Position of the Week: Cuddle Up

This position is ideal for a tighter feel and deeper sensations with just the right amount of penetration. Perfect also for people with limited mobility, ‘Cuddle Up’ lets you get close and personal without putting too much demand on either partner.

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Position of the Week: Open House

Stretch those legs out wide, lie back, and be at the mercy of your lover and their plans to pleasure and tease you to a very happy place. We all love an open house for a good snoop around, and this one definitely has its extra perks.

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Position of the Week: Float My Boat

Go on and reach the dizzying heights of masturbation heaven with this all-eyes-on-you showstopper of a sex position. Perfect for discovering each of your pleasure spots, this steamy shower position lets you get down and dirty together before washing it all off a good sponge down.

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The Ultimate Festival Packing Guide

Make no mistake about it; festival season is well underway and there’s no denying that anticipation for freedom and liberation that’s hanging in the air right now. It’s time to get excited for donning our best wellies, painting our faces with iridescent glitter and the copious amounts of lukewarm beer we’re inevitably going to consume.

Oh Summer, how we’ve missed you.

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The Sound of Pleasure: Lovehoney Juno Has Arrived

Forget musical statues, because there’ll be no sitting still with the Lovehoney Juno range.

Oh yes, welcome to an era of sex toy evolution, where our clitoral toys and prostate pleasure packers are sound-sensitive for some seriously sensational stimulation. Where rocking out to our playlist just got more exciting and we’re sorting out our Spotify songs in order of sexual potential rather than chart-topping success.

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