Top 6 Spooktacular Halloween Positions

In the words of Missy Elliot, it is well and truly time to Get. Your. Freak. On! October has arrived and we are buzzing with the excitement that comes with this spooktacular time of year.

Forget warm sweaters, sparklers and pumpkin-flavoured lattes (well don't forget about them, but hear us out here), Halloween is the perfect time of year to explore some devilishly good moves to add to your position repertoire.

So prepare to howl and indulge in some truly spellbinding bedroom gymnastics to celebrate Halloween and beyond.

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Lovehoney's Top 20 Sex Positions

When it comes to sex positions, you probably have a few firm faves as your go-to's, whether it's the trusty and reliable Missionary or the more adventurous The Hammock.

As with all things, variety is the spice of life (especially your sex life) and in celebration of 20 years of Lovehoney, we're bringing you our 20 most popular positions to inspire and transform your bedroom adventures. Legs akimbo. Get set. Go!

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Position of the Week: Open House

Stretch those legs out wide, lie back, and be at the mercy of your lover and their plans to pleasure and tease you to a very happy place. We all love an open house for a good snoop around, and this one definitely has its extra perks.

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masturbation positions - the butterfly effect

Position of the Week: The Butterfly Effect

Flutter and play your way to stronger orgasms in this yogic, Lotus-inspired masturbation position. Not only will you benefit from a good old stretch, but the open-leg position also lets you strum or stroke away to your heart's content, while harnessing the power of those pelvic muscles to help strengthen your orgasms. Pretty good, eh?

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Top 6 Sex Positions for Tight Spaces

If you’re heading off to a festival, planning a camping trip, or living in a tiny flat that can only fit a slender single bed in it, then you’ll be wondering about the hows and whys of sex in small spaces.

You may have to keep the noise down so your fellow campers aren’t alerted to your sexy tent endeavours, or you may have the bonus of your satisfied moans and groans being drowned out by the hum and thrum of festival-goers. You may just like the challenge of sex in a small space... hell, why wouldn’t you when given this choice of specially selected sex positions?

So, flex up and get ready to add a bit of contortion to your sex life resume with six of the best positions for small spaces.

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