1. Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers

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      1. Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers

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    1. Product Description

      Suck and tickle to your heart's content with this vibrating clitoral pussy pump. Lined with a plethora of stimulating nubs and made from smooth silicone, it gently sucks your bits to enhance sensitivity. Great for foreplay or for the whole shebang!

      To use, add a layer of water-based lube to the rim of the cup and yourself, and place the cup over the area you would like to suck. Pull the trigger pump to create a little suction - just enough for it to stick to you without support. Now pump a few more times until you're happy with the level of suction. This on its own will feel orgasmically good.

      Take your pleasure to the next level by activating your choice of 4 vibrating speeds and revel in the sensation of dozens of wobbly ticklers stroking over your newly sensitive love button.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating pussy pump with tickling textures for sensational arousal
      • Silicone suction cup is hypoallergenic and deliciously smooth against the skin
      • Ticklers on the inner and outer sections of the cup for versatile pleasure
      • 4 speeds of vibration intensify the stimulation
      • Easy-to-use finger grip pump with quick-release valve
      • Fully waterproof for easy cleaning
      • Requires 2 x AAA batteries to power vibrations

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    1. Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers

      Suck & tickle to your heart's content with this vibrating clitoral pussy pump. Trimmed with a plethora of stimulating nubs & made from smooth silicone, it gently sucks your bits to enhance sensitivity. Great for foreplay or for the whole shebang!

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      Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers 5 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers
      2. Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Ticklers


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    1. Super Strong Suction Silicone Stimulates Superbly

      Reviewed: 11 April 2016 by Vanessa8

      That you Lovehoney for sending me the Vibrating Silicone Butterfly Clitoral Pump with Teasing Tickers for a review.

      As always, this toy arrived inside a plain brown box, inside this pump is encased in a nicely designed tasteful package with the pump pictured and simple description. Inside the pump is enclosed in a sealed baggie. Inside the bag is the pump and a set of instructions in several languages. The instructions are more for setup and battery installation and overall care of the item. I did not find them helpful for suggestions on how to use this item at all.

      You will need two AA batteries, these were very easy to install with the controller. I also spritzed the toy off with cleaner prior to use. The silicone materials on this toy is really soft and nice.

      But overall, it is a pretty simple concept. The part that lays against the body is really adjustable and has some movement to it, which I think offers this toy a superior design to a harder plastic pump. The pink colour is a nice medium pink, not neon or pastel.

      The "head" design of the toy is obviously inspired by a butterfly. I am not into insects, so at first I found this a little silly and off-putting, but the design offers to great functionality to the toy as follows:

      - The ticklers that resemble the butterfly antennae can stimulate the perineum mildly when turned towards the anus. Of if you use the pump lower on the female anatomy to increase blood flow lower on the labia or vagina opening and flip it upwards these can stimulate the clitoris.

      - The small wings of the butterfly also help you position this toy within the inner labia and help hold you open as desired.

      -The tail is a soft point that can also provide nice pressure on body points as well.

      Once I used this toy I no longer cared about the look and instead focused on how it made me feel, which the butterfly design helps enhance.

      The head of the pump attaches to the body with a scalloped outer edge, oval shaped opening. Inside are nubs of a couple different lengths. These are made from flexible silicone and are soft to the touch.

      The following are the areas of my body where I used this pump:

      - Nipples. I found the head of the pump attached easily to my nipples. While not designed for that area, I tested it there first on my body to feel out the level of suction and this toy is great for nipple stimulation! Leaving a solid pull on the nipple to keep them humming during solo or partner play. I also had never had a vibrating suction tool on my nipple and really loved the sensation. Very easy to attach to my breast.

      - Outer labia. Next, I tested the pump on my lower body and attached this on my outer labia via having my vagina spread open. What I liked about this sensation was the nice teasing feeling and indirect suction. This was a great way to use the toy for someone who may have a very sensitive clit and need more indirect play. I found this pretty easy to attach to outer labia with the help of some water-based lube on the edge of the toy. If you are overly natural with pubic hair growth, I could see potential issues with attachment in this position.

      - Inner labia / placed over the clitoris. I then spread myself open and played this toy directly on my C-spot. I found it took some manipulation to get some good suction, but I held it in place to get a good start and I was getting off in no time.

      I highly recommend the use of a water-based lube on the edge to aid in attachment of this pump. Now, if you start thrashing around while this is in use, you will lose the suction, but I found holding it down a bit helped get a solid connection and reduce detachment of the pump. You will need to have some patience and play around to get a solid connection. But I find that is true with any "pump" style toy.

      In this position, the toy allows for insertion of a smaller toy in the vaginal opening, if desired. I found the 50 Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator worked well without interfering with the pump and offered double vibrations. I also enjoyed the stimulation of a glass toy, specifically the clear dildo from Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set offered great G-spot pressure with the vibrations from the pump moving throughout my body. If you also like anal pressure a small butt plug could enhance this experience.

      I prefer the smaller size of the attachment of this pump for this reason, it offers a variety of play with the pump and being able to insert vaginally.

      - Lower labia / vaginal opening. I also enjoyed moving this toy a little lower and increasing blood flood and swelling up my vaginal opening. Very stimulating and nice as foreplay. In this position, the ticklers are more directed to the anus as well if you like mild anal stimulation or you can flip it for light clitoral tickling.

      What makes this pump worth the investment is the level of suction it provides. The pump is so easy to use with only one hand with the simple pull. I loved how strongly I can get this pump to pull on my body. The quick release button to reduce suction is also easy to use during play or to release the toy when done.

      When using the suction, the nubs of the toy offer a sensation I absolutely loved. The silicone nubs rub against your body in combination with suction and feels so good. Then when you add the vibration feature you will be pushed over the edge!

      The controller for the vibrations comes with a lead longer than the length of the pump. I used this solo and held the pump in one hand and the controller in the other. The controller is super easy to use, arrow up for on and to increase power.

      There are four levels of vibration. From what I can tell in the construction of the toy, there is a bullet located in the "body" of the pump. Because the pump opening and nubs are in between the vibration source and your body you will find the vibrations to be more indirect vs. spot on to the clit or nipple.

      The vibrations are mild to medium on this toy. I personally loved the vibration settings and worked up to the higher settings after I got a good suction going for a wonderful orgasm. It does produce a buzz noise that is not overly loud. Because it is encased in silicone it helps muffle the noise output.

      I own one other clitoral pump and I enjoy clitoral stimulation, especially the feeling of my clit being "sucked" on vs. just pressing on it with a vibrator. I much prefer this pump because I found it to be more "hands-free" on the controls once I got attached to the desired body part. I also prefer the silicone materials from this design.

      A great feature of this pump is that it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. That also makes this toy easy to clean up. You will want to use a clean cloth to wipe out the inside of the head and nubs to make sure everything is ready for the next play session.

      Overall, if you seek strong suction, enjoy high-quality silicone materials and vibrations and versatility in your sexual play, you will enjoy this pump.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Strong suction, silicone materials.
      Took a bit to learn good placement.
      Bottom line
      Amazing suction. I really enjoy this pump.
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    1. A surprise hit

      Reviewed: 15 April 2016 by VR, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Firstly, I'd like to thank Lovehoney for sending me this to try in exchange for an honest opinion and review.

      It arrived very quickly in the usual plain Lovehoney packaging. Inside is the box itself, the design of which is quite clean and feminine.

      I opened this to find the pump inside a plastic bag, along with the instructions (which were pretty useless, to be honest). Now, I've never used a pump before, but even if it didn't have instructions at all, I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.

      The item itself seems to be of excellent quality. The silicone feels soft and smooth, the tube to the pump mechanism is sturdy, as are the wires to the battery compartment.

      Despite having never used one before, I'd read reviews on other pumps, so had a vague idea of what to expect and, as usual, the Lovehoney videos are always informative if you're really stuck. So, I gave it a quick spritz of cleaner, dried it off, inserted a pair of batteries, lubed the edges of the body of the "butterfly" and experimented.

      I started off with my clit and was happily surprised to find that the tickling feeling of the suction is rather nice. Although I like clit stimulation and have used a variety of bullets, the suction and vibration feeling, along with the tickling antennae didn't make me orgasm like those do. It did, however, make me much more sensitive (a no-brainer, really), so when I did use a bullet to finish off, I was much quicker than usual. The whole area also stayed sensitive for an hour or so. I can see this being a great aid to help women have clitoral orgasms.

      I waited for OH to come home, showed it to him and went to make myself a cuppa while he calmed down. He's not really that much into sex toys and it took a minute or so of closely examining the butterfly before asking exactly what was I going to do with a "pink rubber lobster" (while wiping tears of laughter from his eyes). I was quite indignant at this point, so, cuppa forgotten, I dragged him upstairs and showed him the plumped up effects of my experiments earlier. And how sensitive I was.

      Whoa! No stopping him then - I think I was turned every which way, sucked and plumped until I had to tell him to stop! I hadn't thought of using it over my nipples until OH had a go, and I must admit, I think that was my favourite place to use it, even though it was a bit large and cumbersome over them.

      I think the inventor definitely needs to make something like this specifically for nipples.

      I hadn't been enamoured with the idea of pussy pumps before using this, but we had so much fun, I'm a convert. It's such an easy thing to use alone, too, and the quality of the material and quick release button, along with the little vibrating fingers make it stand out from others on the market. And despite not being very butterfly-like, it certainly looks a lot more appealing than your average pussy pump.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The quality and overall feel.
      The instructions are vague and the battery compartment was a bit difficult.
      Bottom line
      A fun item, that could help women who have difficulties achieving orgasm clitorally.
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    1. So Much Potential

      Reviewed: 08 November 2016 by Shadow31774

      My OH and I were keen try this as other clitoral pumps had proved to be a bit rigid and difficult to use.

      This one offered soft flexible latex material with powerful suction and ticklers.

      Trying it on various parts of the body it gave powerful suction, but around the vagina and clitoris it proved difficult to position and required a lot of fiddling around.

      Once positioned in the right place it had a real powerful suction that draws blood to the labia and clitoris, causing increased sensitivity. We recommend using a good water-based lubricant to help with suction.

      The sensitivity lasts a long time and boosting OH climax again and again.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Soft moulded feel, powerful suction and variable vibrations.
      Very fiddly to get positioned correctly to create suction.
      Bottom line
      When positioned correctly it was fantastic and worth it but very fiddly to use.
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