1. Size Matters Magnum Nipple Pump Kit

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      1. Size Matters Magnum Nipple Pump Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Using this special pump from enlargement specialists Magnum, you can enlarge and stimulate both nipples at the same time! A great way to enhance sensitivity and enjoy intense nipple play, alone or with a partner.

      This kit consists of three parts - two industrial grade clear acrylic nipple cylinders, a sturdy hand pump with gauge and connector tubes.

      Easy to use and durable, the hand pump is in a trigger style allowing you to squeeze and release for optimum suction.

      The pressure dial at the top of the pump allows you to monitor the suction and to challenge yourself to take more each time.

      Slip the 'T' connector tube in place and enjoy suction from both of the 1.25 inch wide, 3.5 inch long nipple cylinders.

      Utilising 'vacuum lock release' technology, you can remove the hand pump and tubes from the nipple cylinders and the suction will remain until you say otherwise!

      Sexy and sensual suction for nipple play enthusiasts.

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      Size Matters Magnum Nipple Pump Kit 1 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Size Matters Magnum Nipple Pump Kit
      2. Size Matters Magnum Nipple Pump Kit


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    1. Size Matters

      Reviewed: 19 November 2014 by FrozenAngel, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      For a while I’ve always wanted to try a nipple enhancer. I’m quite lucky in regards to that. I am able to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, but only when my OH is doing the stimulating. I’ve never actually been able to do it myself! I thought something like this would be able to help.

      When I first saw this item on What’s New? page, I wanted to give it a try. It looks rather basic, so I couldn’t really figure out why the huge price tag. As it does seem rather large for what the item essentially is. But hey ho! Let’s give it a go and find out.

      Upon receiving the package, I have to admit I wasn’t blown back by the presentation. The box is quite bland. It has an open window so you can see what is inside and overall it doesn’t really look like much. Upon opening the box I wasn’t able to find any instructions on how to use it. There’s a brief description on the back of the box letting you know what it does, but other than that. you’re on your own.

      The thought that I didn’t really know what I was doing scared me a little, since overall when you’re looking at the box it looks very complicated. Taking the items out of the box and inspecting them, I got excited. There’s a small piece of paper folded up under the black handle. Instructions, I thought, as I grabbed at it and opened it. Excitement short lived as it wasn’t instructions, just a caution that you shouldn’t use this item if you have erectile dysfunction. I really don’t see how that comes in to play with a nipple enhancer? But it does. Well, since I don’t have a penis I guess I’m good to go once I figure out what I actually have to do.

      Putting it together was a lot easier than I thought, so don’t let the pieces overwhelm you. I really like the metal clips that are on the attachments. You push the part in and the metal clip will come slightly out, and you’ll hear a click to let you know that it is firmly locked in to place. When you’re ready to put it away, you just push in those metal clips and it will release the attachment.

      The handle initially was quite stiff, so it just needed a firm squeeze to get it unlocked so that you’re ready to play. If you’re alone, this can be quite difficult as you have to get both ‘tubes’ on both nipples before you can push the pump . Which is easier said than done without a partner to help you, and since my partner isn’t here at the moment to be able to help me, it was fun. I mean that quite genuinely. I laughed so much trying to get this on. Which didn’t really help at al,l but at least I didn’t get frustrated.

      So what I had to do was, after setting up the pump, lay down with a bra on, pull my boobs out of the bra, hold the end of the pump in my mouth and put on the nipple tubes. Once the tubes were on, I was able to push the handle to crate the ‘lock’ whilst still holding one of the tubes.

      Seriously, I wish I would have recorded it. I must have looked like a right muppet. I feel I need to mention here that I have larger breasts, DD/E size so it was easier (still hard) to manoeuvre on my own as they’re easily positionable. I think if you have smaller breasts then I imagine this would be much more difficult to operate on your own. After playing more with it, I have figured out that you can attach the nipple tube to the pump. So if you add the nipple tube to the black tubing (without adding the clear tubing on) you are able to pump one nipple at a time. Making it a lot easier for solo play.

      The quick release valve is great for if you’ve pumped too much or you’ve just generally had enough. Just simply pull the lever that is in-front of the handle. There is a bit of a knack for the quick release. If you want to remove the item completely, then just push it all the way back. But if you want to just release some of the pressure then you will have to go slowly just slightly tapping it bit by bit until you’re at the pressure you wanted.

      Using water-based lube around the ends of the nipple tube I found to be a must, since without it when I let go of the tubes the seal would be lost and I would have to go through it all again to get them back on. However, this wasn’t the case when lube was used as it seems to create much more of a seal and keep them better in place when you let go.

      As a nipple enhancer, it does its job. it enhances the nipples much like a penis pump or clitoral pump, and it does make them more sensitive (after using it I was able to make myself orgasm with nipples only, so I guess that is a win) and more erect. However, honestly I’m still not convinced about the price. I do believe it is expensive for what it is and, personally, I wouldn’t be happy paying almost £75.00 for it. If you could purchase different attachments for it, maybe a clitoral and penis attachment it could make the price a little better (more so if they were included), so you could interchange them, but as it stands, personally, it’s not something I’d recommend.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      It does what it's meant to do.
      Very difficult to use when alone.
      Bottom line
      Expensive for what it is.
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