1. Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Slick this silky tongue with lube for slippery licks with a quivery twist. Crafted from the smoothest silicone for a can't-stop-touching kitten-soft surface, this USB rechargeable vibrator delivers incredible oral sex simulation on demand.

      Cycle through the low, medium and high vibrations of the Tongue Caress to access the quavering, graduating and skip-step patterns for a fresh assortment of sensations. Slim and tapered just like a real tongue, this soft vibe is flexible enough to access your most intimate external hot spots.

      Operated by 2 buttons on the handle, it's simple to use even when on yourself, whether for a one-person party or two-to-tango partnership.

      For sensations to get you salivating, wet your tongue with water-based lube before use.

      Key Features:

      • Tongue-style silicone vibrator for sensational oral sex simulation
      • 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns of vibration
      • Soft and flexible tongue with tapered tip for precision
      • Easy to operate 2 button controls on the handle
      • USB rechargeable - 120 minutes of charging provides 90 minutes play

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    1. Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Slick this silky tongue with lube for slippery licks with a twist. Crafted from smooth silicone for a can't-stop-touching surface, this USB rechargeable vibrator delivers incredible oral sex simulation on demand.

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      Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Sensual Tongue Caress USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


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    1. So Happy with this purchase

      Reviewed: 18 December 2015 by KatSmith, a Straight Engaged Female

      I love this new toy!

      Similar to oral stimulation, tons of fun.

      I chose this because of the unique look and I am so happy I did.

      The product vibrates and is great for external stimulation, but I also inserted it and it felt wonderful for both.

      The handle is easy to hold and operate. It is rechargeable, so no batteries needed, which I love.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      I loved the softness, the flexibility, the uniqueness.
      I loved everything about it.
      Bottom line
      Wonderful product. I would recommend.
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    1. Tongue-licking good

      Reviewed: 03 November 2015 by myghost, a Straight Single Female

      Anyone that used to watch Graham Norton's Channel 4 chat show will no doubt remember "Betty's tongue", a red jelly tongue vibrator with as I remember all the flicks and licks you'd expect from a real tongue. That was the first time I'd seen a tongue vibrator. You may be expecting this one to work in a similar manner. Well, the only thing the Sensual Caress tongue and Betty's tongue have in common is that they are both shaped like tongues.

      The Sensual Caress tongue or 'Lickety Split' as it's known on the box is made by NS Novelties, makers of products such as the Jolie, Jelly Rancher and Starlight Gems toys. It comes nicely boxed. However, instructions are lacking. Nothing in the box when I took out the tongue and USB cord, and nothing on the box.

      Charging the tongue is self-explanatory. USB cord plugs in the the base of the tongue and into your computer or USB plug.

      Just to not arouse suspicion, all my USB rechargeable toys get charged via my plug.

      Lack of instructions meant I didn't know when it would be charged, so I left it, and over a period of a couple of hours or so the light went from flashing red to steady red, at which point I unplugged it and tried to get it to work.

      It would have been nice to know that you have to press and hold the on button for a second or two to get it to turn on, but I had to work this out for myself.

      When I did get it turned on, I initially felt really underwhelmed with the buzzy vibrations. I was worried with the power in the base it would be like my G-spot tickler vibrator, lots of power where the motor is that doesn't transfer to the part of the toy that's going to be doing all of the work. This tongue is different. It boasts a range of 10 speeds and patterns. The speeds are your normal low, medium and high the patterns include pulsation, escalation, de-escalation long pulses, short pulses and varying lengths of pulse replicating the patterns you might expect your lovers tongue to perform. Unlike your lover's tongue, this super soft flexible silicone tongue doesn't come with any licking motions. I kind of thought it might, though nowhere is it implied. You have to use the flexibility in the silicone and your hand to make them yourself. Surprisingly, bags of power make it to the tip of the tongue.

      The first time I used this tongue vibrator I took it into the bathroom with me. I didn't use it whilst doing my hair and whatnot as it is not waterproof (even if it were I wouldn't want to ruin a toy like I did my Sqweel Go). It is splashproof, though, for clean-up.

      I used it afterwards. Set myself up with something to sit on and I grabbed the mirror, more to check my technique, though a mirror can add an exciting new element to your sessions. Got myself comfy and set to work slathering both myself and the tongue with water-based lube (something cool about this tongue is my thin liquidly lube danced on it as it vibrated).

      I made sure to worked my way through all the settings. Being a buzzy vibrator, the vibrations can either be barely felt or uncomfortably strong. This came in to the latter. On multiple occasions the buzz was uncomfortable enough for me to bite my lip and wince.

      This was because of some very direct stimulation using the tip, I'm sure. After a fashion, I got to a point where I thought this tongue isn't getting me anywhere but I'll give it bit longer before I give up. That bit longer came and went at this point. I really would have given up. Maybe grabbed a toy. I know would get the job done. However, I was very determined that I would make this vibrator give me an orgasm, even if it was a really weak pathetic why did I bother one. I soldiered on, slowly losing the will to live, and the more numb my hand got.

      When I did 'O', it was strong. I think I may have squirted a tiny little bit, too, from what I could see. When I've used it lying in bed the 'O's haven't been so forthcoming.

      In terms of oral sex simulation, this isn't a patch on my Sqweel Go. However, as a super flexible vibrator you can treat it like an actual tongue within reason. It's a good vibrator when you find what works for you. I would say if you live at home or share, and want to get this out in the dead of night when there isn't the normal hubbub and noise going on, it's not very quiet.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Good range of vibrations. Rechargeable. Easy to use.
      No instructions included.
      Bottom line
      A quality vibrator that's bound to bring a smile to all types of toy lover.
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