1. How to Style Your Pubic Hair

    s.HAIR Intimate RazorJust as with the hair on our heads, eyebrows, and faces, pubic hairstyles come in a wide array of shapes and colours. Some people like it balder than a US Congressman; some people like it neatly trimmed; and others prefer to follow the spirit of Woodstock, and let it run wild and free.

    So, should you shave your short 'n' curlies? The truth is, there's no right or wrong answer to that question. Those who advocate for the full Hollywood (that is, to say, entirely bare) say that it feels cleaner, is less hassle for their sexual partners, and increases sensation.

    The Full-Bush-Administration, however, would counter that pubic hair is there to protect your sensitive areas, makes you less prone to catching STIs, and also helps to retain libido-boosting pheromones that make you even more sexually appealing.

    Many also find their partner's personal preference often influences their own choice, but when it comes down to it, the decision (and the razor) are entirely in your hands. If you are, however, in the staggering 92% of women and 83% of men who primp their pubes in some way, then just read on for our finest styling tips.

    Wax, Shave, Or Trim?

    There are a number of methods that you can use to style your special area:

      Waxing gives you the longest-lasting results (up to four weeks), and can either be done at home, or in a salon. The wax is heated and smoothed onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth, then a cloth is applied, before the cooled wax is pulled back in the opposite direction, taking the entire hair with it.

      Hair removal creams work by using a chemical formula to thin the root of the hair, to the point where it breaks and can be simply wiped away. Although you can get hair removal cream for the bikini area (the parts of the skin where the edge of your knickers would sit), it's not recommended to use it for all-over genital hair removal as it can be an irritant.

      Trimming doesn't remove the hair completely in the same way as other methods, but shortens it for a more groomed appearance. Many special trimmers have a small head that allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas, as well as sculpting the hair into patterns or shapes using stencils.

      Shaving is the most popular method of hair removal, as it's quick, convenient, and relatively painless (unless you accidentally cut yourself). There's a huge range of intimate razors and accessories available in our Personal Grooming section.

    Above: Looking for the perfect shave? Watch our video guide with Annabelle Knight for more tips and advice.

    How to Get the Smoothest Shave

    If you're looking to get the most out of your intimate shave, then we've rustled up this handy guide for hassle-free hair removal:

    • 1. Before you start, get out the scissors or trimmer and give everything a nice close crop. Not only will excess hair clog up your razor faster, but it will also dull the blade much more quickly which can cause microscopic cuts on the surface of the skin.

    • 2. In order to get the closest, most comfortable shave, you'll need to open up the follicles and soften the hair by having a bath or shower beforehand. If you don't have time, holding a warm, moist flannel over the area for a few minutes will do the trick.

    • System JO Women Unscented Anti-Bump Shave Gel 240ml3. Use shaving foam or cream. Dry-shaving increases the chances of irritating the skin, so grab that lotion and get foaming! Always use a fragrance-free gel, as this will reduce the risk of upsetting the delicate pH balance of your intimate areas.

    • 4. Make sure that the skin is taut by pulling your skin upwards, starting just below the navel. If you're intending to get rid of every little bit, positioning a mirror beneath you so that you can see everything will help reduce accidental nicks, and help you to see any bits you may have missed.

    • 5. For the greatest comfort and sleekest finish, make sure that you're using a razor with a minimum of two blades. Many also have lubricating strips at the top, which reduce friction during your shave.

    • 6. If you're looking for a long-lasting and extra smooth finish, draw the razor across your skin in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth (or, 'against the grain'). Although this will leave a smoother finish initially, be aware that it can irritate the skin and lead to ingrowing hairs developing later on.

    • 7. Alternatively, to minimise shaving rash, move the razor in the same direction as the hair growth. The result won't be as smooth, but you'll reduce the irritation once it starts to grow back.Earthly Body Dare to be Bare Soothing Miracle Oil 30ml

    • 8. Once you're happy with the look and feel of your hairstyle, take the time to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin and help prevent ingrowing hairs developing. You can also use moisturiser or oil to keep your skin feeling extra-soft, but avoid any fragranced lotions and look for skin-soothing formulas containing aloe vera for extra comfort.

    Our Pick of the Best Grooming Gadgets

    We always want you and your partner to be totally happy with the grooming products that you choose, so if there are any problems at all, don't forget that our no-quibble returns policy gives you a year to return or exchange your purchase.

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