Position of the Week: Sleigh Ride

by Lovehoney

on 16 Dec 2020


With tummies full of festive cheer this is the perfect position for a laid back raunchy ride that will really jingle those bells ### How? He lies on his side with both legs bent and slightly apart. She lies on her back with her bum facing his penis and knees bent and thrown over his thighs. ### Why? You both get to lie down for this xmas ride while he thrusts at a leisurely pace and takes full advantage of the free range stimulation access to her clitoris and breasts. Her hands are also free to play. ### Try If you have the energy, try a seated version with him sitting on the edge of a bed for deeper penetration and increased intimacy. ### Make it even better The Leisurely Lover is fantastic for easy clitoral access and a [finger vibrator](/sex-toys/vibrators/finger-tongue-vibrators/) is ideal for taking her pleasure to the next level with targeted vibrations on her clitoris. 1. * [![BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet](https://d3f650ayx9w00n.cloudfront.net/340/18264-20.jpg)](/product.cfm?p=16031 "BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet") * ### [BASICS Vibrating Finger Bullet](/product.cfm?p=16031) * Average Review: 9/ 10 353 * 353 reviews * [[productprice:productid=16031]] * [Buy it here](/product.cfm?p=16031) 2. * [![Hooded Sexy Santa Dress with Belt](https://d3f650ayx9w00n.cloudfront.net/340/57026-04.jpg)](/product.cfm?p=32356) * ### [Hooded Sexy Santa Dress with Belt](/product.cfm?p=32356) * Average Review: 10/ 10 24 * 39 reviews * [[productprice:productid=32356]] * [Buy it here](/product.cfm?p=32356) 3. * [![We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator](https://d3f650ayx9w00n.cloudfront.net/340/68821-0.jpg)](/product.cfm?p=37260) * ### [We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Couples Vibrator](/product.cfm?p=37260) * Average Review: 7/ 10 87 * 87 reviews * [[productprice:productid=37260]] * [Buy it here](/product.cfm?p=37260) 4. * [![Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers](https://d3f650ayx9w00n.cloudfront.net/340/70675-00.jpg)](/product.cfm?p=38305) * ### [Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers](/product.cfm?p=38305) * Average Review: 9/ 10 39 * 39 reviews * [[productprice:productid=38305]] * [Buy it here](/product.cfm?p=38305) * * * ### Non-hetero? This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a [strap-on dildo](/sex-toys/strap-ons/). It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a [male masturbator](/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/male-masturbators/) into the mix if the receiver has a penis). [Top 10 Sex Positions for Lesbians and WLW Relationships](/blog/2019/06/04/lesbian-wlw-sex-positions/) [Top 10 Sex Positions for Gay Men and MLM Relationships](/blog/2019/06/20/gay-mlm-sex-positions/) * * * ### More Positions of the Week * [The Mermaid](/blog/2019/01/27/best-sex-positions-g-spot-orgasm-the-mermaid/) * [Head Over Heels](/blog/2019/02/03/best-sex-positions-challenge-head-over-heels/) * [Tip to Toe](/blog/2019/02/10/best-sex-positions-clitoral-orgasm-tip-to-toe/) * [The Hammock](/blog/2019/02/17/best-sex-positions-he-orgasms-faster-space-hopper/) * [Space Hopper](/blog/2019/02/24/best-sex-positions-challenge-the-hammock/) * [The Corkscrew](/blog/2019/03/09/best-sex-positions-he-lasts-longer-the-corkscrew/) * [Hot Seat](/blog/2019/03/16/best-sex-positions-g-spot-orgasm-hot-seat/) * [Voyeur's Delight](/blog/2019/03/23/best-sex-positions-he-comes-faster-voyeurs-delight/) * [Sexy Yoga](/blog/2019/03/30/best-sex-positions-he-is-big-sexy-yoga/) * [Raunchy Rider](/blog/2019/04/06/best-sex-positions-quickie-raunchy-rider/)

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Originally published on 16 Dec 2020. Updated on 27 Aug 2020