1. Humper Triple Butt Plug Set

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      1. Humper Triple Butt Plug Set

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    1. Product Description

      Triple your pleasure with this set of 3 butt plugs. Guiding you from beginners anal play to more expert pleasure with a series of different toys, this taster pack allows you to try different anal styles in your own time. Ideal for anal beginners.

      A selection of styles means you can begin with the slender ribbed plug before moving on to the girthier mini-realistic anal toy. Once you've mastered the first two toys, take the pleasure to the next level with the more expert vibrating plug.

      If you're new to anal play, we recommend starting with the textured, slimline plug for a delicious introduction to anal stimulation. A tapered tip makes it the easiest for beginners to insert while the non-realistic length and slimline girth of only 3.1 inches introduces you to the sensations of anal play with ease. Take advantage of its suction cup base for hands-free play options.

      Once you feel like more of a challenge, we recommend moving on to the realistic plug to experience an increased girth of 4 inches. Offering a taste of lifelike anal play, you can explore its ribbed shaft and defined tip which are perfect for massaging your internal hot spots.

      The final frontier is the sensual vibrating butt plug. Enjoy the erotic bulbous effect coupled with whisper-quiet vibrations for enhanced sensations. Use the finger loop for safe retrieval and to exert complete control over stimulation intensity.

      For maximum pleasure, coat each plug in plenty of anal water-based lubricant before play.

      Key Features:

      • Set of 3 butt plugs for graduated anal play
      • Ideal for beginners looking to progress to intermediate level
      • Start with the tapered, ribbed plug (4 inch insertable length and 3.1 inch girth)
      • Move on to the realistic butt plug (4 inch insertable length and 4 inch girth)
      • Enjoy the single-speed vibrating plug (3.2 inch insertable length and 4 inch girth)
      • 2 x plugs feature suction cup bases; vibrating toy features a finger loop handle

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      1. Humper Triple Butt Plug Set
      2. Humper Triple Butt Plug Set


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    1. Triple toy tester

      Reviewed: 10 June 2014 by StrawberryJam

      I gleefully received this set from Lovehoney to test.

      I looked over the product page and the box, and decided to include my own measurements of the toys as the information provided was insufficient, and slightly misleading.

      First Impressions:

      The box is tiny compared to other most other plugs I have purchased, which is toy drawer real-estate-friendly.

      The plugs come wrapped up in a translucent plastic bag separated inside by more plastic bags to prevent the plugs touching. The plugs are much, much smaller in circumference than I imagined, having only been informed of their respective toy lengths on the box and Lovehoney site. An adventurous beginner should be able to take these plugs with ease (and lube).

      The plugs have a fairly typical rubbery toy scent, but it does not travel far.

      Star Butt/Screw:

      Toy Length = 4.7”

      Insertable Length = 4”

      Largest Circumference = 3.5”

      The fun design is glossy and well finished, with only a slight injection mould ripple at the base of the shaft. The pull-tab length seems excessive, but you will be thankful for it when you want to remove the suction cup from a surface. It forms a very powerful hold, even when dry.

      The ribbed texture makes the toy a little harder to clean, but that always comes with the territory. Being a little more experienced, I found this plug to be quite small for my needs, but it would suit a beginner well, if they were looking for some ribbed texture play. The sensation created by the screw is very pleasurable, provided you use plenty of lube.

      Sturdy Dong:

      Toy Length = 4.6”

      Insertable Length = 4”

      Largest Circumference =4.5”

      The ‘dong’ surface is a little cloudier than the other two, due to the slightly softer rubber. While the suction cup still works well, there is no ‘pull tab’ to assist removal and the finishing of the base is poor compared to the other two plugs; but this is, again, due to the softer rubber.

      You can squeeze the plug a bit more which makes for a fun alternative to the other harder plugs. The realistic texture of the toy makes it fun to wear. The slightly tapered shaft means that you can hold this plug in with ease. The different material also means that the toy has a slightly more pleasant and sweeter rubbery scent.

      Vibrating Pacifier:

      Toy Length = 5”

      Insertable Length = 3.1”

      Largest Circumference = 4.2”

      The ring design and battery cap are one solid piece of plastic. Vibration on and off functions are clearly marked with arrows, which also conveniently correspond to the screw thread directions to remove the cap. The cap, battery slot and connections all seem solid and well built.

      I had never seen a size N battery before so that took me by surprise. The plug takes one and you are kindly provided with a spare. It took me a while to find any sort of guidance as to which way to align the battery. Inside the battery compartment is a rolled up clear plastic card, which hugs the battery. If you use your little finger or tweezers you can pull it out and read it, but I pulled it out and placed it down, not realizing that it contained directional information. Now I have no idea which direction to orientate the battery as I may have flipped the card in the process.

      The instruction leaflet provides absolutely no help, as the diagram provided is very generic. From past experience, the flat, ‘-‘ end of a battery aligns with the spring, but because the spring is in the cap, you are not quite sure. The placement of the spring in the cap, rather than at the bottom of the compartment, means that when it’s time to take the battery out after use (as recommended) it is very tricky to remove. This might make for some unsexy moments if you have to replace the battery mid-play.

      Another complaint with the design is the twist-cap doubling up as the on/off switch, rather than implementing a simple push button, as on most bullet vibrators. As you play, holding the ring (which is rather necessary) you run the risk of turning the vibrator off, or worse, loosening the cap so much, it pops off. The rubber ring on the thread prevents this to a degree, but it feels like more of a workaround than a feature. Perhaps if the thread band was thicker, I would be happier with how much friction was attained in the off position.

      The pacifier design means that there is no good place for your butt to grip around and the toy will quickly pop out without you or a partner having constant grip on it. So I really wouldn't call it much of a ‘plug’.

      I have not used many vibrating toys, but the power of the vibe will be plenty for an adventurous beginner to enjoy. However, if you are looking for more hands-free prostate vibrations, look elsewhere.

      You can hear the vibe easily from the same room, but I struggled to hear it vibrating on the bed whilst outside the room, so it is relatively covert. One amusing thing that I found is that if you grip the different bumps of the toy between your fingers, you get a different pitched hum. Playtime just became a lot more musical.

      Final Thoughts:

      My personal favourite has to be the ‘dong’ plug for its unique, forgiving texture and how filling and pleasurable it felt inside.

      Overall, this set is a great addition to any beginner toy box because of the novelty value of each of the shapes provide. The wording and documentation seem to portray the vibrating pacifier as the main feature of the set, with the other two on the sidelines, but don't let that fool you. They are all well built and have their merits.

      My personal qualms concerning the design of the vibrator are merely examples of what could be done to improve the toy, but as a solid vibrating novelty shaped toy, it is more than acceptable. As with most toys, the storage provided leaves much to be desired, so picking up a few satin drawstring bags from Lovehoney or elsewhere might be an idea.

      The price is very reasonable, given the selection and build quality.

      If you are looking for a hands-free, vibrating plug to add to your collection then look elsewhere. If you are looking for a slightly more novelty trilogy of plugs to start your anal adventures, then these might be exactly the plugs you are looking for.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic selection. Novelty value. Good price. Batteries included. Extra batteries provided. High quality.
      Vibrator design could be better. Dong base finishing could be better.
      Bottom line
      Great novelty anal beginner selection.
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