1. So you've decided to treat that someone special in your life to a slinky little something - but what's the next step?

    In this video, Sammi Cole approaches runs through her top tips for choosing a sexy lingerie gift that both you and your partner will adore.

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    Position of the Week: Raise of Glory


    We get so caught up in using our vibrators for solo play that we often forget to bring our sex toys to the party!

    Vibrators are great for masturbating with, but they also have the ability to take sex with a partner from fun to phenomenal.

    What's more, if you are someone who can't orgasm from internal stimulation alone (and believe us, you're not the only one!) then incorporating your favourite vibe into your sex life could be a game-changer.

    Here are 7 of the best sex positions for adding in your vibrator – there are countless more but those are for you and your vibe to discover first-hand!

    Sex Positive People

    Consider yourself sexually empowered or 'bold as brass'? In alignment with your erotic authienticity? Or do you struggle with low sexual esteem? Meet a few remarkable folk past and present who've blazed the trail for self expression, self love and badass sexual empowerment.

    The rise to power of sex-positive celebrities and professionals has seen social media as a prominent platform to promote and celebrate sexual expression, responsibility and diversity. Taboos and misconceptions are constantly being blown out of the water.

    However, let’s not forget the journey that this rise in sexual awareness, gender-diversity and the warm gooey embrace of sexual expression and body positivity has been on, and continues to pursue.

    Here are 5 sex-positive game-changers from the media and throughout history who've rejected and challenged sexual stereotypes and assumptions, bravely obliterating anything standing in the way of their magnificent sexual selves. These champions have fought for the right for us to ‘cum as we are’...

    Position of the Week: The Love Hug

    Most of us have sexual fantasies. But, whether we're too shy to talk about them, are afraid of upsetting our partners, or fear they could get us into trouble, many of us never fulfil our deepest desires.

    In our latest video, Annabelle Knight approaches fantasies in a different way. Counting down 4 of the world's most popular fantasies, Annabelle gives you different ways to explore what turns you on. These ideas are safe, fun and won't get you in the doghouse with your lover.

    Join Annabelle, as she shows you how sex toys can make your fantasy a reality.

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    Desire Prostate Review

    Alex reviews the Desire Luxury App-Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Vibrator


    Truth, justice and saving the world? *yawn* How predictable!

    Why would anyone fall for the hero when it's the villain who's always far more interesting?

    Think of the antagonist in your favourite movie or TV series, and we guarantee they'll be way more seductive while walking on the wild side than the clean-cut leading lad or lass trying to clap them in handcuffs.

    After much deliberation, we've managed to rank 10 of the sexiest fictional characters ever to grace our TV screens.

    Without further ado, here are our favourite bad guys.

    The Sexual Happiness Podcast logo

    Why is it that women are more comfortable talking about and using sex toys than men? Do guys get judged differently... and if so why? What are the benefits of investing in and upgrading male solo play? Is it less of a stigma if a partner is involved? And, does the massively outdated idea of male sex toys consisting solely of plastic blow-up blondes with gaping, ruby red lips need to be challenged and deflated for good?

    This week, Sammi and Vicky are joined by journalist and broadcaster Andy Jones, and they share their thoughts on the stigma that surrounds male sex toys. And of course, we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

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    Position of the Week: The Goddess

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