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    1. Renegade Penis Extender 2 Extra Inches with Vibrating Ball Loop

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. Renegade Penis Extender 2 Extra Inches with Vibrating Ball Loop

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    1. Product Description

      The penis your penis has been waiting for, this realistic extender adds an extra couple of inches of penetrative length to your member, not to mention a delicious multispeed tingle behind the balls courtesy of the removable bullet.

      Ease it down your eager manhood and slip your balls through the loop, then penetrate your partner as usual and watch their eyes pop out of their head! Real-feel veins and a protruding head add magic to every thrust for wall-clawing mania. Desensitised inside the sleeve, you'll last even longer than usual for a slower build up to a better finish.

      Use with plenty of water-based lube inside and out.

      Key Features:

      • Penis extender with multispeed bullet vibrator
      • Adds 2 extra inches to your erect length
      • Clear so you can see your own penis
      • Veined down the shaft for extra pleasure
      • Ball loop helps keep extender securely in place

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Renegade Penis Extender 2 Extra Inches with Vibrating Ball Loop 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Renegade Penis Extender 2 Extra Inches with Vibrating Ball Loop
      2. Renegade Penis Extender 2 Extra Inches with Vibrating Ball Loop

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    1. Best Sleeve I Have Used

      Reviewed: 22 June 2018 by Good time, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Me and my OH have tried a few different sleeves for fun, but this one really hit the spot!

      It is a better internal size for an above-average guy without being to big for my partner.

      This being said, though, it is still one of the bigger sleeves, so use plenty of lube before use.

      We have used this on many occasion and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feels great for both parties and fits above average men.
      Bottom line
      Very big but very fun.
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    1. Longer than an anaconda

      Reviewed: 16 July 2016 by Stuburns, a Straight Married Male

      This is the Renegade Manaconda vibrating penis extension.

      It comes sensibly packaged with the usual product name and picture placement, a clear window to see the product, a little product info and the usual safety info. The one I have is a clear version, not sure if there will be the usual black or flesh versions to follow but personally my OH and I prefer the clear type whenever we choose anything similar.

      First impression when opened, no strong smell. Taking hold of it it is very jelly like and very stretchy which you would hope for ease of putting over your own penis or even a vibrator. The extender is made from body safe TPE material. It is approximately 8 inches long with a circumference of 6 inches at its widest point. The extender is hollow for the most part allowing your own penis to fit up to the start of the large head of the extender. The head of the extender is then an extra 2 inches of solid jelly. There is a small hoop to fit over your family jewels. This is very very stretchy. Ideal to position around you jewels. Last thing you want is to struggle around those sensitive things. Behind the loop is a little pocket where the vibrator slides in to.

      Ideally you need to be erect before fitting this. Also you need to lubricate your penis or the inside of the sleeve. Fitting is simple. Slide onto your penis to the end. At this point I found I needed to expel some air. Easy enough just pull the end at the base of your penis. You should easily tell when that trapped air has gone. Next step is to pull the ball loop over your balls. Due to the super soft flexibility of this extender, it's easy to stretch over your balls and it holds really well.

      Depending on your own size I comfortably fit into this and I'm a little over 7 inches and 5 3/4 in circumference. When in the circumference of the extender became a little wider at 6 3/4. The length was a little over 8 1/2. It looks really good on and certainly gives you a much larger handful.

      Next the vibrating bullet. Powerful little thing with 3 speeds. This slides easily into the little pocket. To be honest this didn't really do anything for me even on high speed. It's just not somewhere where the vibration gives me any kind of thrill. More of an annoyance. This was soon removed but hey now it's in my hand I can use it on my oh.

      Next, I used this as intended. She loves the little extra it gives. The head is very pronounced with a very big ridge almost popping in as I slowly entered and believe me it's best to go slow. There are also pronounced veins down the entire length but these weren't really noticed in a stimulation sense. I gave my OH a little breather then slowly worked the rest in. We have a few of the perfect fit extenders and these are even softer and stretchier than this, this Manaconda had a little less give. She enjoys it, she also enjoyed me pulling out and teasing her with the large rigded head and the bullet.

      As for my feel the TPE is about 5mm thick and I couldn't feel that much. This worked fine for my oh because I could just go and go.

      The extender stayed in place throughout. It's also easy to remove. This will stretch quite a lot and wouldn't tear. I see a very long life in the extender. A great product.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Super stretchy, stays in place, large ridged head.
      Pointless bullet.
      Bottom line
      Great extender. Ideal for that little extra.
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    1. Too big

      Reviewed: 22 May 2017 by ForThLvofSx, a Straight Married Female

      This was my husband's and my first sleeve. They seem like a fun birth control alternative. It felt good for him, with good suction and movement, but was mostly uncomfortable and painful for me.

      I feel like the head of it was unusually large and awkward. It seems to be what makes this so large itself. The head sticks way out and is like a large rubbery ball. At least that's how it felt to me. The material, even though it was jelly-like and soft, felt rubbery and sticky to me inside (even with generous lube).

      I like the idea, but this one particularly didn't work for me. I'm going to look for something smaller at the top and hopefully made of different more vagina-friendly material.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable and stabilising ball loop, husband liked it.
      For me the size, shape, and material were its downfall.
      Bottom line
      Good for him, not so much for me.
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