things to consider before you come out, and some tips on how to do it in style, once you're ready.

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Position of the Week: Just Peachy

This really is the peachiest of oral sex positions. Not only does it take fitness balls into a whole new league of fun, it also allows you to really get stuck in, in all senses of the phrase, and deliver or receive sensational oral treats.

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