1. Best Bondage Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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      1. Best Bondage Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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    1. Product Description

      Award-winning eroticism editor Rachel Kramer Bussel presents this kinky compendium of 21 bondage tales, a broad collection by a range of authors that vividly details various sexy restraint scenarios.

      Your BDSM bedtime read includes 'Bound to Lie', a tale of two business adversaries battling it out in the boardroom for control; 'Tying the Knot', in which a fiancée takes their partner to the altar fully trussed; and 'The Centerpiece', where a partner is turned into an erotic ornament for the evening.

      Powerfully provocative and arousingly explicit, Best Bondage Erotica is an unputdownable collection of short stories sure to broaden your fantasies.

      212 pages.

      Key Features:

      • Collection of bondage-themed short stories
      • Features 21 erotic short stories from a range of authors
      • Foreword by Annabel Joseph, author of Comfort Object
      • Compelling and provocative tie-up tales
      • 212 pages, and handbag-sized for travel or holidays
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      Best Bondage Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Best Bondage Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel
      2. Best Bondage Erotica by Rachel Kramer Bussel


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    1. Something for every kink

      Reviewed: 01 June 2015 by strapon_banana, a Straight Married Female

      Best Bondage Erotica 2015 is a great book of erotic fiction from Cleis Press. The stories are raunchy and well varied including kidnapping, bondage furniture, gay, anal, Femdom, cuckold.

      It's really great that this collection does cater for everyone, with very varied stories within the actives done and the relationships between partners of varied sexual orientation with one common theme - "Bondage"

      It's fair to say that some of the stories just didn't do it for me, but I guess with so many different kinks and fetishes explored it will suit a wider audience. Everyone's kinks are different.

      That said, these are a few of my favourite stories that I really enjoyed.

      "The Thug" by Sommer Marsden:

      The storey involves a rough-looking, man's man gangster that kidnaps a girl for his "boss". However, the damsel in distress tied in bondage and sticky tape appeals to "The Thug" too much and he can't resist having his own way with her. The sex scene is well written, hot and steamy. I especially liked the ending, which I'm not going to mention, to avoid spoiling.

      "Auction" by LN Bey:

      I really enjoyed this story because throughout the story you're kept in suspense. You really don't know where they're going to go with it. The story is about a sex slave at auction and a surprise bidder. Once again, I can't say much because it will ruin it for you readers, but it's was well written and the suspense made me horny from start to finish.

      When reading some of these stories I had thought to myself that this book isn't worth full marks because I didn't enjoy some stories so much. Now looking back, honestly I don't really see that as reason to mark it down, because, as stated, this book caters for something for everyone and I did very much enjoy some stories.

      I like that the stories are only short. It has the desired effect of putting me in the mood without having to read sometimes boring character-building back-stories.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Short stories to get you in the mood.
      Some stories not my thing.
      Bottom line
      Great varied book to get you in the mood.
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    1. Good Variety

      Reviewed: 19 October 2015 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      Firstly, this is a gorgeous-looking book. The cover is glossy and the book feels very expensive.

      There are 21 short stories in here, which cover a wide variety of bondage scenarios. The stories are steamy and well varied, and there were only a few stories in this collection that I didn't enjoy.

      I love books that have short stories as I don’t always have the time to read a complete novel and I like to be able to sometimes just dip in and dip out. I really do think there is something in here to suit everyone.

      If you like your stories hot and steamy and full of bondage then I would highly recommend this book!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well written, very erotic short bondage stories.
      Some stories weren't for me.
      Bottom line
      A great collection of short bondage stories.
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    1. Some interesting stories, some not so much

      Reviewed: 04 July 2015 by Laveila, a Straight Single Female

      I was looking for a new book to read while searching the short stories section of Lovehoney. For erotic fiction I generally prefer shorter stories compared to longer fictions, as in case I do not like one, I could easily skip it and move to the other one.

      The selection of the stories in the book is rather interesting. It does range from stories, which I really enjoyed and it made me very aroused, to others, which I found interesting, but I wish they were just bit better, to stories - one or two - I did not enjoy at all.

      Some stories were really thought through and they captured me, and make sure that I did not stop reading until the end of the story. And sometimes even I wished it would go on and continue further. The topics can range from simple to unusual bondage, some story include homosexual pair, both male and female, threesome and some even hint on group sex activities.

      However, I did feel in few cases, like the story did finish too soon, likely something, the natural final point was missing from it. This was certainly the case with the auction sex slave story. While the idea behind the story was good, I did find it a bit lacking. I guess I do need a bit of sex in the story to get truly aroused and to fully enjoy it, and this did not fulfil my needs completely. There was basically no sex involved and even the activities described were not very detailed, more like skipping from one point to another.

      One story in particular did make me feel bit uncomfortable in the beginning, when it was talking about a death in the family. Since I did lose someone in the family, the story did rather upset me even on the first page, and even the plot did not interest me much, even found it slightly strange.


      This is a decent collection of bondage stories, but some are better than others. I did enjoy over half of them. However, there were some which left me unfulfilled, as something was missing out in the story for me and one actually made me slightly uncomfortable.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Good variety of topics, some very interesting stories.
      Some stories were not cup of my tea, one made me uncomfortable.
      Bottom line
      Decent book, but it will depend if the stories hit your preferences.
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