1. Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit (3 Piece)

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      1. Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Mix and match Ooh by Je Joue's What Happens in Vegas pleasure accessories, for tailored stimulation to suit your every desire. Includes a 5 setting motor, classic vibrator shape, cock ring shape and USB charging cable, for shared and solo sessions.

      Click the premium motor onto either shape and switch on to appreciate its whisper-quiet, intense motions - a world away from those undesirable noisy vibrations. Cycle through the 3 speeds then explore the high-intensity wavering and pulsating patterns.

      Select and collect from the Ooh by Je Joue range, to amass a toybox of premium sex toy accessories without repeated pricey motor purchases.

      Smooth with a spot of water-based lubricant before use to add glide and heighten sensation.

      Key Features:

      • Pleasure set comprising cock ring and classic vibrator components, motor and USB charging wire
      • Powerful 3 speed, 2 pattern motor is compatible with different Ooh by Je Joue products
      • Super-soft silicone offers a velvety touch
      • Premium pleasure collection with a pick 'n' mix twist
      • USB rechargeable motor for worldwide charging
      • 120 minutes of charge time for 120 minutes of play time

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      1. Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit (3 Piece)
      2. Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit (3 Piece)


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    1. A neat concept, but not enough attention paid to the bits that count

      Reviewed: 29 January 2016 by Great Sexpectations, a Straight Single Male

      First, thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this item in exchange for an honest review.

      My initial reaction when opening the box was confusion. This toy comes packaged in a gift bag adorned with red lips and pictures of the contents. It's not overly sleazy, but nor is it discreet.

      Inside is an empty plain white box, and the toy parts sit on little black stands on top of this. It's a bit strange because it seems like this little plinth is supposed to display the toy, but since the box is glued to the bottom of the bag you can't really see anything. It just seems like an odd choice seeing as I'd probably just throw it away after the first use. There's also a little instruction booklet and a little catalogue of all the other available accessories.

      The toy actually consists of three parts. There's a nice little compact sealed motor unit, with a covered micro USB charging port. Then there are two well-moulded silicone accessories: a cock ring and a vibrator. All the parts feel very well made. To charge the toy, you just plug in the supplied cable and pop it into a USB port. You should also be able to use a phone charger. The toy charges quickly, and for such a small unit it seems to hold charge for a long time even on full power. It's also surprisingly powerful, and the quick-release system for changing accessories works really well even when covered with lube. There's even a power button on both sides so that the unit can be inserted either way up. The single button operation works well. Push for two seconds to turn on, and the same again to turn off. Pushing the button quickly cycles through 3 power settings, and then two different pulse settings. It's a very easy toy to operate.

      Unfortunately while the idea behind this product is great, the actual execution is rather poor.

      Pop the motor unit into the pink vibrator shape and you get the most intense vibrations, delivered straight to your hand! The silicone is so efficient at damping the vibrations that you can't feel any at the attractively shaped end you're supposed to insert, just on the bit you hold. It's a major design flaw and very disappointing. You could hold the toy upside down and use the flat side against your/ her clit for external stimulation, but since the motor unit isn't supposed to be inserted you wouldn't really get the most out of it like this. I'd call this accessory a complete fail.

      The cock ring is only slightly better. The silicone ring slips nicely onto my penis and provides a good level of tightness to help enhance my erection. On account of the motor unit being a bit closer to the desired area, the vibrations are a little stronger and were quite pleasurable. The flaw here is the size. The unit is the same size as a small flip-phone! Personally I don't think it looks good at all when it use; I decided it looks more like I have a tracking transmitter on my cock than a sex toy! It's also pretty cumbersome and kept rotating around my shaft.

      Although I didn't have a partner available to try this with at the time of reviewing, the large flat surface and relatively strong vibrations should provide effective clitoral stimulation in the right position so I can see this getting some use at least. It's just a shame it doesn't feel very elegant.

      Overall I'm sadly quite disappointed with this product, more so because I really liked the idea. The swapping functionality is really well executed but I feel like not enough attention was paid to the primary purpose of all sex toys: providing pleasure. What you get is a cleverly designed unit which allows you to effortlessly swap between a pretty but useless vibrator, or an ugly but somewhat effective cock ring. I'd sooner have one or the other, done right.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Well made, clever concept, easy swapping, easy charging, good battery life.
      Weak vibrations in the insertable toy, ugly cumbersome cock ring.
      Bottom line
      A concept which looks great on paper, but doesn't work so well in practice.
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    1. What happens in Vegas

      Reviewed: 08 December 2015 by BeckAndHerKinks, a Bisexual Married Female

      When the Ooh by Je Joue What Happens In Vegas Pleasure Kit arrived, I was excited by the possibilities the kit had to offer. Upon opening the brown shipping box, I found this strange packaging. Having previously owned a few Je Joue items, I was expecting the usual packaging. Instead, I got this dark blue bag/envelope/box with lips all over it and the contents clearly listed on the back side. The worst part was peeling up the glue top. I ended up ripping the top in a few places. Inside, it was even weirder. Black plastic pieces to act as stands to hold onto the items during storage. The way Je Joue packages this, they feel like this is your long-term storage method. However, it just fails.

      After I removed each component from the plastic bags, I tried to turn on the motor portion. Be sure to hold in the power button long enough for it to turn on. I noticed the vibrations to the motor were decent as I turned up the settings. I'd describe them as more buzzy than rumbly and of moderate power.

      The first silicone component I slide the motor in was the cock ring. My husband isn't a huge fan of cock rings. He's more than 2" in diameter and has a hard time finding ones that aren't too tight on him. The one in this kit doesn't fit him very well. The silicone does stretch, but it's firm and still really tight on him. Plus inside there is a faint seam, which wasn't so faint on his penis and the top of the ring with the motor inside is very heavy. Despite the cock ring not being a good cock ring for us, it's not useless. It can be used as a finger vibrator. Just wrap a finger or two in the opening and use the other end to stimulate your clit, nipples, penis, etc.. The issue I found was the vibrations focused more at my fingers than the edge of the motor.

      When I removed the motor from the cock ring to put into the Uma-like sleeve, I had a hard time at first. If you squeeze where the ring portion starts, the motor part does pop up so you can separate them. You can also squeeze a portion of the Uma-like sleeve for it to pop up to remove it.

      When inside the classical vibrator sleeve, which I am calling the Uma-like sleeve because it looks just like Je Joue Uma, I noticed exactly what I suspected would happen. The vibrations don't travel that well into the other end of the vibrator. They focus more at the handle. Some vibration does travel to the other end, but it isn't even enough to tickle my nose when I place the end to my nose.

      You can use the motor by itself. However, your fingers are going to tingle and you won't be able to get a good grip on it because it's meant to be used in one of the silicone sleeves.

      There is a small grey silicone flap on the bottom of the motor, which opens for the charging port. Charging time takes about 2 hours and is suppose to equal two hours of use. I found this to be just almost exact.

      Cleaning is made easy since all the components are waterproof. Anti-bacterial toy cleaner or soap works for regular cleaning. You can also wipe them all down with a 10% bleach solution. I wouldn't recommend boiling or dishwasher for the silicone pieces and I'd advise against getting water inside the openings where the motor goes in. This is because the water might make the metal pieces start to rust.

      Overall, I cannot in good faith recommend this kit to anyone who isn't able to reach an orgasm with minimal vibrations that aren't focused. If any of the Ooh by Je Joue items have potential for focused vibrations with strength, I think it is the clitoral vibrator silicone sleeve. This is because it is smaller and the edge would be closer to the focused area of the motor for the vibrations.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Silicone. Rechargeable.
      Vibrations don't travel well.
      Bottom line
      I wouldn't recommend this kit unless you can orgasm with unfocused and mild vibrations.
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    1. The components were there, but they didn't fit

      Reviewed: 29 November 2015 by EmmelinePeaches, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      If this is what happens in Vegas then it can stay there because I don’t want it. Okay, that might be a little bit harsh but you have to understand. The idea of Ooh by Je Joue was an incredibly exciting one. Inspired even. But the results are underwhelming at best and frustrating at worst.

      I have to give this kit props when it comes to presentation, at least. The Ooh by Je Joue What Happens in Vegas Pleasure Kit comes in a very snazzy little bag. Everything is nicely stylized and the Ooh by Je Joue logo really does draw you in. It does require scissors to open the bag but that’s hardly an issue.

      Inside is everything you need to ‘enjoy’ your new toy, including the vibrating motor, the classic vibrator, the cock ring and a charging cable. The motor takes 120 minutes to charge for 120 minutes of play time, which is excellent.

      The motor for this kit is made out of ABS plastic whereas the cock ring and vibrator shaft are made out of silicone. The shaft of the vibrator and top section of the cock ring are both rather rigid whereas the bottom section of the cock ring is moderately flexible. Mr. Peaches was a bit doubtful at first, but he did manage to get it on with little-to-no trouble.

      Both the cock ring and the vibrator attachment have metal sections inside them which the motor clips into during use. They also have little arrows on the side indicating where you need to press to eject the motor. At first Mr. Peaches and I found this a struggle (particularly on the vibrator attachment) but it became pretty easy once we got the hang of it. But, dear god, never try this when your hands are covered in lubricant. It can be a nightmare.

      The motor provided in this kit has 3 speeds and 2 motors, all of which are fairly good. They are distinctly Je Joue vibrations, by which I mean that they have this rhythmic flickering to them, almost like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings. The higher settings lose some of their flickering charm and replace it with impressive depth, but it does get buzzier too. If the motor itself were a solo vibrator it’s probably something that I could use and enjoy. It’s nice, portable and pretty incognito. Alas, it isn’t and things just go downhill from here.

      The cock ring is probably the better attachment of the two included in this kit, but it’s still pretty sub-par. When plugged in you’re looking at a bulk of about 2 inches protruding in length for the clitoral section. The plus side of this is that this cock ring most likely has the range required to hit most people’s clitoris. The downside is that it’s so bulky and top heavy that if often slides to the side, missing it entirely. Still, at least the cock ring allows you to feel the motor’s vibrations.

      There have been some amazing progressions in the sex toy world recently. Companies aren’t afraid to experiment; to strike out on their own and pursue new avenues. Innovation is the name of the game and expectations are high. You’d think amidst all of this that Ooh by Je Joue would at least be able to get the vibrations to travel up the shaft of their vibrator attachment. But, no. Unfortunately not.

      I wish I was joking or exaggerating here but I’m not. The vibrations for the classic vibrator attachment stay almost entirely at the base of the toy. This makes sense, as the motor is essentially where the control button is, and I could forgive it if the vibrations were just dulled a bit as they got to the toy’s tip. But a particularly strong purr from a cat could make more of an impact than the vibrations at the tip of the classic vibrator attachment. It’s thoroughly depressing.

      In addition to this the design of the classic vibrator makes it so that the toy is constantly trying to slide off to the side. Every time I used it I had to wrestle with it to try and keep it in place. Not an easy task with lubricated hands. In the end the classic vibrator attachment won every time and I was left masturbating with a wonky vibrator. The resulting orgasms sputtered and stalled in the strangest way. It was not fun.

      Aside from the inherent flaws in these toys, the only other big downside is that the arrows and the button logos on these toys can collect lubricant and other gunk so they need extra attention when cleaning them. But, really, that's a minor gripe compared with the major disappointment that I felt when using these toys. I’m very upset.

      Final Thoughts:

      The Ooh by Je Joue line had potential but, as it stands, the finished product can’t live up to the innovation that it promised. This is especially true with the What Happens in Vegas Kit.

      With a top-heavy cock ring attachment and a classic vibrator attachment that is all about that base (and keeping the vibrations there) there really isn’t a lot to like about this kit. The only bright side is that the motor itself is decently powerful, but if that doesn’t translate into the attachments then what’s the point?

      Recommend to:

      People who like strong, small motors.

      People who don’t mind bulky cock rings.

      People who want to try the modular toys despite this review.

      Do Not Recommend to:

      People who dislike bulky cock rings.

      People who want to feel vibrations in their insertable toys.

      People who would rather try the individual components.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      A very interesting idea, affordable customization, a strong motor.
      A cumbersome cock ring, the vibrations don't translate into the classic vibrator.
      Bottom line
      An interesting idea that just couldn't live up to the hype.
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