1. Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

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      1. Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Both a visual and physical thrill to play with, watch as the welcoming lips stretch to accommodate your full cock with every thrust. A plethora of pronounced ribs line the realistic vagina, teasing and pleasing you to an explosive orgasm.

      Pop your sleeve in warm water before play to bring it to body temperature for a session that's just like the real deal.

      Make sure your new pussy is wet and ready with a liberal does of water-based lube before play time begins.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic vagina masturbation sleeve with thrilling textures
      • Lifelike vaginal lips and clitoris heighten visual arousal
      • Internally textured with pronounced ribs for intensified sensation
      • Supple material for supremely realistic and temperature responsive play
      • Open ended for suction control and easy cleaning

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      Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator 25 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator
      2. Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

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    1. Fantastic Fun

      Reviewed: 01 July 2017 by Fun loving couple 83, a Straight Married Male

      I purchased this masturbator as, let's be honest, while a five knuckle shuffle gets the job done, it can be made more interesting and this toy does just that.

      My wife and I have used it together in the bedroom for a bit more spice as well as having my own solo fun. It does feel fantastic and is a lot more interesting than just using your hand alone. It does not replace the real thing, but it is a good substitute at a great price and is very easy to clean.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The natural feel and textures.
      I thought it could be longer.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic toy that you can incorporate into the bedroom or have some alone time with.
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    1. One of the most realistic toys ever

      Reviewed: 28 June 2017 by Debbie17, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I bought this with some reserves as I have had these types of toys before and they have never been any good.

      I always find they don't feel or look very realistic, which is a must for me.

      When I got this I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it feels, both while holding and in use.

      Would highly recommend.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Realistic feel and look. Ease of cleaning.
      Bottom line
      One of my favourite toys.
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    1. Great colour and texture - needs lots of lube

      Reviewed: 27 January 2017 by dr4tiko, a Straight Married Male

      Product description:

      Weight Canal diameter Length Colour

      165g 1 cm 13.2 cm Milk chocolate

      Some General Comments on ‘Realistic’ Strokers:

      This was the sixth ‘realistic’ stroker we’ve bought; its colour was the main attraction. (I’ve provided comparative reviews here of four of the others: Lovehoney’s own ‘Lola’, ‘Lea’ and ‘Ella’ [formerly Elle] from the Thrust range, and NS Novelties’ Ashlynn’s Butt.) Like all Lovehoney products it arrived in discreet packaging and is a well-made item.

      So we’ve been using them for over a year, enough to get past the novelty of using strokers and offer some more general comments first! What ‘realistic’ soft strokers provide is a much more natural, ‘fleshy’ feel, look and texture and much greater variety in use in couples’ sex (see below) as well as solo wanking, which the hard-cased masturbators can’t provide.

      In my experience Lovehoney doesn’t produce or sell many poor quality items - so I don’t think rating items as good or bad on its own, or enthusing wildly or criticising, is quite as helpful as being able to compare and contrast different items. Almost all Lovehoney products are going to be good for certain uses, and maybe not so great for others; like some other reviewers I find it’s helpful to clarify what each is good for, both in solo sessions and in couples’ sex.

      This particular stroker isn’t made by Lovehoney, but by a company called Blush Novelties. It’s made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer); most of the Lovehoney strokers are made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber). Both are a mixture of plastic and rubber which stretches massively and returns to the original shape; the TPE is slightly softer and lighter than the TPR.

      So these apparently tiny holes and tubes or canals really do welcome a hard male erection. The soft pliability of the material means the stroker can be manually squeezed in use to increase tightness and intensity, which I have found provides much more variety than hard-cased strokers, and warming them first makes a slight improvement, though your hand warms them quickly enough in use.

      Cleaning each stroker is straightforward. Holding it under warm running water and using a finger to work the water inside the canal has proved enough each time, so we haven’t even needed soap. Renewer powder should be added after each wash to remove the ‘tacky’ feel of TPE/R.

      Use in Solo and Mutual Masturbation:

      For solo and mutual masturbation, I distinguish between strokers which are good for a long (30-60 minutes) session, and strokers which bring on orgasm very quickly. A third aspect concerns strokers which provide additional pleasure in penetrative lovemaking.

      I see that for some reviewers it’s a disappointment that most erect cocks will push out of the top end of these strokers. So I can’t emphasise strongly enough that for me the feature of being able to pop my hard-on out through the exit hole (my erection is an average 6” long), rather than being unsatisfactory, is a big, big plus. This is another reason why I prefer these strokers to hard-cased ones.

      To explain: for me, as for most men, the most sensitive parts of my penis are the corona (the rim of my glans penis or knob) and the frenulum (the underside of the glans). Thrusting through the small exit hole on a stroker and then pulling back into it stimulates my corona intensely. So in solo masturbation, or if my wife is wanking me off, the biggest orgasms come by using the exit hole like this.

      Use in Penetrative Sex:

      And the orgasms are even bigger when using a stroker as an extra in penetrative lovemaking. To thrust through a stroker into my wife’s pussy means my glans or knob is stimulated by first pushing through her pussy lips and flaps, and just as much by returning through the stroker’s exit hole back into its canal - the tight exit hole catches and really pleasures my corona.

      Factoring in the extra stimulation which the canal’s ribbing provides to my shaft and knob means this is a really powerful additional pleasure for me, and also for my wife.

      She has very sensitive pussy lips and flaps, so when penetrating like this I invert the stroker, entering through the top or exit hole and emerging through the stroker’s pussy lips.

      This means while thrusting through the stroker and into her I can hold the stroker with one hand and use the stroker’s lips and clit to rub hers, which she really loves. Depending on the stroker, the flexibility of the TPR material means it compresses so much I can get about half my length into her with each thrust.

      Specific to the Blush Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator:

      We chose to try this stroker because of its milk chocolate colour, since we really like certain darker-skinned movie actresses and we both enjoy fantasising about threesomes with some of them. The manufacturer’s name for the masturbator is “Mamacita Latin Coloured Stroker”.

      It’s very well-made and very light, though as another reviewer has noted, the entry hole between the rather lovely pussy lips comes with a thin layer of TPE which makes the entrance hole much narrower. It’s almost like a hymen. I found it tore all round by the second use, so I just pulled off the little bits of TPE, which also makes entry a lot easier.

      With a lot of lube on my cock and dropped down inside the stroker’s canal, this product provides a lot of pleasure. But if you’ve read other reviews you’ll be aware that you’ll need to keep adding lube - a lot! Rolling the stroker inside out, I realised that this is because the ridges of the canal are very shallow compared to Lovehoney’s own strokers; they are definitely not at all ‘pronounced’ as Lovehoney states on the stroker’s webpage.

      The ridges or more complex folds and textures in a stroker help to store lube in each small cavity, allowing for a long wank before more lube is needed, and with this Blush stroker hardly any can be stored.

      So it’s not that easy to use in penetrative lovemaking, since we need to stop regularly to add more lube - humorous but sort of takes the magic away! Even if my wife is using it on me we have to stop for more lube. So I find I’m using it in solo masturbation, when it feels most like a sleeve gripping round my erection.

      As I mentioned above, the pleasure is most intense when I pop my glans out of the top to stimulate my corona as it comes back into the canal or tube; it’s also been great to keep my glans just inside the top of the stroker then adding lube in at the top hole and using a finger to circle the lube round my corona and frenulum - very stimulating!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Lovely colour and texture, and it's light.
      Its shallow internal ridges mean lots of lube is needed.
      Bottom line
      Great for solo use and fantasy sex.
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    1. Jo101

      Reviewed: 25 November 2016 by Jmoo, a Straight Married Male

      This is the second product I have bought from Lovehoney, the first being a stroker which, for a few reasons, I didn't get along well with. Anyhow, after some time I decided to give this a whirl and well it's best £9.99 spent so far in 2016

      Amazing feeling like others have already said, a bit tricky to get going but when you do it feels nice.

      Easy to clean and fun to use with or without your partner

      A worthy buy for first-timers and seasoned pros alike!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Worth every penny.
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    1. Unbelievable

      Reviewed: 28 October 2016 by MrRob, a Straight Married Male

      I'd never used a proper sex toy made for males, and at the cheap price, I thought it was worth a shot.

      It felt really odd and squishy compared all our other toys, but those are all insertables. Once my cock was hard and 'mamacita' was all lubed up it was time to give her a try. First thing we noticed (my wife was in control) was it was quite hard to enter. Steady hands soon prevailed though.

      All can say is unbelievable, it felt pretty good, much to my shock. Could have easily have cum after a few minutes of action but decided my wife was still more fun so we put it to one side.

      About half hour after having sex with the wife I went to bed and wondered whether the toy could make me cum again so soon after all busting a load. It took a few minutes coaxing but my cock was stiff and ready to try round two.

      After just a few minutes with 'mamacita' I was cumming for a second time! Usually it takes a lot longer for me the second time around, if at all. And usually with more than half hour gap. But no, this fake pussy had me bucking and shooting yet another load in time!

      I can see this toy is gonna get a lot more use.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      How quickly it made me cum.
      Difficult to enter.
      Bottom line
      Great toy and excellent value.
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