1. Fun Factory SmartBalls Graduated Duo Kegel Exerciser 74g

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      1. Fun Factory SmartBalls Graduated Duo Kegel Exerciser 74g

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    1. Product Description

      The perfect kegel exerciser for intermediate level pelvic floor training, the Duo has 2 graduated balls with a combined weight of 74g and internal jiggle balls for extra thrills. Heightened orgasms are yours with the toy that keeps on giving.

      Made from smooth silicone and ergonomically shaped, the Duo Kegel Exerciser is easy to insert and wear, with an innovative tapered smaller first ball to aid insertion. Coat the balls and yourself with a generous squeeze of water-based lube and press the Fun Factory logo 'push tab' to aid easy insertion. Leave the silicone retrieval loop outside of your body for simple removal.

      The internal balls jiggle and wiggle discreetly with your every move to stimulate your internal pleasure points, whilst your pelvic floor gets an incredible work out. An incredibly generous love egg, it just keeps on giving as your training pays off with impressive muscles tone and orgasms with the oh oh OH! factor.

      Key Features:

      • Intermediate kegel exerciser for effective pelvic floor workouts
      • 74g weight - perfect weight for intermediate kegel exercises
      • Free-roaming jiggle balls stimulates internal pleasure points
      • First ball has a circumference of 4.1 inches and a tapered tip to aid insertion
      • Second ball has a circumference of 4.6 inches to help the exerciser stay in place
      • Ergonomically shaped
      • 100% waterproof

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fun Factory SmartBalls Graduated Duo Kegel Exerciser 74g 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory SmartBalls Graduated Duo Kegel Exerciser 74g
      2. Fun Factory SmartBalls Graduated Duo Kegel Exerciser 74g


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    1. It's not just good for the muscles

      Reviewed: 10 March 2015 by Rogue69, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I got these balls as an upgrade to a pair I bought the year before. It was a bit of an impulse buy as I had decided that the old balls weren't as good and had string, which made them a bit awkward to clean easily.

      The plastic has a smooth feel to it, which makes applying lube and, more importantly, inserting them, much easier. The fact they are also gradually bigger makes insertion easier as well.

      They're really fun to use for anticipation because they keep you excited and wet even when you aren't partaking in foreplay. I quite like to mix them with the DOMINIX nipple clamps as you can excite multiple areas at once.

      When using them with my OH, you can either insert by yourself or with your partner, both are different and fun. It helps to get them in by using a vibrator to stimulate your clit to make sure you're wet enough - then you don't even need lube. You can also use them effectively during oral if your OH wants to focus more on your clit.

      They're incredibly satisfying and easy to remove. They can create quite a lot of mess (due to a lot of potential orgasms). They do say not to have them in for more than three hours, and I have kept to that rule.

      My one issue comes from the cleaning. After removal, you often forget about them and move straight onto sex. The issue I have is that cleaning the grooves between the pink plastic and black silicone out is a chore. They could have solved it completely by making them completely smooth, like the black sections on the toy.

      That's my only gripe really, apart from that they really enhance the sexual experience! I've been able to get really good and increasingly powerful orgasms from using these and a vibrator.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Slightly heavier. Easy to remove. Good value for money.
      The grooves make it harder to clean.
      Bottom line
      Awesome, but cleaning them is a pain!
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    1. Joyous Jiggles

      Reviewed: 16 February 2015 by slinkykinky, a Straight Married Female

      After trying a few different products, I'm a complete convert to Kegel toning and will sing its praises to anyone who will listen. However, I have a definite favourite when it comes to my Kegel balls, so the Fun Factory SmartBalls had a lot to live up to.

      They come in a simple but attractive gold box, with a pink outer sleeve featuring an image of the balls themselves. The outer sleeve is in no way offensive or tacky, but it didn't do anything for me. The gold box, however, is much nicer, and although it is only made from cardboard, it provides somewhere to store your balls in between use.

      The instructions within the box are minimal, and rely more on images than words, but an item such as this is fairly self-explanatory so this isn't an issue. They do state that the balls shouldn't be used for more than 3 hours at a time, so this is something to bear in mind if you are looking for something to leave in all day.

      Before you even take the balls out of the box, you can feel them jiggling with every movement, suggesting that you are in for a work out that is much more enjoyable than a session in the gym.

      The balls themselves are made from a soft silicone, but are firm to the touch and feel reasonably heavy in your hand. They're bigger than some alternatives, but in no way too big, and the top ball is slightly smaller and features a tapered tip, so they are easy to insert with a bit of water based lube.

      With the balls in place, I went about my normal household activities, jiggling nicely with every step. They are fairly heavy, but I found they stayed in place without any issues and were comfortable, and rather enjoyable, to wear. This sort of toy is never going to bring me to orgasm, but the wiggling of the jiggle balls when you move around is a pleasant sensation that can lead to a low level of arousal and make doing the hoovering more entertaining!

      As the balls are waterproof, cleaning them is a straightforward task, but you do need to pay extra attention to the pink part of the balls as they have little groves that can easily be missed.

      As nice as they are to wear, the beauty of using Kegel balls really comes after you take them out and. After using the balls for a few days, I felt that my orgasms were stronger and more intense. Although these aren't going to take the place of my favourite balls, they certainly won't be redundant. They are much more 'jiggly' than some similar products and a great choice for someone who is looking for a toy that will tone their Kegel muscles and put a smile on their face at the same time.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The inner jiggle balls.
      The lack of instructions for beginners.
      Bottom line
      Great for intermediate users.
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    1. So much promise

      Reviewed: 16 May 2015 by gauke, a Straight Single Female

      I really wanted to love these balls. I wanted something bigger and heavier than the oscillating ones I'd been using, and I love the butt plug version of these by the same manufacturer, but for each positive, I had a negative, and I had to return them.

      The positives first: the weight of them is fantastic. I could feel the jiggle before I'd even opened the parcel and could imagine how good that would feel.

      I liked the heavier weight, which is great for intermediate users and they were incredibly easy to insert without having to use tonnes of lube. I was instantly turned on by wearing these with the jiggle and thought I would enjoy my 3 hours wear immensely.

      However, they were almost impossible to wear and pee in at the same time, needing taken out and put back in every time. And I hate the cord on them for that. It's very stretchy and soft, so comfortable to wear especially in underwear, but it gets really slippery easily and it stretched, so much when I pulled, I thought it was going to snap.

      The larger second ball also makes it harder to get these out and I had to squat down and pull really hard to get them out or it was uncomfortable. It was fine when I was by myself, but highly un-erotic and a bit too functional for an audience.

      I put them back in and within 30 minutes started to feel really uncomfortable and crampy. I don't know if this was because of the extra weight, but for me they sat too high and the pointed shape of the first ball poked my cervix, leading to discomfort. I tried them again next day and had the same pain as quickly.

      I have an IUD, so don't know the shape and length interfered with the strings on it but it was really unpleasant. I'll return them and try the Luna ones instead.

      I also wish Fun Factory would do away with the grooves on the side of these toys which are annoying to clean. It wouldn't put me off trying the single version of this, but the stretchy cord would.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      The weight and jiggle.
      The cord.
      Bottom line
      Great idea, bad execution.
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