1. Silicone Elegant Slimline Extra Quiet Vibrating Anal Beads

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      1. Silicone Elegant Slimline Extra Quiet Vibrating Anal Beads

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    1. Product Description

      Kick start your anal exploration with this sleek, fulfilling length of silicone anal beads. Bursting to life with scintillating rumbles from the removable bullet vibe, the anal vibrator teases and thrills sensitive nerve endings to a mighty climax.

      Each bead is beautifully tapered for a smooth and slick experience, whilst a sturdy finger loop hands you complete control during play. You'll love the long, slim gaps between each bead, which allow you to pause before taking on the next bead in total comfort.

      A removable bullet vibrator nestled in the bottom of the toy buzzes into life with 3 extra quiet, yet powerful settings at the push of a button. Take your pleasure to breathtaking heights by activating the vibrations whilst the beads are fully inserted.

      Coat your new anal vibrator with lashings of water-based anal lube for maximum pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • Smooth silicone anal beads with removable bullet vibrator
      • Removable bullet vibrator has 3 extra-quiet speeds for you to explore
      • Tapered tip and curved beads for complete comfort
      • Sturdy finger loop to prevent unwanted travel
      • 100% waterproof, for aquatic pleasure

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      1. Silicone Elegant Slimline Extra Quiet Vibrating Anal Beads
      2. Silicone Elegant Slimline Extra Quiet Vibrating Anal Beads


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    1. Awesome

      Reviewed: 20 May 2015 by sol0

      Beautifully made, these are ideal length black silicone anal beads with a vibrating bullet, all of which are totally waterproof.

      It came in very discreet packaging and inside the toy was in an easy open moulded plastic packaging which included 2 sets of LR44 batteries.

      It is extremely flexible, so I found that it is best to only lube up the first 2 beads and insert them before lubing up the rest of the toy.

      The final bead at 4" is a bit of a challenge, even with plenty lube, but I found that the vibrations were at their most awesome without inserting the 4th bead. There are 3 vibration settings and at no. 3 setting and with only 3 of the 4 beads inserted, I had best orgasm ever. It really rocks!

      It is difficult to take the bullet out of the toy at the beginning, but it gets easier after a while.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Satisfying length black silicone anal beads with vibrating bullet, all of which are totally waterproof
      Bottom line
      It really rocks!
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    1. Works for me

      Reviewed: 24 August 2015 by Caliente

      After disappointing attempts at anal, where the foreplay was amazing, but full penetration was just too ouchy for me, I decided to take matters into my own hands (pun intended) and bought this.

      The super smooth, black silicone looks and feels really lovely. It's very easy to clean. The bullet takes a good tug to get it out, so make sure your hands are completely dry before you try. The batteries are also a little fiddly.

      The first two beads live up to the slimline title and are so non-threatening that I wanted to use it right away. The third bead is bigger, but not unmanageable. The fourth part (not a bead!) is a little too much for me at the moment, although it's nice to have something to “grow into”, if you know what I mean. The gaps between the beads make it easy to stop wherever you need.

      The vibrations definitely go through all the beads, so no matter how much you have inside, you feel the benefit. The description says, “extra quiet”, but it's noisier than my other vibrating toys, especially on the highest setting.

      A good toy for me to begin with. It's definitely made me more comfortable and ready to experiment further.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Silicone material.
      Silly little batteries.
      Bottom line
      Good for beginners.
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    1. A pleasurable experience

      Reviewed: 21 April 2015 by Kinky&Curvy

      I’ve been slowly exploring the range of anal toys Lovehoney provide and when a thread popped up asking to test this item I was a little cautious. Being described as ‘slimline’, I decided to put my name forward.

      The first thing that put me on edge a little was the packaging. It’s not a company I am aware of and the packaging isn’t modern, as in it isn’t bright or clean-cut colours which attracts me to the item. I believe the packaging reflects the quality of the product. It isn’t bad packaging, but it’s just a little bland and cliché.

      Anyway, the packaging doesn’t leave anything for the imagination. The beads are on display and the title is bold. The packaging states that the toy is waterproof and the vibrations are throughout the toy.

      Another aspect that didn’t bode well is the batteries that need to be used for the bullet. 3 small circular LR44 batteries. Annoying to place in the toy and a pain to replace. Fortunately we are provided with 2 sets of 3 batteries. I have only tried the first set and they do work well, but I’m always cautious with batteries in packages. From experience they are either dead or may burst.

      Two information leaflets are provided, mainly describing the safe use of the batteries. Within the bullet there is plastic sheeting that would usually keep the battery in place. This is glued into the bullet as a liner, and on the instructions there is clear directions not to remove this as it may cause malfunction.

      What first attracted me to the product was its name ‘Slimline Extra Quiet'. As you can guess, the first thing I did was insert the batteries and test the buzz.

      This is after it took at least an hour for me to open the bullet. You would believe with it having a hexagonal lid that it would make it easier to grip. With lubed up hands it’s impossible. In fact, even with dry hands it’s a little fiddly.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t class it as extra quiet. It’s quiet because of the size of the bullet, but I have had quieter toys. That being said, you probably wouldn’t even need music to cover up the sound.

      Though it stated slimline, to me it still looked rather bulbous.

      When it came to use, I was debating on using an anal toy that I know I can take so that I could get used the fullness. Instead I went for a standard vibrator and played a while until I was wanting.

      I used a slightly thicker gel (not specifically formulated for anal), and gradually one by one inserted the beads.

      The first bead is egg shaped, slightly tapered to help with easy insertion, and the second is actually smaller than the first and is more marble shaped.

      The first time I tried without the vibration. The first two went in exceptionally well. I didn’t feel stretched and I believe the round, smooth shape helped with the insertion of the first two.

      The third was a little more difficult as it does jump up quite a size from the first two. Looking at it, it seems to have a circumference of a 10 pence.

      I decided to take them out and put on a little more lube around the bigger bead (third). This time I turned on the vibration.

      I didn’t go to the further size because I wouldn’t class it as a bead and there isn’t a way for me to grip it and keep it in place.

      On the packaging it states ‘vibrations throughout’. This is noticeable when you’re holding it and the vibrations are equally distributed from the first to the last bead.

      Internally it isn’t so noticeable. The vibration seems to tickle my entrance and then it seems to get lost throughout. I still find it pleasurable as I feel full without feeling violated by bulbous beads.

      One thing I find annoying is that the beads feel as if they’re being pushed out as I orgasm. They weren’t but maybe the smooth balls don’t have enough grip for me to squeeze and keep them in place.

      Taking them out was simple enough with the big sturdy handle. Like-wise washing the toy was easy without any indentations or grooves to vigorously clean at.

      The bullet can be taken out to ensure the whole toy is clean. To take the bullet out is a little awkward, and I would suggest you squeeze the 4th bead to widen the opening so it pops out. Putting it back in, it slips in easily.

      Overall the experience was pleasurable and I believe it would be great for beginners. The more advanced may find it too flexible, as it is pliable though stiff enough to make insertion easy, but a stiff shaft is usually preferable.

      The beads also may be too small as I found them to go in particularly well without struggle.

      Also the vibrations may be lacking for the more advanced. Perfect for me as a beginner (of sorts) to massage internally and provide pleasure, but not enough to get me trembling.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The smooth silicone, easy insertion, easy to clean.
      Muted vibrations, fourth bead not so bead-like
      Bottom line
      Great for beginners, lacking for the advanced.
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