1. Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Hold-Ups

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      Never underestimate the power of stockings – a pair of these bold red hold ups in your bedroom drawer is like a secret weapon of seduction. Add them to your favourite lingerie look and transform your lingerie set from sexy to straight-up sizzling.


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    1. Product Description

      Never underestimate the power of stockings – a pair of these bold red hold ups in your bedroom drawer is like a secret weapon of seduction. Add them to your favourite lingerie look and transform your lingerie set from sexy to straight-up sizzling.

      Offering a teasing peep at your pins, these semi-sheer hold-ups are topped with delicate floral lace, with silicone strips to stop them from slipping when you're getting it on.

      Model is 5' 3'' and a UK dress size 8. She is wearing One Size.

      Key Features:

      • Sheer thigh high hold-up stockings to accessorise lingerie
      • Silicone strips keep stockings in place without suspenders
      • Floral lace tops add a flirtatious, feminine finish
      • A staple for your lingerie collection
      • Made from strong, stretchy nylon
    1. How it feels

      • Material: Sheer
    2. Essential info

      • Washing instructions: Hand wash only
      • Who's it for?: For Women

    Lovehoney Lingerie Size Chart

    1. LH Size UK USA EU AUS
      Small 6 - 8 2 - 4 34 - 36 6 - 8
      Medium 10 - 12 6 - 8 38 - 40 10 - 12
      Large 14 - 16 10 - 12 42 - 44 14 - 16
      1X / 2X 18 - 20 14 - 16 46 - 48 18 - 20
      3X / 4X 22 - 24 18 - 20 50 - 52 22 - 24
      S/M 8 - 10 4 - 6 36 - 38 8 - 10
      M/L 12 - 14 8 - 10 40 - 42 12 - 14
      L/XL 16 - 18 12 - 14 44 - 46 16 - 18
      One Size 8 - 16 4 - 12 36 - 44 8 - 16
      Plus Size 18 - 24 14 - 20 46 - 52 18 - 24


      Lovehoney size Measurement Bust Waist Hips
      Small INCH 32 - 34 24 - 27 34 - 36
        CM 81.5 - 86.5 61 - 68.5 86.5 - 91.5
      Medium INCH 34 - 36 27 - 30 36 - 38
        CM 86.5 - 91.5 68.5 - 76 91.5 - 96.5
      Large INCH 36 - 38 30 - 33 38 - 40
        CM 91.5 - 96.5 76 - 84 96.5 - 101.5
      1X / 2X INCH 40 - 46 34 - 38 42 - 48
        CM 101.5 - 117 86 - 96.5 106.5 - 117
      3X / 4X INCH 48 - 52 40 - 44 48 - 52
        CM 122 - 132 101.5 - 111.5 122 - 132
      S/M INCH 34 - 36 24 - 28 34 - 37
        CM 86.5 - 91.5 61 - 71 86.5 - 94
      M/L INCH 36 - 38 28 - 32 37 - 40
        CM 91.5 - 96.5 71 - 81.5 94 - 101.5
      L/XL INCH 38 - 40 32 - 36 40 - 43
        CM 96.5 - 101.5 81.5 - 91.5 101.5 - 109
      XXL INCH 40 - 42 36 - 38 43 - 46
        CM 101.5 - 106.5 91.5 - 96.5 109 - 117
      One Size INCH 34 - 38 27 - 33 36 - 40
        CM 86.5 - 96.5 68.5 - 84 91.5 - 101.5
      Plus Size INCH 40 - 52 34 - 44 42 - 56
        CM 101.5 - 132 86 - 111.5 106.5 - 132


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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Hold-Ups 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Hold-Ups
      2. Lovehoney Red Sheer Lace Top Hold-Ups


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    1. Ready, sexy, go

      Reviewed: 21 August 2017 by DreamsOfChi, a Straight Married Female

      My lingerie draw tends to be quite a gothic affair, lots of black with a smattering of purple and the teeny tiniest bit of shocking pink. Recently I've branched out and have been fulfilling my husband's request for more red stuff. These stockings totally pander to that request, being resplendently red from thigh to toe. And such a gorgeous shade too, post-box red and bright enough to give off all the right signals. They are definitely sheer but the vibrant colour is not diminished by that fact.

      I loved the thickness of these stockings, beautifully light but not so super delicate that you risk putting a finger through them when putting them on. Soft and silky with the thinnest of seams on the toe. These felt like a nice quality product from the moment I slipped them out of their simple plastic sleeve. Putting them on proved no problem and they slid up and on to my legs without a hitch. They feel wonderful against the skin too, for both the wearer and any admirers who you allow to touch as well as look.

      At 5' 7'' I found these stockings to be quite well proportioned. I'm a size 12/14 with quite slim lower legs, getting chunkier at my thighs and these stockings fit perfectly. They actually came up quite high too, sitting just underneath the curve of my bottom which my husband loved as the positioning served to accentuate that particular area. Fine for me, but maybe something to bear in mind if you prefer them to lay a little lower or have particularly short legs.

      The pretty flowery, swirly lace top section is thick enough to form a nice sturdy band (about 3 inches in width) which adheres to your thighs (with 2 rubberised strips on the inner circumference) but isn't so big or tight as to make the wearer feel constricted or uncomfortable. They stayed up very well too. I wore these stockings with my new naughty nurse outfit and they put up with a lot of kneeling, bending and walking about in high heels. Absolutely no sagging or need to pull them up at any point. Nothing but love for hold ups that actually do hold up. Recommended!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colour, fit and feel.
      Bottom line
      Great pair of stockings - sexy, comfortable and they actually hold up!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. These Stunningly Sexy Sheer Red Stockings Aren't Just for Christmas!

      Reviewed: 11 August 2017 by Ragnar Lodbrok, a Straight Married Male

      Mrs Lodbrok's Review:

      I very much enjoy wearing stockings and the feeling of confidence and freedom they give me. My OH loves to see me wearing stockings and I like to indulge his desires both in and out, of the bedroom. I feel that wearing stockings to compliment my lingerie is so very feminine whilst also sexy and sensual.

      I have acquired a large collection of stockings (mostly in black, and tan shades) and these comprise of a variety of different styles - sexy seams, lovely lace-tops and plain welts. These range from the more expensive fully fashioned, and reinforced heel and toe stockings to more moderately priced items. Most require a suspender belt, but I also have a few hold-ups in my collection.

      I was, therefore, really pleased to be selected as a “Secret Tester” to test these lace top thigh high sheer stockings, particularly since they were available in a shade of red - a shade not often seen in my collection.


      This LH hosiery item is part of the company’s own hosiery range and the stockings are contained within a sleeve positioned in the middle of a cellophane packet. The front of the sleeve is decorated with an enlarged, and an attractive-looking version of LH's own purple Trade Mark logo/branding. I was pleased that there was no photograph of a stocking-clad model (usually found adorning other proprietary brands) - which can sometimes cause negative comparisons in the minds of consumers.

      The reverse side provides customer information including the care instructions for the product, the material used (100% nylon), and LH’s ethos - "Discovering A Sexier You". Also on the reverse side of the centrally positioned sleeve are two drawings of a lady wearing the stockings contained and provide the customer with a front and rear view of the style and fit.

      The clear parts of the packet (at the top and bottom) display the Lace Top Thigh High Sheer Stockings (the rear window displays the lace top, and the front window the nylon material of the actual leg).

      Material and comfort:

      These stockings are branded as being “sheer”, so I am guessing that they must be manufactured from 15-30 denier nylon. This gave me the reassurance that I was wearing stockings that were of a good quality and the standard for classic hosiery. It was also reassuring to know that this denier is far less likely to snag and is much stronger than that used in other brands.

      I felt that the weight of the nylon used in these stockings, was perfect and very comfortable for me to wear casually throughout the day and night whilst also robust enough for wear in the bedroom. So far, after a few days’ wear, these stockings have not snagged and they have retained their shape and fit whilst managing to survive the rigours of two nights’ bedroom wear!

      The nylon felt comfortably soft, smooth and luxurious against my skin and provided my legs with a welcoming coolness during the warm Summer days and nights I wore them, whilst the lace tops felt comfortable without the pinch sometimes felt with some hold up stockings. The two silicone bands gave me a reassuring feeling that the stockings were sitting securely and they have retained their adhesive quality after a few days’ wear.

      Although these hold up stockings are intended to to be worn without a suspender belt, I like the possibility of wearing one and attaching the lace top stockings should I feel like doing so. When the silicone eventually loses its quality, I will attach the stockings to a suspender belt. The fitting of a suspender belt adds a further sexier dimension to the look these stockings already provide the wearer... and my OH!


      I am often reluctant to buy hosiery termed “one size”, as I have usually been disappointed with the length, fit and overall appearance of some items thus termed. However, I was very pleased that these stockings fitted my legs perfectly. I am 5’ 5” tall and I was able to easily and comfortably stretch the lace top to within 6” from the top of my thigh - something I am usually unable to do when fitting “one-size stockings”. The length of this LH brand is perfect for my size (and frame), and so far the silicone bands have kept the stockings securely and comfortably positioned without slippage.

      How they look: Appearance:

      I have worn these hold ups on many occasions (in and out of the bedroom) and the silicone bands have retained a grip sufficient to keep them firmly and securely in place, whilst the stockings themselves have kept their shape and close fit.

      The generous 3” (750mm) deep lace top extends beyond the two silicone bands and I think that the floral/filigree design of the deep, lacy welt is both beautiful, sexy and sophisticated.

      Whilst wearing these stockings the overall impression I received was one of attractiveness and sexiness - my OH completely agrees! These red hold ups compliment perfectly my matching, lacy lingerie and complete the satisfying look the matte finish of the stockings give my legs.

      Overall Impressions:

      These one-size red LH Lace Top Thigh High Sheer Stockings are a very decent quality and make a striking, bold sexy statement, and yet they retain an elegant, stylish, sophisticated look and feminine feel. I love wearing these red stockings as they look and feel really good and they have now become a favourite item in my hosiery collection!

      I think that these stockings are perfect for wear during Christmastime, for cos/role-play in the bedroom, and for general wear. But, ladies, why only wait for Christmas to wear these stunningly sexy stockings when you can wear them at any time the mood takes you?

      Stockings are not just for Christmas!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good value and quality. Good fit and comfort. Sensuous and sexy feel.
      Bottom line
      Beautiful-looking and comfortable hosiery.
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    1. Red is the Colour of Love for a Reason

      Reviewed: 15 August 2017 by popk1n, a Straight Going Steady Female

      When I first put these hold-up stockings on my legs, I knew instantly that I loved them! The material is super soft and high-quality, the colour is a beautiful and bright warm red and the lace top is absolutely gorgeous.

      I’ve never tried a pair of stockings with the silicone band on the thigh but I am sold, it truly does work for holding them up suspender-free. You can’t see the silicone in the slightest and it looks from the outside as if they are staying up by magic! It also super comfy on my skin and doesn’t dig in, leave marks or make me feel sweaty or gross.

      I am a size 6 and 5ft tall and these come pretty high up my thigh whilst still having a slight bit of stocking that pouches around my ankles a bit. It is workable though and for people of a more average height, I think these will work absolutely perfectly. For perspective, if these stockings were at full stretch, they would be the entire length of my leg, so tall people should also be fine. The silicone band fits great on my thighs and doesn’t cut into my flab at all. The band is stretchy so I think it will work for people larger than me, but maybe to a limit of around a size 14 and then it might start looking unflattering.

      I am honestly sold on these stockings and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for red stockings to add to a red lingerie set or some other form of dress-up outfit. I’d have a pair in every colour for every underwear set I have if I could!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Silicone band works, was thigh flattering, feels so high quality.
      Slightly too long for me, but still workable.
      Bottom line
      Red is the colour of love for a reason.
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes