1. Coquette Luxury Sheer Robe with Ribbon Tie

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      1. Coquette Luxury Sheer Robe with Ribbon Tie

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    1. Product Description

      Made from incredibly lightweight and ultra-fine mesh material, this soft and luxurious robe will have you purring like a sex kitten. Slip it on to reveal hints of your naked body or sexy lingerie for sensual start to an electric night in.

      The robe can be wrapped flush to conceal all, or tied loose to display your décolletage. Loose on the arms and finishing mid-thigh, the robe covers the most elaborate of lingerie, revealing just enough to excite while keeping your secret under wraps until you choose to unveil it.

      Its ribbon-tie can be used to secure the robe in a bow at the waist, nipping you in at your slimmest point. Alternatively, release the ribbon and use it as a blindfold for a spot of light bondage.

      The black colourway suits all lingerie sets, for a flexible garment that can be worn time and time again.

      Please note: corset, knickers and stockings not included.

      Key Features:

      • See through robe with ribbon waist tie
      • Sheer mesh material hints at what you're wearing underneath
      • Ribbon-tie pulls you in at your slimmest point
      • Detached ribbon can be used as a blindfold or for light bondage
      • Falls just above the knee
      • Super-soft material is comfortable and tactile

    Coquette Size Chart

    1. Coquette Size UK Dress size Bust Cup Size Waist Hips
      Small 6 - 8 34" -36" B 26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Medium 10 - 12 36" - 38" B 28" - 30 " 38" - 40"
      Large 14 - 16 38" - 40 " C 30" - 32" 40" - 42"
      XL 16 - 18 40" - 44 " D 32" - 35" 42" - 45 "
      1X / 2X 18 - 20 44" - 48" D 35" - 40" 45" - 50 "
      3X / 4X 22 - 24 48" - 52" D/E 40" - 45" 50" - 55 "
      S/M 8 - 10 35" - 37" B 27" - 29" 37" - 39"
      M/L 12 - 14 37" - 39" C 29" - 31" 39" - 41"
      One size 8 - 14 36" - 38" B 28" - 30" 38" - 40"
      One size Queen 16 - 20 40" - 48" D 32" - 40" 42" - 50 "

      Coquette Size US Dress size Bust Cup Size Waist Hips
      Small 4 - 6 34" -36" B 26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Medium 8 - 10 36" - 38" B 28" - 30 " 38" - 40"
      Large 12 - 14 38" - 40 " C 30" - 32" 40" - 42"
      XL 16 - 18 40" - 44 " D 32" - 35" 42" - 45 "
      1X / 2X 18 - 20 44" - 48" D 35" - 40" 45" - 50 "
      3X/4X 20 - 22 40" - 48" D/E 40" - 45" 50" - 55 "
      S/M 6- 8 35" - 37" B 27" - 29" 37" - 39"
      M/L 10 - 12 37" - 39" C 29" - 31" 39" - 41"
      One size 6 - 12 36" - 38" B 28" - 30" 38" - 40"
      One size Queen 14 - 20 40" - 48" D 32" - 40" 42" - 50 "

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Coquette Luxury Sheer Robe with Ribbon Tie 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Coquette Luxury Sheer Robe with Ribbon Tie
      2. Coquette Luxury Sheer Robe with Ribbon Tie


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    1. Disappointing let down

      Reviewed: 17 March 2015 by JM88, a Bisexual Married Female

      I was so looking forward to receiving this robe as Coquette is a well-known brand for sexy lingerie and dress-up products. However, this particular item left me feeling a little disappointed.

      The Packaging:

      The robe arrived to me in a Lovehoney bubble wrapped envelope, which I was surprised by. I was expecting the robe to be packaged in a box, so was quite taken aback when the robe was just in a clear cellophane bag with the name Coquette written all over it. If you are buying this for yourself then that really isn’t an issue, but if you are buying it for someone as a gift then you need to consider buying a gift box.

      Initial Impressions:

      When I first saw the robe I felt a little let down. It seemed to have been scrunched up in its bag so was quite creased and off-looking. After hanging, the creases in the robe did mostly disappear. The Ribbon Tie is absolutely awful. It is shiny on one side, dull on the other and as stiff as it could be! It reminded me more of something you would see round a tier of a cake, or trying around a Xmas present than round a luxury robe!


      I’m a size 12-14 and the robe fitted me perfectly. It says the one size fits 8-14 but the material is stretchy and the ribbon tie is long enough that you could wear it even if you were larger. I’m 5’5” and the robe ended just above my knees when it’s open and about mid-high thigh when its wrapped shut. I’m around 34C bra size and there’s plenty of space for those who have large boobs to fit in this robe. I also give the robe extra points for the arms being a decent length! Quite often I have trouble with long sleeves being too short for me but these are perfect. They aren’t tight either.

      Wearing The Robe:

      Personally this robe is okay. When I wear it undone it’s quite nice. It’s so light and airy and feels comfortable when on. I have a few imperfections on my back, and because of the sheer material it covers them completely so I feel comfortable wearing just a bra and thong underneath. I think this would easily cover most stretch marks and blemishes, so would be ideal if you don’t feel confident being fully exposed, but want to show a bit of flesh.

      The robe isn’t as nice when it’s done up. I found that the ribbon tie doesn’t tie nicely, it looks twisted and lumpy regardless of how you tie it. Also you have two options when tying, tight or loose. Tying it tight means that the excess material gathers near the loop holes (thin cotton loops almost impossible to find - initially I thought there weren’t any to hold the ribbon in place!) and looks unflattering. The top starts to gape open after a while which can be annoying if you want to be covered.

      Tying it looser is more flattering around the waist and hips, but then the top really gapes open to the point where you might as well just have it undone. The hem of the robe kind of reminds me of a wedding veil. When the robe is tied that’s even more noticeable because of the way it hangs. I think a nice lace trim would’ve really suited the robe and made it look more complete.

      Another niggle of mine is that the washing instructions are sewn into the neck on white material. It’s a real bug bare when someone designs see-through underwear, only to put a big tag in that just makes it look cheap and nasty!

      The Ribbon Tie:

      It is suggested that the ribbon tie can be detached so it can be used as a blindfold or for light bondage. Blindfold? No, unless you have exceptionally small eyes. Light bondage? Maybe, but it isn’t the nicest feeling ribbon in the world. Personally I think it's detachable so you can throw it away.

      The Nitty Gritty:

      The sheer mesh material is the best thing about the robe. It’s supersoft and light and a gorgeous colour. You have to be very careful of any sharp nails though as it feels like it could ladder.

      The sewing and hemming is pretty poor for an item this pricey. The hemming along the bottom isn’t one long bit, but several small bits sewn together. Where they meet it's lumpy and frayed. There’s one point on mine where the hem actually has been twisted during sewing, leaving an unsightly lump and crease that won’t be able to be removed. On one of my sleeves, the stitching on the hemming has come unstitched meaning that it is slowly coming apart.

      Oddly enough the interior stitching is flawless. It just gives the impression that the makers hurriedly added the hemming and sent the item out unfinished.


      1. The sheer material is light, sexy and shows off enough flesh to be sexy whilst covering flaws.


      1. The price.

      2. The stitching is very poor in places, leaving the robe looking unfinished and tatty.

      3. The ribbon tie is cheap and tacky.

      4. Not very flattering when worn done up.

      5. No packaging so if you buy it as a gift it’s not very appealing on arrival.

      The Bottom Line:

      If I hadn’t seen the price of this robe, I would’ve estimated it to retail for about £12-£14. Knowing that it’s selling for £39.99, I would definitely say it is not worth anywhere near that. If the hemming was better and the ribbon tie was of better quality then I think it might be worth nearer that price. Even including a simple black thong to wear underneath would help to justify the price.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Sheer and see-through.
      The ribbon tie, the price, poor stitching - looks unfinished.
      Bottom line
      Too many flaws with only one positive aspect.
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    1. Not what I expected

      Reviewed: 17 April 2015 by Penny5518

      I was very much looking forward to reviewing this. However, overall I have to say this product was not what I was expecting.

      The packaging is completely no-frills, just a clear bag, but I could have forgiven this if the product had been up to standard.

      Firstly, although the robe is semi-transparent, it doesn't seem quite as see-through as it looks in the pictures here, making it slightly less erotic than expected. The robe comes down to mid-thigh on me (I'm 5"3) so would probably be shorter than this on most people.

      The fine mesh material personally didn't feel especially pleasant against my skin - it feels rather cheap to me, as does the design in general. The robe claims to be one size fits all, but as a size eight, on the smaller end of the size range listed, the robe was far too big. The sleeves are slightly too baggy and long for me, causing it to look extremely loose ad unflattering when untied, and to get it wrapped around me tight enough it caused the material to bunch up, ruining the see-through effect. I very much struggled to find any way to get this robe to suit me.

      The biggest let down was the dressing gown belt. The robe has no hoops to hold it, and the belt itself literally looks and feels like it should be the decoration on a cake rather than on a person. It's essentially just a ribbon, and the ends aren't even cut straight! Along with some imperfections in the lining of the robe, this gown is not up to the standard I would expect for the price.

      I don't often give such a negative review, but overall I do not feel that this robe is worth the price. Most people would be better off either getting something cheaper or something that lives up to the quality it claims to have.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Nice idea.
      Poorly made, fits poorly.
      Bottom line
      Not worth the high price tag.
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