1. Livia Corsetti Josslyn Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking

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      1. Livia Corsetti Josslyn Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking

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    1. Product Description

      A stunning Livia Corsetti bodystocking made from a combination of sensual lace and stretchy fishnet. An elegant lacy design adorns the bust and back and fishnet material encases the curves of your derrière beautifully.

      With 3/4 length sleeves to disguise your arms, a high neckline to flatter your cleavage and a plain, leg-lengthening style at the bottom, this gorgeous body stocking is simple, seductive and extremely flattering.

      The beautiful lace design extends down to the middle of your torso, drawing attention to your cleavage and creating a look that your partner will adore.

      Scooping low at the back, flashing your bare skin as a contrast to the almost see through look of the fishnet, this sexy lingerie is extremely alluring.

      One size fits most.

    Livia Corsetti Size Chart

    1. Livia Corsetti UK Dress size
      Small 6 - 8
      Medium 10 - 12
      Large 12 - 14
      XL 14 - 16
      One Size 8 - 16
      Small/Medium 8 - 10
      Large/XL 12 - 14



      Livia Corsetti US Dress size
      Small 4 - 6
      Medium 8 - 10
      Large 10 - 12
      XL 12 - 14
      One Size 6 - 14
      Small/Medium 6 - 8
      Large/XL 10 - 12


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    1. Customer Reviews

      Livia Corsetti Josslyn Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Livia Corsetti Josslyn Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking
      2. Livia Corsetti Josslyn Fishnet and Lace Bodystocking


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    1. Very nice bodystocking

      Reviewed: 22 September 2013 by Supreme Being, a Straight Married Male

      I was very pleasantly surprised at how good a product this is. First of all, it came in a nice box rather than a plastic pouch or bag, so it would actually make a nice gift from that point of view.

      It fit my other half very well indeed! She is a size 12-14 and because it is elasticated in the right places, it was a good fit. It was close fitting but not tight anywhere and not baggy anywhere either. There was also still plenty of give in the elastic, so you could still comfortably wear this if you were a bit bigger than a 14. She said it was easy to get in to (easier than other similar fishnet items we'd tried) so that was a good thing.

      The design on the top half is nice and very slightly see through so it is quite sexy. The neckline is flattering and gives you plenty to look at. The low back is also a nice touch.

      The open crotch also gives you plenty to look at! While I won't go into any details, I will say that it is open enough to allow you to carry on with your 'normal activities', which is exactly what we wanted, so that was a very big plus.

      Overall I was very impressed with this product and I would say it is worth the money. So if you are looking to try something along these lines, then I would highly recommend it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The design, the overall look and the open crotch!
      Bottom line
      Well designed, good quality product and very sexy.
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    1. Sedusa

      Reviewed: 22 February 2013 by Iliana

      I'm not going to waste your time explaining how comfy it is (because it is), I'm going straight to the point.. it's a must have. :)

      It doesn't matter if you met your soul mate 20 years or 2 months ago or if you haven't met them yet, believe me this will spice up your life for sure. :)

      So this is how it worked for me:-

      My babe took me out to dinner few weeks ago so I decided to wear something special for the night. I put on this one, a skirt and a silk top so he could notice I have something sexy underneath. Just before dessert I "accidentally" dropped my watch under the table and made him pick it up for me and yes, he enjoyed the view so much he couldn't wait for the dessert. He paid and the rest, you know know how it goes.

      This piece will make your man crave for your dessert ladies, that's all I can say. :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The material, the way it makes your body look.
      You have to be gentle with it because it feels like it might rip off.
      Bottom line
      10 out of 10.
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    1. Pretty Slinky

      Reviewed: 18 September 2013 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Despite my extensive and long-running obsession and mild fetish for hosiery, bodystockings had never held much appeal to me. That was until I came across this little beaut.

      I'm not sure exactly what it is that makes it so lovely, but something about it just seems more sultry, less smutty, than many I've come across before. Maybe it's the lace, or maybe it's the three quarter length sleeves that leave just that little bit more skin tantalisingly covered.

      To my surprise, it arrived in quite a nice box (I was just expecting a label, maybe a bag), with a slip off sleeve. The sleeve displays the model pictures (shown on this page) on either side, brand name, style name and size (S/L). It also has care instructions (you can apparently throw it in the wash at 40), company contact details and a website, along with some awards they've won. Underneath is a pretty black box with the logo and the words "exclusive lingerie collection" on it. I think it'd make a nicer gift with the sleeve removed, just because it increases the anticipation of what it is a bit more. Inside the box, there is Josslyn, all folded up inside a plastic bag with cardboard insert and a care label.

      If you've ever had a pair of fishnets, you'll know how this bodystocking feels and roughly how sturdy it is -- fairly prone to snagging, but not as much as nylons, and it's not very likely to ladder. The fishnet pattern is quite a rounded one, which doesn't seem prone to warping, and it's a nice, true black. The edges are not hemmed, but I've never had a problem with raw edges on tights I've converted into stockings in the past, so I don't see that becoming a problem.

      It's easy to put on (it doesn't seem to have a back and a front, so you can throw it on either way) and super comfy to wear. The material is quite soft and doesn't pinch or dig in, and the lack of any seams or hems means there's no unpleasant rubbing. It does a good job of clinging to curves, coping with my 13" hip spring without much issue. Length-wise, I find the legs a little short for my 35.5" inseam - I was impressed to see it stretched to fit me at 5'10", but the open crotch tends to sit a good few inches too low (and even if I shimmy it up, it tends to slide back down). On me, the shoulders sometimes slip (and my shoulders are far from rounded), but I just find that gives a sexy, dishevelled look.

      The pictures are very true to life, it really is that pretty in person. Obviously different shaped bodies will exert different stretching on it, but the general look is very similar (although, I think they might have photoshopped the back view so the crotchless part looks neater and more flush to the body).

      The open-crotch and low neckline mean that there's easy access to most people's favourite erogenous zones, and wandering hands over the fishnet feel quite delightful, besides.

      As far as sex appeal is concerned, my OH said that it was nice, but I was sexier naked (also that it made me feel like a crocodile... take that as you will). I think I probably agree, but it's still a fun and pretty alternative to nudity, which is cooler in the summer months than things like corsets, PVC and skimpy costumes. I also find it's really pretty under certain outfits, adding lacy sleeves and fishnet tights in one fell swoop (the low neckline and back means it doesn't usually peek out on your chest). If you wished, you could easily wear it more incognito as a surprise for you lover with a long sleeved top (if you often wear fishnets they'd be none the wiser 'til they disrobed you).

      When you're not wearing it, it folds up neatly into a little bundle about the size of a pair of thick tights (you could easily fit two of them in the box it comes in), so it's simple to store and won't take up much space in your luggage if you want to take it on holiday, which is really convenient.

      All in all, I'm pretty pleased. It might not push either my OH's or my own buttons much, but it's a welcome addition to my wardrobe; it's well made, looks just like the pictures. and I like slinking around in it (like a sexy crocodile).

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      It's well made, pretty, and comfortable. It's a fun addition to my wardrobe.
      The fit was off for me. Neither my partner or I found it that sexy.
      Bottom line
      If you're into bodystockings (and not as tall as me) this is a great one.
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