1. Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

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      Experience incredible sensations with this thrusting vibe from Fun Factory. Using exciting new tech, this super-quiet toy is more than just a vibrator – explore its tapping, thrusting, stroking and fluttering modes for deeply fulfilling pleasure sessions.

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      1. Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Experience incredible sensations with this thrusting vibe from Fun Factory. Using exciting new tech, this super-quiet toy is more than just a vibrator – explore its tapping, thrusting, stroking and fluttering modes for deeply fulfilling pleasure sessions.

      New Pulse Vibe technology offers a spectrum of sensations that stimulate the body in unexpected ways, both internally and externally.

      With its range of rumbling vibrations, and tapping and pulsing modes, SUNDAZE engages nerve-endings many other vibrators can’t, for awe-inspiring arousal.

      With 15 modes to choose from, this toy just begs to be played with for hours at a time, either solo or with a partner.

      Always slather with a generous helping of water-based lube before play.

      Please note: this product is not recommended for people with pacemakers.

      Enter for a chance to win a 22 Carat Golden Sundaze worth over €1000 by purchasing the Fun Factory Sundaze. A lucky winner will find a Golden Ticket in with their toy!

      Sundaze Golden Ticket Competition Terms and Conditions

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable thrusting vibrator for deeper, more fulfilling pleasure sessions
      • Explore 15 thrusting, tapping and stroking modes for varied sensations
      • Super quiet with raised, light-up buttons for discreet enjoyment and easy play
      • Waterproof for nerve-tingling bathtimes and fun in the shower

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    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 4 inches
      • Insertable Length: 4.5 inches
      • Length: 7 inches
    2. Power and speed

      • Run Time: 180 minutes
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    3. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: Silicone
    4. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
      • Allergens: Latex-Free

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

        Our Price

    1. Good present for the woman who has them all

      Reviewed: 23 November 2020 by Petrichor, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I received this as a tester on a week-long turnaround to meet the review deadline, so this is quite a first-impressions review. Toys that are out of the ordinary can take time to figure out how to make them work for you, so I'm expecting to only enjoy it more in the future.

      Straight out of the box, I wasn't impressed with the build quality, especially for such a premium toy. The handle isn't really metallic, it's more of a matte gold paint that looks a little scuffed. Something's loose in it which gives it a slight rattle. The silicone felt grainy under my fingers, and when I looked closely I could see it had tiny silicone burrs. With enough lube these don't cause irritation or chafing, so it's not going to stop my enjoyment. The magnetic charge can attach either way up, which sounds good, but actually means the magnets compete and the connection is quite fragile.

      The controls are well designed; because of the simple buttons, it's easy to pick up and go, but it's definitely worth reading the settings page. The box and manual also give tips including, unusually, brunch suggestions.

      There are three buttons, Up, Down, and "Fun", which made me laugh - it's mostly just a slightly larger on/off button. This means you can quickly turn it off, and if you turn it back on within 15 seconds it picks straight back up where you left off. This avoids disruption being a buzzkill, and is easy to control for edging.

      The up and down buttons beep each time you change setting. It's not a loud beep, but it is audible. It stops beeping so you know when you've reached the end of the settings. The vibrations are definitely something special; they're powerful, and incredibly quiet despite that, actually quieter than the beeps! They're also surprisingly musical - I checked against my piano and the first few settings are tuned in a C minor chord.

      The settings aren't different strengths, you can't choose stronger or weaker vibrations, they're all just very different types. Because of this it's not one for power queens, and it's useless for a quickie - it's definitely more of a slow build and enjoy the journey kind of toy. I paired it with my Womanizer premium for a quick lunchtime session, but half an hour later my break was was over and I hadn't got anywhere! It had become really warm in that time, but not so much that I think it's a problem, although "unusual heat build up" is listed as a warning in the "DON'TS" section. I'm happy with this I since I normally pay extra for heated toys.

      The first setting's nice and buzzy on my clit, but does nothing for me internally, so it's good to warm up with, but the rest are nice and rumbly. The bulbed head of the toy is great as a general clitoral stimulator, it feels more like a magic wand than a bullet.

      The real stars are the thrusting settings - I've had several mechanical come-hither motion toys where were always loud and ineffective. Sundaze really feels like thrusting - and if you hold it loosely in your hand you can see it move back and forth. I love the feeling of tapping the end of a firm silicone dildo, so it's no surprise that the tapping settings are probably my favourites, but all of them are good to cycle through.

      You do have to hold it very lightly, so you can't grip or thrust with it, but also can't let go because it thrusts itself straight out! This is a shame, because it would have been a great hands-free toy to lie back and relax with. It's probably the best toy I have for internal vibrations, but I can't orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Strangely, though, when I did orgasm my clit became really sensitive. Even the lowest setting on my Womanizer Starlet was overwhelming, and so were my partner's fingers - when he didn't stop I was squirming and giggling hysterically.

      I particularly wanted this toy because of its small size (read the measurements!) and it was a perfect fit for me - at least to begin with. As time went on, I found myself wanting to move to something bigger if I didn't come fast enough. It also means that some angles won't work - if I tried to use it from behind, it would just slip out every time. I was disappointed to see that the manual specifically says not suitable for anal; just the tip with a narrow neck looks like it would be a good butt plug! Instead I'd like to try pairing it with one since it's small, and the vibrations transfer really well.

      This is a really good toy for someone who's already got a few and is looking for something a little different, and wants more than just size and power. It does need a little time to enjoy, but is quiet and waterproof, so a good contender for locking yourself in the bathroom! It wouldn't be my first choice for if I was more focussed on the destination than the journey. This is more of a special-occasions relaxation toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good controls, amazing vibrations, tapping/thrusting settings, very quiet.
      Rough silicone.
      Bottom line
      Awesome if you want something novel with lots of fancy settings.
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    1. Holy Moly

      Reviewed: 22 November 2020 by betsyvg, a Bisexual Single Female

      Wow, this rocked my world! I have been curious about the Sundaze since its launch as I love Fun Factor. All their products are immaculate and a little different from the norm.

      Normally I reach for a clitoral toy as a standard vibrator just tends to make me a bit numb, and honestly they do nothing for me. I find it hard to cum during sex so I've always been looking for the thing that's going to try and awaken vaginal pleasure.

      Enter the Sundaze! Now, if you like vibrator power queens then this isn't for you. It vibrates but there are better out there. But the tapping, rumbling and thrusting setting are where this toy is at!

      The first time I used it I killed the battery after a full charge because this stimulates you in a way where it's pleasurable for long amounts of time without losing sensation. Switch it up and oh, it feels good! I have only have my toy 48 hours, but it is now the one I have to reach for, and I have reached for it a lot. OMG.

      I seriously think this toy is going to teach me about what I like and just genuinely improve my sex life! The icing on the cake is that Fun Factory have thrown in a free storage bag, which normally you have to buy separately. The beautiful soft silicone is a dust magnet, so I was grateful for it.

      All in all it was expensive but it was worth it. I'm in lockdown by myself. I deserve it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Tapping, rumbling and thrusting.
      Bottom line
      My holy grail of sexual pleasure.
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    1. Lazy Sundaze afternoon

      Reviewed: 16 November 2020 by Labyrinth, a Straight Engaged Female

      I was super excited to be asked to test and review the Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator. I am always on the look out for a good thruster and was very curious about this! It was shipped to me super quickly and discreetly, with no tell tale signs to the naughty content within!

      On first unwrapping, the toy is wonderfully presented in its own box, with a handful of useful information about the product. The company boasts eco friendly and pro environment, which is great to hear these days! Within the box, the toy comes with its own charger, a storage bag and a manual which is also beautifully decorated.

      The toy itself is lovely. It has a soft silky feel and easy access buttons. For those that don't like a toy to scream PENIS at them, it is wonderful, as it has the same curved ridges, but none of the in your face look. It is smaller than many vibrators on the market, but the size just isn't needed to be honest!

      As for use! The rumbling, tapping, thrumming sensations that this bad boy can produce are sheet-clenchingly good! With a wide variety of settings, and just the lightest touch to hold it in place, I was able to lie back and just be carried away. The Sundaze is super quiet too! Perfect to pack away for travel or to pull out for a cheeky quickie! This toy rumbles and taps rather than your usual buzzing, and with a wide range of patterns, desensitisation is no longer an issue in a longer session.

      Overall, the Fun Factory Sundaze Thrusting Vibrator is a wonderful luxury toy with a wide range of potential. We have already tried this as a couples session, and it also pairs nicely with a suction toy or small plug! If you are looking for a thrusting treat, look no further.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Different sensations to a buzz make this a cut above the standard. So quiet too!
      Bottom line
      Beautiful pulse vibe for a whole new internal sensation!
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    1. Perfect for a lazy Sunday

      Reviewed: 26 October 2020 by Calie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was really excited when I first heard about this toy but at the same time, did not know what to expect. I love the Fun Factory Stronic range and this appeared to be a variant on those toys, which it sort of is.

      The toy itself is a little shorter than its Stronic cousins. It still has a reasonable weight to it because of the magnets, but it is a nice size to use and hold. The silicone is the slightly rougher, draggier sort so you'll definitely want to use some lube with this toy. It is also a complete dust magnet.

      Before you turn the toy on, you really need to read the manual. The controls are a plus and minus button and start several settings from the top. There are varying numbers of each setting and it isn't as intuitive as it could be. It makes a lot more sense once you get used to it, it just takes some getting used to.

      The one thing the manual does not really tell you is actually how to use the toy. This toy is not designed to be used for quickie orgasms, but more to explore different sensations and your body's reactions to them. The thrusting settings are best enjoyed internally (not anally!) but the vibration and tapping settings can definitely be used pretty much anywhere externally, making this toy great for both partnered and solo play.

      There are 15 settings in all; 3 vibrations, 3 tapping sensations, 5 pulsation/thrusting and 4 patterns (2 of which are based on the thrusting sensation and 2 of which are based on the tapping sensation).

      The 3 vibration settings underwhelmed me a little to start with. I am a really power queen and like my orgasms fast so it took me a little time to readjust my mindset. 2 of the vibrations are described as deep rumble and the top one is described as zingy, all of which are good descriptions. The first 2 are very low and rumbly whilst the third is a higher frequency but it is not anything close to what I would describe as buzzy.

      The next 3 settings are the tapping sensations which are designed to awaken your nerve endings. I would best describe the sensation as somewhere between vibration and thrusting. It didn't feel all that special in my hand but in use, I do really love these settings. They give such a different feeling to what you usually get in sex toys, making this toy so unique (which I love).

      Next there are 5 speeds of thrust/pulsation. The top speed of which does match the top speed to the Stronics. The 5 speeds cover quite a range from furious to steady. The only slight issue I have is that the first speed you reach is the fastest (unless you've altered where you toy starts from/started with the pattern settings). This isn't a huge deal, but I guess I would have preferred them the other way around. The thrust action is definitely one of the best on the market (along with the rest of the Pulsator/Stronic range from Fun Factory).

      The final 4 settings are referred to as patterns. The first 2 are thrusting patterns (or "dynamic thrusting" to use Fun Factory's phrase). Normally I am not a fan of patterns on a sex toy, but actually, these are pretty good and definitely give you a different experience from the constant speed. Normally I skip ignore patterns on sex toys, but these still give that perfect rhythm which maintains the stimulation I need in a way that vibration patterns just don't/

      The last 2 are based on the tapping sensation. The first one is described as arousal boosting and feels a little like it straddles the line between tapping and thrusting without fully thrusting. This may be my favourite of all the settings. Although it rolls through some speeds (for lack of a better word), it doesn't completely rollercoaster like wave patterns often do, which means I don't lose the sensation. It genuinely really does increase my physical arousal and keeps it going much longer than a toy normally would keep my attention. The final one is named edging. It is a similar wave type pattern but has less of a judder to it than the arousal boost.

      All of the settings are really quiet. The only slight annoyance I have is that the buttons beep when you change settings. It's useful as they stop beeping once you are at the end setting and they aren't that loud but I was surprised when I first pressed a button.

      I adore this toy. Normally I prefer toys that will give me fast orgasms which this really doesn't. The whole point of this toy is to take your time and experiment; you can use it differently every time you reach for it. The sensations are really different from other toys. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as someone's first sex toy, but it is great if you are looking for something that unlike anything else in your toy box.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Unique sensations.
      Controls take a little figuring out.
      Bottom line
      Something unlike anything else I've tried.
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    1. Unique and interesting vibrator, yet disappointing

      Reviewed: 20 November 2020 by BluePup, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I was ever so kindly sent this Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Lovehoney!

      It is first worth noting that this toy is not suitable for those with pacemakers.

      Arriving discreetly, this unique toy by Fun Factory comes in a sleek and pleasant looking box. Inside you find the charging lead, a branded beige/goldish bag/case for your new toy, and a lovely detailed booklet. This booklet is one of the best I’ve ever had come with a toy - it gives amazing detailed instructions on how to use the vibe, along with a few ideas of how to use the toy with a partner, games you can play as well as a couple other things! The paper feels really nice and premium. One thing I found out through the packaging is the focus on being ethical and environmentally aware with toy production, which is lovely to see being a focal point of a brand.

      Moving onto the vibrator itself, I found myself instantly drawn to the seamless nature of the silicone. It’s so very soft and feels amazing to the touch. I haven’t felt a silicone quite so nice before, so this is a real premium treat. As there is no flared base, this toy is not suitable for anal play, but for those with a vagina it offers a luxury slick feel. It definitely stands out for this reason against my other toys.

      The charger is magnetic and easily attaches to the toy. I found that it could easily disconnect, however, meaning it’s best to keep charged in an area where it can’t fall off or get knocked. I’ve used the toy quite a few times now for long periods, and I’ve found the charge to last a good amount of time and the toy remain at a good vibration level.

      I was very excited to try out the thrusting and tapping sensations this toy offers. While I am fond of the thrusting and the patterns using this function, I have to say I’m really quite disappointed by the strength of vibrations this vibrator offers. Compared to my much lower priced toys, they are weak and I really do wish they had more of a punch. I adore power when it comes to toys, and while the tapping sensation is something I’ve never experienced before which is interesting and standout about the vibe, it doesn’t live up to the expectation I had. I haven’t managed to reach orgasm with this toy on its own. The only time I have reached climax using this toy is when using with my partner, who also stimulated my clit with his fingers. I feel that without this I really wouldn’t have reached the point where I am able to cum. I have managed to do this alone too, but the dual stimulation I find to be a necessity. If this toy was in the form of a rabbit, I definitely think it’d work better for me personally.

      I have to say, while the vibrations and actual function of the toy doesn’t work for me, who is very power hungry, they are extremely quiet. You definitely couldn’t hear this even through thin walls, which is lovely to see. While I can’t cum with this toy alone, I do enjoy using it alongside my fingers for my clit when I need my toys to be quieter.

      Overall, while very interesting as an idea. I don’t find this toy to work for me personally. It’s lovely to see a smaller internal stim vibrator with unique functions, but the Sundaze just doesn’t hit the mark for me personally.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Presentation, seamless soft silicone, booklet that comes with it, thrusting patterns, quiet.
      Too weak for me personally, higher price for what you get.
      Bottom line
      Interesting and unique, but just isn’t right for me.
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